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Jessie Ch1: Girl's First Day
Let's face it, high school kind of sucks. People who aren't the typical jock or cheerleader type tend to have a rougher time because they're considered outcasts of some sort. Strange, abnormal, or odd in some way. For most people, this goes on unchecked. They just meander to and from class, have fun with their friends, and live their totally normal and largely uneventful high school lives in peace despite not being one of the 'cool kids'.
It was this uneventful, peaceful and carefree high school life that Jessie Oliver wanted more than anything right now. He'd give anything to just go to class unnoticed, do his school work, read a book at lunch, and go home without any trouble whatsoever. Something poor Jessie had never really had in life, but was hoping would happen today.
“Hurry up, Jessie! You'll be late for your first day!” a gruff voice echoed up the stairwell, sending a shiver down his spine.
Despite being hopeful that today would be a fresh start, Jessie was still dr
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Jessie Ch8.4 - Closer Than Ever
“Tell me again why we're doing this?” he asked, almost under his breath, as the two of them hopped off the bus.
“Because, Jessie, you don't have any proper underwear,” Ashley said matter-of-factly as if the answer was obvious.
“But did we have to go to the mall to do it? It's just so... public.”
Jessie looked up from under the bill of his baseball hat to see the wide looming entrance to the shopping center that seemed to him like a monster that fed upon the many shoppers pouring into its mouth. The more he thought about it, the more he decided that was about as accurate as it could be.
The corporate creature fed on people by the hundreds and yet it could never be satisfied. And here Ash was, ready to throw Jessie into the gaping maw sacrificially. And why? Because he was on his damn period and needed some clothes.
“Relax, it's not like anyone's going to recognize you. We came to Loston for a reason.”
“That's what I'm afraid of.
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Jessie Ch 8.4 - Too Cute, Blushy Edition by clairedelune2501 Jessie Ch 8.4 - Too Cute, Blushy Edition :iconclairedelune2501:clairedelune2501 0 0
Jessie Ch8.3 - Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Jessie walked down the path slowly, almost waddling from the strange sensation of his tight padded undergarments. A sensation that made him worry about the days to come. 'How often should I change these things?' he thought. 'Ash only gave me a few... Maybe I could coax her into buying a box for me so I don't have to go through that embarrassment, too.'
Despite being lost in his own mind with worry, Jessie had almost made it to his destination, the administrative building, before a familiar voice rang out from behind.
“Yoo-hoo~! Jessie! Can I talk to you really quick~?” it called sweetly, beckoning him away from his goal and his thoughts. He turned around to find the origin of the voice and was met with a smiling raven-haired girl, rocking on her heels with her hands folded behind her back.
“R-Rachel!” he squeaked, and then awkwardly coughed his voice down trying to sound more masculine. “What, uh, what up homie?”
“Y'know, I saw yo
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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages Remake by clairedelune2501 The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages Remake :iconclairedelune2501:clairedelune2501 1 0 The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Remake by clairedelune2501 The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Remake :iconclairedelune2501:clairedelune2501 1 0
Jessie Chapter 8.2: The Fresh Prince of Pierce
A car pulled up to the school and out stepped a short, baby-faced punk with short gel-mussied hair and a devil may care attitude. His khaki slacks were pressed and his shoes shined to perfection. As he walked past the fountain and the delicately landscaped bushes, all the guys arched their brows and all the girls whispered amongst themselves at the sight of the mysterious boy's swagger.
With his blazer cavalierly held by two fingers over his shoulder, he sauntered down the path to the school like he owned the place. Passing by two girls who stared, he slicked his hand through his hair and made a gun with his finger.
“Lllllllladies~” he quipped and with a click of his tongue, fired the imaginary gun. The girls blushed at the shot of love and ran off giggling. “Oh yeah, I got this.”
Eric arrived at the classroom once more to find Jessie still hadn't shown up. 'This is the second da
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World of Balance Map (FFVI) by clairedelune2501 World of Balance Map (FFVI) :iconclairedelune2501:clairedelune2501 3 0
Jessie Chapter 8: 8.1 - The (wo)Man With The Plan
Chapter 8: Boy's First Day
8.1 – The (wo)Man With The Plan
The bells rang out over the misty early-October fields that Monday to the din of students rushing to their homeroom classes from the dorm buildings of Pierce Private Academy. The boys, in their slacks and blazers, rushed through stairwells hoping to make it just in time. Among their ranks was a young black-haired boy by the name of Eric Carter.
Eric had only one thing on his mind, though: the sinking worry that filled his heart when he saw Jessie's empty seat. After admitting his feelings to Jessie, she'd run off and no one had heard from her since. Not even Duncan, her roommate. She never went back that night. They assumed that Jessie would probably show up for class at least, so when he saw that empty chair by the window he knew the bad news he'd have to tell Duncan come lunchtime.
Jessie, on the other hand, was just a few miles away at a little family-owned grocery store. She'd just arrived and was tying her apr
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Mature content
Jessie Chapter 7, Part 2 :iconclairedelune2501:clairedelune2501 0 5
Jessie Chapter 7, Part 1
Chapter 7, Part 1: Two Guys, A Girl, And a Datey Place
“Is the coast clear?” Jessie asked, carefully ducking her head out of the storage room and looking around. She didn't want to be caught dead by her classmates.
“Yeeees, you're fine. Jeez this is ridiculous, they should just make this school mixed already,” Ash cried.
Jessie looked both ways before stepping out of the storage room in her light brown skirt and matching blazer, carefully adjusting the white ribbon indicating her grade level. It wasn't everyday she got to wear the girls' uniform. With a nod to show she was ready, Jessie joined Ash in running over to the girls' locker room.
It was gym day once more and after arguing over the uniform situation one last time, Jessie caved to Ash's guilt trip and agreed to change into the girls' uniform just to change back out for gym. Ash had argued that it wasn't very nice to neglect their kindness and show up as in her boy uniform as usual, not after they'd gone
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Arcana of Atlantis Sample Scene
Further down the tunnel she went, careful to look the walls over for any markings when she finally came across an eerily illuminated tunnel. The light seemed to be coming from the narrow pools of water lining each side of the tunnel, but was curious how it there could be natural light this far underground. She could only assume it was a reflection of light from the surface, somehow mirrored from its source above to the bottom of the waterway, illuminating the tunnel with beautiful patterns of gentle aqua ripples reflecting all along the walls and ceiling. Deep in the distance she could see a silhouette of an object set on a plinth in the center of the room. This had to be it; her whole reason for coming here.
“Liz... I think I found it...” Daisy muttered. She turned off her light to take in the scene while continuing down the tunnel slowly.
“Careful, Daisy. It's pretty but don't let your guard down. If this is what we think it is, it's sure to be protected somehow. Th
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Mature content
Jessie Ch6: Jessie Drops An F-Bomb :iconclairedelune2501:clairedelune2501 0 6
Mature content
Jessie Ch5: The Misadventures of Luna Sparkles :iconclairedelune2501:clairedelune2501 0 4
Jessie Chapter 4: Do You Believe In Magic
Chapter 4 – Do You Believe In Magic
At long last, the fated day arrived. It was a Saturday like any other in October, but there was hardly anything ordinary about it. Today marked Pierce Private Academy's grand 'open-house' festival, an annual event meant to raise money for the school and attract new students, including many student-made craft projects, game booths, plays, and a small carnival to tie everything together. It was a day our hero wasn't particularly excited for when his dad called him down the stairs.
“Come on Jess, you don't want to be late,” the burly man called.
“Well it's not like I have to be there at a specific time or anything Dad, it's just to set things up.” Jessie joined his dad, unenthusiastically walking out the door to the car.
“But you're going to have fun with all of your new friends, right? What is it your class is doing again?”
''Friends' eh?' Jessie thought to himself. 'The only friends I have are that crazy over-
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Jessie Ch3: Moonlight
A week had gone by and things began to mellow out a bit. Jessie had made a couple of friends in Ash and Eric, but neither were very close. The boys at the school were still more or less curious about him, but his class had come to accept Jessie and lost interest in questioning him. Of course, this was a good thing for Jessie. He was feeling calmer and more comfortable in class than he had at any school before, and for that he was grateful.
What he wasn't really looking forward to was that today was another gym day, but before that, he had to rush to make it to homeroom in time. Rounding a corner after a flight of stairs, Jessie slammed right into a tall boy's chest, knocking them both over.
“Hey, watch where you're going you little brat!” The older boy pushed Jessie off him and grabbed his papers that were strewn all over the floor.
“Sorry, it was an accident. Here, let me help...” Jessie began picking up some of the papers too, but the older boy snatched them o
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DeviantArt doesn't allow a chapter this long to be uploaded as plain text, so there's the cliffhanger for you. The rest of the chapter, the chapter's original story (as per my rule of 'one episode per chapter'), can be found at my personal website,

Please check it out! It's quite the doozy and took me forEVER to finish. That, and chapter 7 won't make any sense unless you read it, so it's kind of required if you want to continue the plot.


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