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The Lord of Games (L.O.G) - Platformers by ClaireAimee The Lord of Games (L.O.G) - Platformers :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 26 36 Polokus - Platformers by ClaireAimee Polokus - Platformers :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 19 13 Platformers - Gotta Go Fast! - Page 12 by ClaireAimee Platformers - Gotta Go Fast! - Page 12 :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 24 46
Mythos - Episode 2 (Part 2)
After a grueling physical education class, Hisaishi was led into an onsen instead of a shower room. Hisaishi was quite surprised by this. He was expecting a plain old locker room, but then again, this WAS the magical spirit world where up was down, left was jelly, and literally everyone was magical.
The onsen was connected via rocky pathways and various ponds of hot, relaxing water. The mystical plant life of the spirit world dotted the area in various bright colors and the trees shaded the whole area, making it nice and cool. However, Hisaishi went inside the building near the onsen to get changed. However, he had no idea where the changing rooms were.
Hisaishi: Ima koko wa doko?
Hisaishi was wandering aimlessly around the halls, but came across a random door. Shrugging, he decided to open it anyway, hoping it was the boys' changing rooms. But when he opened the door...
Hisaishi: Hmm?
He saw a giant pink clam shell floating on water dotted with white flower petals. Sudde
:iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 4 5
The Parents by ClaireAimee The Parents :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 15 22 Just A Realistic Head by ClaireAimee Just A Realistic Head :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 9 9 Stu Pendous by ClaireAimee Stu Pendous :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 17 23 Rayman 5: Rabbids' Revenge (Concept Art) by ClaireAimee Rayman 5: Rabbids' Revenge (Concept Art) :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 11 9 Reapettes - Model Sheets by ClaireAimee Reapettes - Model Sheets :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 19 32 Alina (Redesign) by ClaireAimee Alina (Redesign) :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 29 33 It Just Doesn't Worth It by ClaireAimee It Just Doesn't Worth It :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 32 43
Jason and Amelia - Hookbeak Peak (Part 3)
Amelia, Sorkin, and Clochette had rushed back to the airship, as the snow got heavier and colder. The three were running with all their remaining strengh towards their vessel. Almost out of breath, the all made it back onto the deck, now covered in snow.
Sorkin: Amelia! Clochette! Get ready for some high flying!
Amelia: Captain! I thought you said the airship wouldn't make it past these high peaks!
Sorkin: We ain't going to be using the airship.
Amelia: Then what will we be using?
Soon, Amelia found herself on an airboat (think a flying boat with an engine) with Sorkin managing the engine in order to fly it through the peaks. Meanwhile, Clochette was following next to them. She appeared to be 'sky-surfing' on a rocket powered board with a sail (think the boards from Treasure Planet)
Clochette: See? Ha ha! Told you it'd be a good idea! Woah!
The winds were still trying their hardest to knock them down. But as long as they had enough power
:iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 4 19
Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc - Claire Reviews (Part 3)
Hello my beautiful fairies~! This is Claire Aimée with not just any old review, but the review for my 600 watcher special! Can I get a woop woop? Aw yeah, this one was a long time coming! It's time to review one of my all-time favorite games! Now at first, I wanted to review my favorite video game of all time, Rayman 2: The Great Escape, but I already did a thing on that. So what to do now? ...Easy. The sequel to my favorite video game of all time: Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc.
Claire Reviews - Episode 13 - Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc (Part 3)
And we're back again, my beautiful fairies! Last time we checked in, we had to fight and platform our way through heck and back to get our friend Globox to another doctor to remove lead baddie
André out of his stomach. But unfortunately, we instead lodged the evil fairy into the frog's brain. Now we must head off to a terrifying new location in order to find one last doctor to help us with ou
:iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 8 16
Cryo by ClaireAimee Cryo :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 16 19 Sad Curtis - Request by ClaireAimee Sad Curtis - Request :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 15 14 Platformers - Gotta Go Fast! - Page 11 by ClaireAimee Platformers - Gotta Go Fast! - Page 11 :iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 11 19
My latest and greatest artwork! Enjoy and feel free to explore my gallery!

Random Favourites

K Rool Kharacter Kommission by PookaDoodle K Rool Kharacter Kommission :iconpookadoodle:PookaDoodle 1,122 50 Seems accurate if you ask me. by LunaticMoonshard Seems accurate if you ask me. :iconlunaticmoonshard:LunaticMoonshard 31 10
I Don't Need Feminism
I don't need feminism because the modern movement has become a circle jerk of victimisation and misandry.
I don't need feminism because "patriarchy" does not exist in its true definition in the first world.
I don't need feminism because men have their own issues, yet many feminists either choose to ignore them or dismiss them as irrelevant or just "male tears".
I don't need feminism because the modern movement encourages irresponsibility for one's actions. (E.g. Having drunk sex, then regretting it afterwards and claiming rape. Please note this does not refer to cases where one party was passed out, so they wouldn't be able to consent reasonably.)
I don't need feminism because the most influential people in my life have been men.
I don't need feminism because I've never experienced discrimination based on my gender, and I've never been treated differently by men for participating in a male-dominated hobby or interest. (In fact, I've gotten more crap for being autistic then for b
:iconmintaka-tk:Mintaka-TK 140 167
Pokemon Trainer Princesses by TheBourgyman Pokemon Trainer Princesses :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 1,177 41 .: AT: Tabaata :. by PinkHyrulePrincess .: AT: Tabaata :. :iconpinkhyruleprincess:PinkHyrulePrincess 86 15 Shanette by Punisher2006 Shanette :iconpunisher2006:Punisher2006 81 28 [Request] Alice by BWGLite [Request] Alice :iconbwglite:BWGLite 76 23 screaming is against the rules by marreeps screaming is against the rules :iconmarreeps:marreeps 1,658 56 Daily Paint 2187. Erminers by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2187. Erminers :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,555 65 Big ol eyes by Micky-Ann Big ol eyes :iconmicky-ann:Micky-Ann 149 9 Pastel painting by Daycolors Pastel painting :icondaycolors:Daycolors 2,178 42 StarLOW expressions xD by Bowser2Queen StarLOW expressions xD :iconbowser2queen:Bowser2Queen 132 69 AntiMobiusFun by JoeAdok AntiMobiusFun :iconjoeadok:JoeAdok 810 65
Legend Of The Punsmaster
    Two figures stood silently in the deserted town in the middle of the desert, the sunlight dawning on them and casting long shadows of themselves onto the ground.
    A tumbleweed rolled past them swiftly. 
    One wore a cowboy outfit like Clint Eastwood with a cowboy hat and boots, even with a sheriff badge and a revolver on his right side, along with a rope on his left. The other wore a long dark coat, with a cloth covering his face. The person's dark brown hair slowly danced to the wind, and he was placing his hand inches away from the revolver in the holster on his right leg. He wore dark jeans and boots, but looked nothing like a cowboy.
    That was because he wasn't one.
    He was much, much more than that. 
    "I've finally found you," the cowboy sounded suddenly, tilting up his hat to reveal his blue sapphire eyes. "I have dealt with most of your kind, kid. I've defea
:iconsam-lim:Sam-Lim 4 13
Basically Bolo by JamesmanTheRegenold Basically Bolo :iconjamesmantheregenold:JamesmanTheRegenold 218 20 Basically Sky -Plus Wrench- by JamesmanTheRegenold Basically Sky -Plus Wrench- :iconjamesmantheregenold:JamesmanTheRegenold 233 19
Just a bunch of random favorites of mine. Go support these awesome artists!

My most beautiful original character? (Besides me!) 

10 deviants said Amelia (…)
8 deviants said Duana (…)
6 deviants said Nightmira (…)
6 deviants said The Reapettes (…)
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A question for #IStandWithVic people! If we could recast the English dubs for Dragon Ball and My Hero Academia, since Funimation is freaking awful that hire awful people, who would your dream cast for these animes be?
Haven't done a song cover in a while, here y'all go: Bad Apple (Music Box)
EPISODE TWO IS HERE! (Be warned, my audio is quieter than usual!)
Tyler Bowie: I'll stop requesting tied-up art from minors.
Also Tyler Bowie: Capture by ClaireAimee

What a surprise. He's lied once more after promising to stop. What a twist.
Great news, guys! I landed my first voice acting gig! I will be playing Coco Bandicoot in Dr-N-Cortex's new and upcoming animated series on Youtube: Crash Bandicoot: the N. Imated Series! Here's the awesome opening:
The next episode of me and Maddie's Rayman 3 let's play will be up every Tuesday from now on!
Why do I see the Outer Ones singing this song?

Repost if you think Nintendo is a better company than Disney.
So GeekyGooDraws and I are doing a let's play of Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc (she never played it), and it's going to be up on her Youtube channel tomorrow! Be sure to give it a watch and hear our angelic voices saying dumb crap. Here channel is here:…
(Update: turns out it won't be ready for a few days due to the upload time. Sorry for the delay folks! Stay tuned!)
My next Claire's Countdown will be the Top 10 Cancelled Video Games! Any recommendations?
So, Disney's casting a black woman to play Ariel in their upcoming Little Mermaid remake. Nothing against black people of course, and nothing against the young actress, but The Little Mermaid is a DANISH fairy tale and Ariel was portrayed as white because Danish people are mostly white. She was also iconic with that gorgeous red hair, and now that's gone too. Face palm ariel Europeans/white people are being written out of their own folktales and legends for the sake of forced diversity! This isn't right! It's actually kind of cultural appropriation now that I think about it! Stripping the fairy tale of all its cultural impact and flavor for the sake of 'wokeness', that's... kind of degrading really. Add this film to a list of other movies I'm not seeing; go watch the original The Little Mermaid instead! It's in my top 30 favorite Disney movies. Frustrated ariel blowing hair! 
1. Be yourself no matter what
2. Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone
3. Have faith in yourself
4. Have thick skin
5. Know that not everything is going to go your way
6. Look on the bright side
7. Keep your wits about you
I took the Political compass test...
Pol by ClaireAimee
I'm honestly surprised. Who would've thought?
The creator of Voodoo Vince liked my picture! :) Today's a good day.
O by ClaireAimee
It's tough trying to decide where you lean politically. I'm for universal health care and LGBTQ rights like the Left, but am also pro-life and anti mass immigration like the Right. SIGH! Politics are so complicated, so I'm just going to say what I want to say depending on the issue, whether it is the Left, the Right, or somewhere in between.
My friend GeekyGooDraws made this for me; so GO GIVE HER LOVE:

This is the sweetest thing I've received today. I'm lost for words on how stunning it is. Thank you nathandlneumannHeart 
My last day of being 16. What a wild ride it's been. Thanks for helping me through this not-so-sweet/hella sweet 16. I love you fairies so much.
Here's a joke: what's the difference between modern feminism and sexism?

I found another crazy damn feminist on the site. He asked me a question and before I could respond, he blocked me while acting morally superior. Fun feminist fact: Feminists act morally superior, then run like cowards thinking they've won. The feminist I'm talking about is: Chismin-In-Pink Don't interact with this person. Just block and ignore him.
I was inspired by my own friend kirby65422 writing a status on DA about Nintendo villains saying their most evil deeds. So here's my own take.

Mr. Dark - I threw the entire world out of balance for my own pursuit of power and dictatorship.

Admiral Razorbeard - I destroyed the Heart of the World, enslaved the planet's population along with its hero, and nearly blew up the planet after robbing it of its resources.

André - I launched a full-scale invasion by turning good fairies evil in order to destroy the Glade of Dreams just for the heck of it.

Reflux - I betrayed my entire society of monsters by harnessing the power of my people's god for my own revenge scheme.

Ales Mansay - I started a race war between the Glade of Dreams and the Land of the Livid Dead, causing our god to lose his mind and go crazy in an attempt to kill him and recreate the Glade in my own image with dark magic and technology in order to appease my idol Mr. Dark.

Rabbids - We killed off the entire franchise.


ClaireAimee's Profile Picture
Claire Aimee Spencer
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Hi there, My name is Claire. I am a Canadian artist and I love making comics, art, fan-fiction and cupcakes. ;) I am the creator of Jason and Amelia (original story) and Platformers (fan-fiction). I also do poetry, comics, stories, photos, and all kinds of drawings. I hope you support me and I hope you like my art! I work super hard!

(Art made by: QueenDraven)

- No mean comments or trolling please
- Criticism and feedback is always appreciated
- Requests are only for friends
- No tracing, copying, or stealing
- Have fun!



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