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Woman that knows

It IS possible, you know?


Also check ~ClaireBeauchamp :aww:
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A few of the people below are pretty..............satirical? :|
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Definitely using this! :D
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Can somebody tell me why is everybody so sarcastic about this? Seriously there is nothing wrong with this stamp. I know this stamp is funny but it is not a problem. I really love how butthurt and sarcstic people are in the comments section.
Rubynium's avatar
yep, using this!
Angelinia's avatar
Yup, and it's me xD
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EnforcerWolf's avatar
Then you know more than me, and I'm a guy.
Shadowroi's avatar
and I'm an attack helicopter that can eat a banana.
Pix-Cali-Tropic's avatar
What kind of stereotypical comments led you up to this stamp, anyway?
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Gavin-The-Bunny's avatar
Tumblr is full of the "I'm offended!" crowd.

DeviantArt is full of the "Want a medal?" crowd.

I don't think being a woman who knows about computers is anything special either, but my god, do you people seriously need to fucking repeat stuff like: "do u want a medil u speshul snowflayk!1!?" or "o rly omg who cares!?1!" around 300 fucking times? 
Drunk-Wally's avatar
Oh my god who the fuck cares
Hypnotunez's avatar
Know? I built one.
Titanium-Zen's avatar
Knows how to use a computer? I know how to build one paha.
Supercoco142's avatar
there's someone who LITERALLY THINKS woman can't know about computers????????
FandomGhoul's avatar
Yeah. A fuck ton.
Supercoco142's avatar
Almost EVERYONE over the age of 9 knows how to use a computer.

If it's such a rarity to see a woman using a computer, then why is half of Deviantart, or the internet for that matter, full of women?

Or did come from another Strawman you made up?
FandomGhoul's avatar
The fuck? Why would I make this up?

No, people do legitimately think that most woman can't use a computer by themselves.
Supercoco142's avatar
The people from the 60's?
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