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So, I FINALLY I have written the whole character-sheet of Allyn! Whoa, I thought I never would get the inspiration, although it isn't even that hard to come up with something like that ;p AND I'm half way done with the CS of Vaughn and Aerin :D Thanks for reading x
Hey there,
I have decided that I will stop with working on the script of the comic, (of which I already have two chapters done! :D) but will focus more on the characters, since they're much more important. So the only kind of art you will see in the next couple of months will be character sheets, or updates. Why updates? Because I like it to show you the process of my artwork, what may sound a bit weird, but yeah... That's my for ya ;p Anyway, this is what I wanted to tell :)
Hey, it's been a while since I was active on DA, and I am sorry about that. I am very busy with school at the moment, especially because my grades aren't that well and so I have to study more to get on track again. And because that's very difficult, I won't use DA anymore until I think my grades are good enough. So, i'm very sorry to say this, and I while not get anything on DA until then, so the final result of Vaughnx and my project won't be on until my grades are... Well, I think you'll understand it now ;p

And there's another reason why the project isn't on yet, cause Vaughn haven't sent me the file yet and so I can't do anything :( I've sent her already a couple of notes, but I don't get a reaction back, so unfortunately I don't know what's going on. Maybe she hasn't been online anymore since I'd sent her the file, or there's something else going on... *sigh* I just don't know, so I would be very happy if you could give a try to sent her a note as well why she's not responding to my notes. And if she reacts, sent me a note. It would be a great relief.

xoxo - Claire 
Heeey. It's been a while sinds I have oploaded something, but I have a very busy period in my life, so I've got barrely the time to draw or submit a devation :( But I'm working on a project with someone who has helped my a lot with my art: Vaughnx :heart: She's so sweet and kind, a (DA)friend you can trust, so you really need to watch her! But in other news, one of the reasons that I am so inactive is that a moved a couple months ago from the Netherlands to Germany, because my father is German and can find bettter work there and this is going no where xD So yeah... You will see the devation from me and Vaughn on DA in one of the following month(s)

Ps: This is not claireislol. I'm a friend of her and I have her DA account since she does nothing with it anymore, so... Yeah ;P

Thanks for reading :heart:
Hello everyone. I'm not for so long member of Deviantart, so I have a couple questians. Before that I will introduce myself. To I wanne excuse my for my bad English xD And why is my name claireislol on Deviant? Because she's my best girlfriend in RL and I find this name funny. :)

Name: Destiny
Age: 12
Hobby: Horseriding, drawing en writhing.
Favorite food: Pizza
Reading: Zus voor één nacht (Dutch book)
Extra: Love this site :D

So the questian is: How must I opload a drawing? It's not stands on my computer, but on paper. Must I take a photo of it or what else?