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AT - Greycie and Caramel by ClaireAimee AT - Greycie and Caramel :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 9 9 Guildmaster Nova by ClaireAimee Guildmaster Nova :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 9 22
Rayman Journey - Claire Reviews
Hello my beautiful fairies~! This is Claire Aimee with another fantastic review! And I am very excited to do this review today, because we're doing something new! That's right, it's my very first book review! But not just a book review, a fan fiction review! A fan fiction from DeviantArt no less! And from our very own beautiful crazy-fingered diamond, InvisibleCreatures! That's right, today we are reviewing 'Rayman Journey'!
Claire Reviews - Episode 8 - 'Rayman Journey' by InvisibleCreatures
Alright, it's time for my very first book review! :) (Smile) WOOP WOOP! How exciting! Now some of you might be curious on why I'm reviewing a DeviantArt fan fiction of all things, but screw it! This is my review series and I review what I want! DEAL WITH IT! This review is for my good online friend Becky (AKA InvisibleCreatures), who wrote this story. I asked if I could review it because I thought it would make an interest
:iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 6 9
Jason and Amelia - The Great Escape (Part 4)
Jason and Amelia were wandering through the halls of Zyonn's base. They were struggling to find Melody and Kamil. They were opening every door looking for their beloved parents, but alas, they had no luck.
Jason: Anything?
Amelia: No.
They seemed to be somewhat lost, until coming across a large door at the end of the hallway. They had nowhere else to go, so the two pushed it open. Then what they saw interested them a little.
Jason and Amelia: Whoa...
Dragons. Dragons as far as the eye could see. A whole massive room dedicated to dragon themed objects. The walls were lined with dragon paintings. Dragon tapestries hung from the ceiling. Dragon statues and dragon vases were placed onto the ground. Various things like dragon scales, teeth, bones, claws, and other parts were displayed around the room. It looked like some sort of dragon museum. And at the end of the museum were two staircases leading to a door. And above that door was a painted mural of a m
:iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 5 21
Zyonn Studies by ClaireAimee Zyonn Studies :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 16 28 The Fairy Boy and the Orc Girl by ClaireAimee The Fairy Boy and the Orc Girl :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 15 25 Platformers - Let'sa Go - Page 22 by ClaireAimee Platformers - Let'sa Go - Page 22 :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 9 22
The First Guardian - Chapter 12
The First Guardian

A Rayman Fan Fiction by ClaireAimee

Chapter 12 - The Galaxy Council

It was bright and early in the morning. The sun was rising up, shining it's bright golden glow into the Glade. Which made the guardian loathe mornings. Waking up to that burning force in the sky, blinding him and giving him migraines at such an early hour. He hated getting up in the mornings. Why couldn't he just stay in the dark and relax? Oh right, because something worse than sunshine had to come into his room and ruin his day.
"Good morning, my guardian!"
The annoyingly honey-dipped voice of the Muse of the Poets.
She fluttered into the room and gently pulled up the sheets. "It's time to get up." She lifted up the blankets to see the guardian's face looking at her. The guardian's eyes were wide open, in a very angry way. Scowling, seeing the Poet's all-too hap
:iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 4 2
I Do Not Approve Of Your Bullsh*t by ClaireAimee I Do Not Approve Of Your Bullsh*t :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 15 25 Dork Squad - Gift by ClaireAimee Dork Squad - Gift :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 14 7 Toadette - Platformers by ClaireAimee Toadette - Platformers :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 29 16 Toad - Platformers by ClaireAimee Toad - Platformers :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 28 14
Top 25 Worst Villain Songs - Claire's Countdowns
Hello my beautiful fairies~! This is Claire Aimee, and welcome to Claire's Countdowns! And since my last countdown list was on the best villain songs, I decided, hey, why not do a worst villain songs list too? Because in my opinion, for every good villain song, there are three bad ones. And remember how I said villain songs were always something I look forward to when watching a musical? Well, when watching a BAD movie, the villain songs are something I especially DREAD. And sometimes even with decent or even good movies the villain song can fall flat. Whether they be bland and forgettable, irritating and annoying, uninspired and stupid, or just plain cringe-worthy; these are the bad songs made for bad guys. Remember, I had to listen to all of these songs ON LOOP while making this list; so you're gonna suffer with me!
1. The song must be sung by a villain. If the song is about a villain, but is not sung by a villain, it doe
:iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 5 26
Sucks to be Bob by ClaireAimee Sucks to be Bob :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 8 35
Jason and Amelia - The Great Escape (Part 3)
Melody and Kamil were dragged into Zyonn's base by Splinter, Terro, and Griffin. Down the intimidating halls in chains, the two parents both felt dread in their hearts. Melody felt the same boiling anger she felt when she stood up to Zyonn's cruelty. Kamil however was shaking from head to toe; fearing what was to come. The hallways were long and big, like Zyonn made them big on purpose to send chills down his enemies' spines. But the halls themselves were quite fancy. The floors were pure steel with a purple velvet carpet. The walls were the same deep purple and ominous lanterns hung overhead. 
Splinter: Aw man, you really messed up now lady. Zyonn's not gonna be happy.
Terro: I can only imagine what he has in store for you! Zyonn can get pretty creative when it comes to his forms of torture. 
Griffin: I'm sorry to see you go, Melody. But hey, you had a good run.
Melody: I never said I was giving up.
Kamil: But what choice do we have? We're
:iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 9 13
Showing your fanfics be like... by ClaireAimee Showing your fanfics be like... :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 33 56
My latest and greatest artwork! Enjoy and feel free to explore my gallery!

Random Favourites

The Crash Man by JamoART The Crash Man :iconjamoart:JamoART 56 9 Inkpup Adopts (1/6 open) by Amberlea-draws Inkpup Adopts (1/6 open) :iconamberlea-draws:Amberlea-draws 57 29 Eson Region - Bitten by the Art Bug by Trueform Eson Region - Bitten by the Art Bug :icontrueform:Trueform 149 220 you can do it * su by ghost8oy you can do it * su :iconghost8oy:ghost8oy 245 8 it's okay to change * su by ghost8oy it's okay to change * su :iconghost8oy:ghost8oy 267 12 you have a purpose * su by ghost8oy you have a purpose * su :iconghost8oy:ghost8oy 295 16 you have worth * su by ghost8oy you have worth * su :iconghost8oy:ghost8oy 281 17 be yourself * su by ghost8oy be yourself * su :iconghost8oy:ghost8oy 322 9 you are amazing * su by ghost8oy you are amazing * su :iconghost8oy:ghost8oy 264 11 SUPER KING DAD by NegaNeon SUPER KING DAD :iconneganeon:NegaNeon 120 8 Peridot by Amberlea-draws Peridot :iconamberlea-draws:Amberlea-draws 102 4 Harvest Moon: Magical Melody 1 by boco Harvest Moon: Magical Melody 1 :iconboco:boco 926 148 MLP - New Girls by Himram MLP - New Girls :iconhimram:Himram 34 6 Goblin scout cookies by travisJhanson Goblin scout cookies :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 337 31 - Elemental Aura Quartzes_Adoptables - LOWER PRICE by PencilTree - Elemental Aura Quartzes_Adoptables - LOWER PRICE :iconpenciltree:PencilTree 241 28
Just a bunch of random favorites of mine. Go support these awesome artists!

What should I repair for my next Claire's Repairs? 

15 deviants said Raving Rabbids
12 deviants said Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
12 deviants said Frozen
10 deviants said Sonic Forces
8 deviants said Rayman Origins
5 deviants said Bubsy
1 deviant said Other



Why must SJWs and Feminazis try to ruin my beloved childhood shows? :( Hide your nostalgic cartoons everbody! The SJWs are attacking them!
AT - Rabblaire by DrQuack64
Give DrQuack64 some love! He deserves it for drawing our own bunny princess so wonderfully!
"Every body is beautiful!"

Obesity is not beautiful.
Anorexia is not beautiful.
Sicknesses are not beautiful.

The sad truth is not every body is beautiful. And by saying these are beautiful, we're only causing more and more ugliness into the world. What is beautiful is self-improvement, confidence, smart choices, hard work, and happiness.
Me: OMG, the Rabbids ruined my childhood!
My Mom: Claire, no one cares. You're overreacting.
My Mom: OMG, the new She-Ra ruined my childhood!
Sigh... Sweating a little... 
I'm trying to get more attention on Twitter, as I'm trying to show my artwork to my friends, they have no idea what DA even is. So I've decided to try and become more active on Twitter.

Here's my Twitter:
Some Jason and Amelia headcanons:

- Guild Valor is the smallest and most pathetic guild in Valerthia. It's the laughing stock of Valerthian people. 

- Cryo and Pyro live together in an apartment downtown. Horrace lives with his mother Viola in a small house near the Artisan District. Skipper lives with her two mothers Berry and Bloom in a fruit and flower store. Claire lives alone in a library loft.

- Horrace works part-time at the Happy Endings Bookstore in downtown Valerthia. Claire works part-time as a writer and artist, though she struggles to find work. Skipper is SUPPOSED to work part time at her mother's store, but she mainly sleeps at the cash and goofs off.

- I imagine Bowie Tylers sounding like Andre from Rayman 3 for some reason. Mainly because it's the most obnoxious voice I can think of right now. XD

- I imagine Nightmira's singing voice to sound like this: Be Prepared - female cover (The Lion Queen?) - by Elsie Lovelock or this: Poor Unfortunate Souls - The Little Mermaid - cover by Elsie Lovelock
I'm making a journal about some of the people we lost this year. Whether they be celebrities, family members, friends, and more. Care to share some of the people who died this year that have impacted your life or just interest you?
Repost if you still Support Shantae as a DLC character in Smash.
Just watched two different shows: Hilda and the new She-Ra! Both are good, not great, but good. :) At least the first two episodes of each that I have seen so far.
It's official: my next Claire Reviews will be of a fan-fiction here on DA! :) I hope I can make it work! And should I review more fan fictions here on DA afterwards?
Does my cutesy-wutsy voice make this song even funnier? (Thanks to CakeDaKuchen for collaborating with me with this song!)
So for my next Claire's Repairs, y'all voted on it, so I'm gonna do it. I'm going to try and repair Rayman Raving Rabbids. *shudders* Any tips on how YOU'D make the story/game better?
Nightmira by DoctorEvil06 Look what DoctorEvil06 made for me~! This is some of the best 'Jason and Amelia' fan art I've ever seen! Go give the doctor some love!
A new song cover, celebrating 7000 followers on Smule! Took me long enough to get to this song. Enjoy!
It's the holidays! :) What are the best and worst presents you could give me and my OCs?
I just finished watching 'The Christmas Tree' with MrDeclanDude. It is the funniest god damn Christmas special I have ever seen. Mrs. Mavilda is my hero. My choppily-animated, cackling, gambling, fire WOOD chopping, bats*it crazy hero. But don't worry about her, she's good now. She learned that you always win when you are good. 🎄
A warning to all my Furaffinity user friends. Tyler Bowie has recently set up an account on there. This rat refuses to die! He's now spreading misinformation, trying to start more drama with me and my friends, and is even trying to groom younger users into drawing his porn. Be warned my flamboyant furries!
Meme taken from: th3p1nkfr34k 

(A)re you single: Yep, single and too young to mingle.

(B)est Friend: Ross! My IRL best friend and she. Is. FABULOUS! BOW TO YOUR QUEEN ROSS!!!

(C)rush: Shantae and Princess Peach? Heart 

(D)rink you last had: Milk~! dancing milk Sweet Milk Shiny Milk 

(E)asiest person to talk to:
Online friends and my best friend Ross. Though her friends happen to be some fenimists, so I can't say things about gender, race, and politics with them for fear of starting a fight with her very nice, albeit misguided pals.

(F)avourite song: 'All Eyes On Me' by OR30 (though I prefer the Hailey Digg cover).

(G)reatest memory: Life?

(H)ometown: Ottawa, Ontario.

(I)n love with: Art! Meow :3 

(J)ealous of: I don't know, I guess better artists and singers. :/

(K)nown longest: My parents and brothers.

(L)ongest relationship: I've never had a girlfriend.

(M)iddle name: Aimee (duh).

(N)umber of siblings: One younger brother and one older brother.

(O)ne wish: To become a fantastic animator.

(P)erson last called: My friends on Instagram.

(Q)uestions I'm always asked: "Did you draw that?" Oops! OF COURSE I DID! I sign all my work!

(R)eason to smile: Life, love, family, friends, cupcakes, art, games, waifus... almost anything!

(T)ime you woke up: I usually get up around 5:50. I'm an early birdy. love birds 

(U)r favourite color: Rainbows~! Little glitter rainbow 

(V)iolent moment: I am not comfortable with this question.

(W)orst habit: Procrastination and sh*t attention span.

(Y)our last hug: My grandmama~!

(Z)odiac sign: Cancer
  • Listening to: Jack's Lament
  • Reading: How To Draw Books
  • Watching: Blaire White
  • Playing: Spyro the Dragon
  • Eating: Popcorn
  • Drinking: Milk


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Claire Aimee Spencer
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Hi there, My name is Claire. I am a Canadian artist and I love making comics, art, fan-fiction and cupcakes. ;) I am the creator of Jason and Amelia (original story) and Platformers (fan-fiction). I also do poetry, comics, stories, photos, and all kinds of drawings. I hope you support me and I hope you like my art! I work super hard!

(Art made by: QueenDraven)

- No mean comments or trolling please
- Criticism and feedback is always appreciated
- Requests are only for friends
- No tracing, copying, or stealing
- Have fun!




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