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Allyn - Character Sheet by claireislol Allyn - Character Sheet by claireislol
So, FINALLY here she is! :D I worked to long on it, but I'm a beginner, so don't complain ;p I like her design pretty much, since I hated the last one... I had some spare time today between homework and swimming with a friend of mine, cause it's SO hot out here O.o But that doesn't matter, anyway... Next one will be Vaughn! :D

Name: Allyn

Gender: Mare | Female

Age: 4 (16 in human years)

Breed: Arabian X Trakehner

Colour: Brown / White Appaloosa

Herd: Still have the work the herds and the land out, so this will be added later ;)

Rank: -----

Height: 15.5 hh

Personality: Allyn is a nice and intelligent mare with a big heart, at least, if she knows you and likes you. Although she looks at first glance very friendly, she isn't at all, whereby most describe her as a huge bitch. She trust no one, unless she already knows you for a very long time, or if she thinks that there is no harm in sense. But if she trust you, she goes through fire for you. But before that she is very quiet and will not try to search contact with you, although she often watches you from a distance, what is pretty scary. No one knows why she is like that, nor do they know her story for it...

Relations: Daughter of Vaughn and Azkar (deceaced), big sister of Cahir (deseaced), granddaughter of Aerin and Rhy

History: Allyn comes from a small herd (must still come up with name and province x)). She was the daughter of the lead-stallion of the herd, called Azkar, and the lead-mare, called Vaughn. When she was little, she had no friends, because all the other foals found her "weird" or "ugly". Day in and day out she lay lonely in a corner, watching a group of foals that were playing with each other and always looked harassing one by one at her, as if they wanted to rub her in that she had no friends and that she was expressly shut out. Until one day ... An unknown filly ran in the herd and headed to Allyn. She started talking to her and Allyn found out that she was called Ciarra, after which they quickly became good friends. Exactly one month later, a rival herd exterminated the whole herd. Only Vaughn, Allyn, and Ciarra remained over. Ciarra walked away from Allyn to the rival herd, after which Allyn went behind her and asked why she would go to them, and at that moment it was all clear… Ciarra told that they weren't friends and she only used Allyn to pass information to her father, Orin, who was the leader of the rival herd. Then she vanished. Allyn, devastated by the betrayal and the loss of her family members, went with her mother to forest. Looking for a place to stay and where they hopefully were safe. And in that place, she lives now: (must still come up with, yeah I work pretty fast ;p)

Extra: /

Zoom in for better quality. I will change that sooner of later ;) If you see any mistakes in my English, please let me know :)

Allyn © claireislol/Vaughnx
Design © claireislol/Vaughnx
Artwork © claireislol

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supernightrun Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
it looks like her spots turn into bird heads ! was that on purpose? looks cool either way :) 
claireislol Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, it was on purpose :) Thank you! :hug:
yajaana Featured By Owner May 23, 2014
wow shes gorgeous
claireislol Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! ^_^
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