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People please be on the look out for the artist if she has been watching you by the name of :iconnocturnalpride: 

They have been caught trying to sell art and characters they claim as their own. They do not belong to her they belong to a concept artist by the name of Joshua Calloway.

<da:thumb id="755242403"/> She cut out his name for the creation he has made and his patreon account:… His art can be found here.

The original that was stolen:…

EDIT: New ones added. 
EDIT 2: A few new ones added and some lions too.
EDIT 3: More MLP added.
EDIT 4: More MLP Ponies and two winged wolves added!
EDIT 5: More new Ponies added.
EDIT 6: Added a few more Lions and a few more Ponies. ENJOY
EDIT 7: A few more added. Feel free to look. 
EDIT 8: Added a couple more.
EDIT 9: Added a few more ponies, some lion designs that didn't get adopted, ect. 
EDIT 10: I added more ponies again and more lions and a little more. These ones will be harder to get because I do hold a bond to them but I want them to be used. 
EDIT 11: Hey, yeah I am pretty much getting rid of most of my MLP characters and only keeping the ones I know I have more of an bond too. So I have added a lot more. Please give it a look.
EDIT 12: Added a couple more lions.
EDIT 13: Added a few more lions and ponies. Old designs I forgot about.
EDIT 14: A few more ponies have been added.
EDIT 15: More ponies have been added along with a few lions here and there.
EDIT 16: I am in need of points so please make offers. 
EDIT 17: Added a few more
EDIT 18: A few more ponies we're added but they're new so offers may very meaning it depends on the offer if I will end up selling them or not.
EDIT 19: A few new lions added. (Please purchase)
EDIT 20: A few more added, various different ones this time.

UPDATE: Hello this is more of an update to tell you what's going on. My friend Azerae and I have decided to do a little business together. So you'll see a few designs up there that haven't yet been sold. Those that haven't been sold from her adopts will automatically go to me and put up in my folders so people make offer on them. The prices are somewhat negotiable but all profits will be split between me and Azerae. So before people complain that I am stealing her designs I have full permission from Azerae herself to put them up in my for sale section.

But no offers around 10-80 points isn't something I find to be fair for a lot of these characters.

Looking for Lions, Dogs, Ponies, Dragons or Gemsona's. I am trying to sell some of my characters. I am in a major need for points and a lot of my characters are never gonna get much use which I don't think is far. Some of these are OTA (Offer to Adopt) so feel free to make an offer. I will not always accept art or custom trades unless I like what I see or I know you well enough.

Points, Possible character trades. 
When it comes to species I am looking for Akiulfr's or Takota's. 
NOTE: I will be using them for different uses, I will not take claim of the species but I have no real use for the groups in general. I just like to have them with me for different uses.

Please be noted that if some of these belong to you and you do not wish to sell them or wish to buy them back please as I have asked before do not comment on the journal or the picture in question just please note me about it if you have any issues you'd like to discuss or would like to buy back. I do not know or remember which of these I can and cannot sell for I have bought a lot in my time. Please I ask that you be understanding of this.

There are prices on some of them. You may offer on others but if I do not feel like your offer isn't enough I will not accept it so please do not offer something like 20 points for some of my characters. In my eyes they are not worth twenty points. Old very old characters maybe but not all of em.

NOTE: This is a OTA. It means offer to adopt. I mostly take points and possibly customs or art/character trades should they interest me. If not then I will not accept it to which I have every right too.

You can comment below showing me which adopt you want or comment on the picture itself.
If you are interested in offering.
Mixed Breed Adopts OTA (OPEN)
1. Dalmatian Mix 
Status: Open

2. Doberman Mix
Status: Taken by :iconyamatae:

3. Border Collie Mix
Status: Open

4. Husky Mix 
Status: Open

Lines xXXMizanXXx
Cub Adopts (Open/All Cubs 100 points or Lower)
Yep some new Cub adopts.

1. :iconhuyhuy24:

2. 100 points

3. 100 points

4. :iconkashimusprime:

5. 100 points

6. :iconhuyhuy24:

7. 100 points

8. 100 points

9. 100 points

10. 100 points

Lines are by Acid-Ash
Yep I'm afraid we have another art thief. This one uses Photoshop Filters and claims to draw them all but their clearly just traced or layered over with photoshop. The user goes by Ckerns79fan

Here are the so called arts he claims to draw.

Simba dies by Ckerns79fan
Taken from this: Sacrifice by TLK-Ileana

3 worlds one family by Ckerns79fan
Taken from: Lion Guard: Jasiri by theblazinggecko Lion Guard: Kion by theblazinggecko

Mourning by Ckerns79fan
Taken from these: Male Cub Adopts closed by MalisTLK Cub 2 first row, Sad Nala_edited by littlepolka and Sisi Ni Sawa by we-were-in-love

There is also a Kim Possible drawing that isn't his own. Not sure who that one belongs too though.
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 Stolen Pony base taken by :iconchalkychalk: Fullbody Pony Base by ChalkyChalk They edited it and reposted it. 

Original base belongs too: Pony Base 3 [P2U] by BaseAdopts

Suspicious of her other designs on there being stolen from other people. No proof yet but given that they're trying to make points off of someone else's lines I don't really see why I should believe anything else on there is their original work. 
Non-Pony Crackships OTA (OPEN/Prices ADDED)
Yep decided to make some of these with the help of :iconflipwix: bases. I also used a bit of :iconselenaede: 

These are OTA meaning offer to adopt. I am mostly looking for points, due to the facts I got little to no offers on these guys I'm going to put a price on what I feel would be fair you can offer more or take it for what it's been priced for.
NOTE: I will be picky on the following: 3 and 4 because I love how they came out so I'll be very very unsure of what to sell them for anything under 200 might not get my attention. I am looking for points mostly. 

1. Rarity x Capper
What I'm looking for: 250-300 points

2. Discord x Twilight
Offers: 1
What I'm looking for: 200-250 points

3. Capper x Captain Celaeno
What I'm looking for: 500-700 points (I really like him.)

4. Gilda x Dumbbell
Closed: :iconazerae:

5. Lightning Dust x Princess Skystar
What I'm looking for: 200-250 points

6. Spike x Troubleshoes
Closed: :iconazerae:
Cub Adopts (OPEN/All Cubs 100 points or Lower)
Made some new cub adopts with :iconazerae: Bases. 

NOTE: Apart from Cub 1 all cubs are 100 points or lower. The white cub will be for 200 points and if you buy two cubs with that you'll get it marked down by 30 points. Will negotiate. 

1. 200 points 

2. 100 points

3. 80 points

4. 70 points

5. :iconxmiss-murder:

6. :iconxmiss-murder:

7. :iconxmiss-murder:

8. :icontyilight: 

9. :iconxmiss-murder: 

10. :iconchan98:

Don't like the prices don't comment. 
TLK Crackships (OPEN/All Cubs 100 points or Lower)
Made some more TLK crackships.

NOTE: All Cubs are now 100 points or lower (Apart from the Nuka x Rani and Chumvi x Outlander lioness cub) those two will be 150 each but you can buy both and get another cub 30 points marked down. So you'll be paying at most 370 if you buy the Chumvi x Outlander cub and Rani x Nuka cub and any other cub for 70- lower points) 

1. Kovu x Kion
Closed: :iconxmiss-murder:

2. Kiara x Malka
Closed: :icontyilight:

3. Chumvi x Outlander Lioness
Open: 150 points

4. Nuka x Rani
Open: 150 points

5. Vitani x Ni
Closed: :iconfirehart95: 

6. Scar x Tanglemane
Open: 100 points

7. Tama x Selfish Lion
Closed: :iconreddredpanda:

8. Kula x Beauty Spot
Open: 100 points

9. Zuri x Kopa
Closed: :iconxmiss-murder:

10. Zira x Sarafina
Closed: :iconxmiss-murder:

11. Tojo x Digger
Closed: :iconmilkshakelover428:

12. Dotty x Sarabi
Open: 100 points

Lines (c) :iconazerae:
Lillie and Lotus Lie
Names: Lillie and Lotus Lie

Gender/s: Female

Parents: Nora and Lie Ren

Siblings: They're twins, They have each other and that's all they need.

Semblance: Telepathy: Lillie and Lotus have a shared Semblance not really something that was known to happen but for Lillie and Lotus it did. Due to them being born together they had a rare case of being able to share the same semblance. They are capable of communicating without saying a word to one another. It can be helpful in a fight but can also be irritating in other situations.

Personalities: These two are polar opposites. Lillie inheriting a lot of her mother's bright and overly excited attitude. While Lotus is more composed and put together. The two of them might not seem like but they get along best together much like how Ren did with Nora the two of there personalities complete one another. 

Aura color/s: Both are light turquoise

Weapon/s: Unknown (open to ideas.)

Character Description:

Lillie: Lillie looks a lot like her father, has an orange/reddish streak through her black hair, has bright blue eyes and a few freckles. 

Lotus: Takes more after her mother, has bright orange/reddish hair with a light black streak through it. Lotus has magenta colored eyes and also a few freckles covering her face as well.

Both are 5'6 in height. 

Crushes/Love Interests: No one really interest them. 

Relationship/s with Nora: Lillie and Lotus we're always mommies little girls. Sure sometimes Lotus is a tad overwhelmed by her mother and sister Lillie but all in all they share similar feelings towards both parents. Lillie is more inept with her mother then Lotus is but that doesn't mean she loves her any less or vice versa.

Relationship/s with Ren: Seeing as Ren knows how to handle Nora for the most part he gets along well with both children. So they are both to some extent daddies little girls. Lotus spends the most time with Ren of course.

History: TBA

Fun Facts: Ren's often calls his daughters his little water flowers. (S4 Reference)

Art done by xZom-Zom

Little Nuka by Shadow-warrior-king

Vitani by Shadow-warrior-king
:iconscorpion-89: (From your comic on Page #4)

Cub Zira by Shadow-warrior-king

Lucy by Shadow-warrior-king

Luc by Shadow-warrior-king
Editing fanart again. Claims to have drawn them all but it's clearly all stolen fanart.

Lion king fan made cub Alice by nuka-pcws Stolen from:
Prize: Sunset by X-ZELFA
Fan made character ~Dorian by nuka-pcwsStolen from:
Adult Kion by X-ZELFAQuite possibly a troll but still.
tumblr pbmbs92dQD1rrvzeco2 640 by Claire-Cooper Traced proof. 


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44,095 / 100,000
Just trying to aim for a goal. Would like to pay for some big commissions later on the future.

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Nicknames: KLUR (Only to be used by EyesInTheDark666 & Sparrovvs)
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Artwork was made by K3NMA
Avatar artwork was done by ChoralSeashelle

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