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By clairedelune2501   |   Watch
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Published: October 21, 2014
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Comments (9)
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Omg, I loved this! I thought it was going to turn into some horror-fic, at first, but that wasn't the case as soon as I read on. XD
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So, I can't really say anything that hasn't already been said. Other than to say how much I like it, especially Rain's righteous bloodlust, and how much I want to start using "nerd" as a unit of distance. :P
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if da allowed me to like comments, you'd get so liked right now hahaha
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Thanks for the comments, everyone! And I'm glad you enjoyed it, Jocelyn! While I was going, I started to think maybe I was going too far down the predictability road, so I thought I'd have to take it a more silly route. It's a fanfic, afterall! Free reign for silly! I didn't want to outright predict what's going to happen next in the comic or spoil the rest of the story (though I think Aiken coming around is a bit of a given for everyone, right?).

Rain's little gore fantasy was because I was thinking that such a kind innocent character as her, pushed further and further, is the type of person to just snap on someone someday. So to join in with the silly, I gave the swordfight an excuse (she snapped!) and I thought a big battle ending in the Kaminari weapons going at each other would be more entertaining than just a dramatic argument that was bound to happen anyway. Why not make it both, right?

I am sorry for the length, though. Even rushing the end, this thing turned out to be 18 pages and nearly 10k words. That's why I made it so they only attended one day of the con. After that big swordfight and all, I doubt they'd be let in the second day, anyway haha

Thanks for reading! I'm glad everyone enjoyed it, even if you had your nitpicks about things. If you guys like general gender-bendery goodness though, you should check out Jessie on my site and tell me what you think of that. It's a drama, comedy, and more! Kind of makes fun of webcomic and fanfic tropes and doesn't shy away from the crazy.

Thanks again!
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Ahahah, I love the --pation. xD

Very interesting to read, thank you for your work ! :3 But, I have just a note on Chiaki's behavior : I think that it is a little bit odd for a Japanese person to accept a hug from someone she doesn't know at all. Apart from that, I really enjoyed reading it ! :3
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JocelynSamara|Professional Writer
This is excellent!  I love it.  I can't really go on too much without running the risk of spoiling actual future events, but all I can say is that I appreciate the accuracy of the characters.  Even if that's not quite how things go, it all still reads very natural and in-character.  

So, bravo.  This was a really great read!  :love:
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phew, that was quite the read. this really went to some weird places, didnt it? especially with the epic fight between Rain and Kellen. I just wanna put in a couple of minor nitpicks. first, this was an anime con, not a comic con. second, while the fight was fun and full of references, its a bit too out there for a comic like Rain which prides itself on a degree of realism. finally, the con was 2 days, not 1.

besides those nitpicks, i really enjoyed this story. the first half seemed like it could almost be what happens in the comic. you really captured each character's personality really well and i liked seeing where you went with Aiken. overall, great job on this
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Wow! What a compelling story! Something tells me it won't happen quite that way in the actual comic, though. I mean, seriously. Aiken and them are way more likely to eat at Burger Fool than WacDonna's. :P

I like how your take on the "Rain comic's fictional counterpart within the Rain comic" is the old fantasy version.

FarFar Jinx, much beloved character from The Phantasmal Malevolence. That is, until the Comic Abnormals made a screencap comic about that film and portrayed him as a greatly-disliked idiot. The Internet was surprised at such an uncharacteristic portrayal.
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8Patja|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't really know what to say... but i loved this a lot! c:

(For a moment i thought that things were turning gore xD)
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