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Lord of Middle Earth
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Using it.  Thank you!  
LovelyDragoness's avatar
I will be using this stamp. Thank you for sharing!
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It looks like the Chinese character for "East"... Just sayin'
gentle-owl's avatar
Nice work :heart:
Using c:
Vorondara's avatar
Great stamp - lovely in it's simplicity.
Lariethene's avatar
Used. I love this stamp! :D
WoodscourtBooks's avatar
Perfect. Thank you.
VoadorChama's avatar
Yeah! Sauron is NOTHING compared to him! :D Then again, Sauron would be literally nothing if Tolkien has never been born. :P
Arianod's avatar
Just what I needed! Thank you! :)
Sofiaroca99's avatar
undertaker-NIZER's avatar
added to my stamp collection!!!:D thank you
Choestoe's avatar
Lovely stamp design. Very classy. Thank you! :)
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She didn't design it though. ... right? it's the same symbol on the spine of many LotR books, but with colors and a little fuzziness?
Choestoe's avatar
Yeah, that's J.R.R. Tolkien's symbol. I know they didn't design that. I was talking about the overall stamp, not just the symbol.
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Can you make this available larger?
LittleDannyPocket's avatar
Awesome stamp!

May he rest in peace :)
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