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Cub Adoptables.
Yup made more cub adoptables.
NOTE: More cubs added!

1. :iconkatanary: 

2. :iconlion-whisper:

3. :iconlion-whisper:

4. :iconlion-whisper:

5. :iconlion-whisper:

6. :iconlion-whisper:

7. :icontyilight: 

8. :iconlion-whisper:

9. 125 points (Holding)

10. 150 points

11. :iconlion-whisper:

12. 120 points

13. 135 points

14. 135 points

15. 130 points

16. 160 points 

17. 130 points

18. 130 points

Lines we're done by my amazing friend (c) :iconxnvy: 

NOTE: No you cannot use these lines. They're made for me only. 
Cute Cub Adopts.
More cub adopts lines we're done by :iconazerae:

1. 175 points 

2. :iconlion-whisper: 

3. :iconlion-whisper:

4. 165 points

5. 125 points

6. :iconlion-whisper:

7. 120 points

8. :iconlion-whisper:

9. 140 points 

10. 155 points
Okay so you all know I've dealt with thieves on all kinds of bases. From Death Match memes, to regular memes and of course to posters.

These ones I think are similar to posters apparently certain people find art online whether it be on DA, Tumblr, ect. Then post little stories to go with these pictures. What I find worse is people actually request and commission these people for stories. Now what's the issue.

Their using not only fanart but commissioned artwork that they have no permission to use in the first place. So far I've only found three people doing this but there are no doubt more on DA. Those three people are :iconflashkill455: (Who blocked me after conversing with him claiming I was harassing him because I told him it was accountable for theft to use people's fanart) and :iconkeraxos: who seems to think because he links back to artists it's okay for him to use the fanart when he never asked to begin with. The most recent one I found was :iconkristinatg: who doesn't look to have as much fanart taken as the other two do but it still shouldn't be tolerated.

Any help to inform the artists whose artwork was wrongfully used, taken without consent or given no credit please help inform them. Apparently looking out for artists who have their work taken is accountable for harassment on the people who take it to begin with.

This is why I don't stop to talk with people they take it as a threat and either block or try to talk their way out of thinking they did nothing wrong.
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MLP Crackship OTA
Yup did another one of these. These are custom lines that we're made by :iconazerae: I have her permission to use them.

- Don't be disappointed if you don't win.
- Do not offer low prices either. (Prices that are low to me for designs like this are 150 and lower)
- I am gonna be picky on who they go too. I actually really like their designs.
- If I don't get any offers I like I may end up keeping them.
- If you win you are not permitted to post this image on your account or any other site. You can draw them and post your drawing where ever you want but this image is not to be redistributed should you win the adopt.
- Names are random your free to change it if you'd like. Same with parents and this is only if you win.
- Do not alter the design too much please should you win.

What I'm looking for: Mostly points but may accept character trades, Commissions or customs as a trade depending on your style of course, So lets get to it.

Name: Chalcedony Confetti Pie
Gender: Male
Parents: Pinkie Pie and Party Favor

Name: Cannabis Oil
Gender: Male
Parents: Treehugger and Troubleshoes

Name: Sentinel Rune
Gender: Female
Parents: Tempest Shadow (Fizzle Pop) and Flash Sentry
Cause a lot of people and I do mean a lot of people are using this as an excuse these days and frankly it's getting old.

Referencing doesn't mean copying the image almost exact with tiny tiny alterations. That is not referencing that is tracing with altered details.

Tracing: Tracing is an act of copying an image line for line or almost line for line with a few alterations being made. An example of tracing is this here:

Raised in Hate PG.61 Redraw by TLKSam These images are traced from screenshots of Kovu, Zira and Kiara from Lion King II. 

I'll go through the panels as best I can too.

Panel 1:…
Panel 2:…
Panel 3:…
Panel 4:…
Panel 5:… Zira's head but body from something else and I can't find the Kovu head at the bottom but it is from a screenshot no doubt. 

NOTE: I am not telling you to go harass this person in the image above. It won't solve anything. 

Another example of tracing is tracing someone's fanart, Examples: Lol by TC-96
(These are made by :iconjokerxlisa: who is known for tracing both screenshots and fanart) Which you can see she traced from not only screenshots but a lot of :icontc-96: fanart too. 

There are differences people and I'm getting sick and tired of seeing hard working artists getting pushed under a bus for people who do nothing but reference over screenshots and other people's artwork. What's worse is there is a website a russian website that dedicates itself to teaching artists to draw like other artists. You know how many people I found with similar styles to SickRogue, X-Zelfa and Mganga-The-Lion

It's honestly insulting and just plain disgusting to see such little effort put into artists with some actual talent. A lot of these people have potential too but if they're just going to continue to steal from artists great artists or trace screenshots they're not going to get anywhere in life and that's the sad part. What's even sadder is people like this get paid to trace too. There are thieves on even Paetron that trace from other popular artists off of Tumblr. It doesn't end and it needs to be addressed. 

I'm not saying they can't trace from screenshots but come on where the hell is your talent gonna go from there yeah maybe something you draw on your own won't be great the first time but with time it can get better. Please stop using artists and higher ranks to get attention it's pitiful and just plain dirty. 

A lovely artist by the name of JessieRenee did a piece explaining the difference I'd highly recommend checking it out.
Tracing vs Referencing by JessiRenee 
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These are for people who are older then 18. The user known as :iconninetail20: has tons of stolen fanart a lot of it is fetish based so be warned and a lot of it broke the rules showing erections, vaginal/cock fluids (Semen,sperm whatever you want to call it.) 

I would post pictures but that would get my DA account reported. 

Please report the pics and the user because they not only posted others art work but are posting against Deviant's Rules. 
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Kirin Adopts.
Decided to do some Kirin Adopts. Even if I don't necessary like them I'm still gonna do this. 

1. Lavender and Nightshade
Taken: :icontyilight:

2. Strawberry and Kiwi
Price: 30 points

3. Aquamarine and Navy 
Price: 40 points (They asked for a refund.)  

4. French Vanilla
Taken: :iconteal-quil:

5. Chocolate and Cream
Taken: :iconteal-quil:

6. Honey and Gram Cracker
Taken: :iconteal-quil:

Lines (c) :iconnaomi-makoto:
Rainbow Kirin OTA
As the title says this is a Rainbow Kirin Auction. I based her off of this show I use to watch as a kid it was about a fish with rainbow scales. It was a weird show but cute for what it was worth.

Offers: None so far

Lines (c) :iconnaomi-makoto:
Cub Adopts.
Lines belong to :iconocrystal: 

Yep cub adopts, I haven't posted in a while so figured I can now post up some adorable adoptable cubs for people. Feel free to ask for the one you want.

1. :icon7kids4me:

2. 125 points

3. :icononyxshishi:

4. :iconazerae: 

5. :icontyilight: 

6. :iconxmiss-murder:

7. :iconsaachi1399: 

8. 125 points

9. 130 points

10. :iconfirehart95:

11. 100 points

12. :iconxmiss-murder:

13. 120 points

14. :iconaestheticbutters: 

15. :icononyxshishi:

16. :iconfirehart95:

EDIT: New ones added. 
EDIT 2: A few new ones added and some lions too.
EDIT 3: More MLP added.
EDIT 4: More MLP Ponies and two winged wolves added!
EDIT 5: More new Ponies added.
EDIT 6: Added a few more Lions and a few more Ponies. ENJOY
EDIT 7: A few more added. Feel free to look. 
EDIT 8: Added a couple more.
EDIT 9: Added a few more ponies, some lion designs that didn't get adopted, ect. 
EDIT 10: I added more ponies again and more lions and a little more. These ones will be harder to get because I do hold a bond to them but I want them to be used. 
EDIT 11: Hey, yeah I am pretty much getting rid of most of my MLP characters and only keeping the ones I know I have more of an bond too. So I have added a lot more. Please give it a look.
EDIT 12: Added a couple more lions.
EDIT 13: Added a few more lions and ponies. Old designs I forgot about.
EDIT 14: A few more ponies have been added.
EDIT 15: More ponies have been added along with a few lions here and there.
EDIT 16: I am in need of points so please make offers. 
EDIT 17: Added a few more
EDIT 18: A few more ponies we're added but they're new so offers may very meaning it depends on the offer if I will end up selling them or not.
EDIT 19: A few new lions added. (Please purchase)
EDIT 20: A few more added, various different ones this time.
EDIT 21: New ponies and more added 
EDIT 22: Tons more added from lions to ponies to fusions and more!

UPDATE: Hello this is more of an update to tell you what's going on. My friend Azerae and I have decided to do a little business together. So you'll see a few designs up there that haven't yet been sold. Those that haven't been sold from her adopts will automatically go to me and put up in my folders so people make offer on them. The prices are somewhat negotiable but all profits will be split between me and Azerae. So before people complain that I am stealing her designs I have full permission from Azerae herself to put them up in my for sale section.

But no offers around 10-80 points isn't something I find to be fair for a lot of these characters.

Looking for Lions, Dogs, Ponies, Dragons or Gemsona's. I am trying to sell some of my characters. I am in a major need for points and a lot of my characters are never gonna get much use which I don't think is far. Some of these are OTA (Offer to Adopt) so feel free to make an offer. I will not always accept art or custom trades unless I like what I see or I know you well enough.

Points, Possible character trades. 
When it comes to species I am looking for Akiulfr's or Takota's. 
NOTE: I will be using them for different uses, I will not take claim of the species but I have no real use for the groups in general. I just like to have them with me for different uses.

Please be noted that if some of these belong to you and you do not wish to sell them or wish to buy them back please as I have asked before do not comment on the journal or the picture in question just please note me about it if you have any issues you'd like to discuss or would like to buy back. I do not know or remember which of these I can and cannot sell for I have bought a lot in my time. Please I ask that you be understanding of this.

There are prices on some of them. You may offer on others but if I do not feel like your offer isn't enough I will not accept it so please do not offer something like 20 points for some of my characters. In my eyes they are not worth twenty points. Old very old characters maybe but not all of em.

NOTE: This is a OTA. It means offer to adopt. I mostly take points and possibly customs or art/character trades should they interest me. If not then I will not accept it to which I have every right too.

You can comment below showing me which adopt you want or comment on the picture itself.
If you are interested in offering.


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47,225 / 100,000
Just trying to aim for a goal. Would like to pay for some big commissions later on the future.

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Hello :wave: , I would like to thank you for reminding me to send half of the points to samalamb-bases
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Thank you for the WATCH ))
SpiritFoxAnimates2 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok, first, I have nothing against you at all. Second, I scrolled across on of my Watchers posts saying that you scammed them out of an adopt they bought. I read more into it and you took the adopt back because they posted the adopt one a different site which you didn't agree with. But next time if your going to do that, make Rules. If you say that the adopt is 100% their's once they buy them you can't be controlling. Also, I was told you never gave them back their points which is kinda messed up cause if your gonna take the adopt back then at least send the points back to them.  Again, I have nothing against you, I'm not siding with anyone. I'm being fair. Also, I'll try and talk to them to take down the Journal.
Claire-Cooper Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2018
Okay I made it very clear on the issue but seeing as I still have her friends coming at me and she's still lying about that bullshit I'll explain it Again for the fifth time.

1. I am free to have any rules I please whether or not they're absent is my say so.
2. I said she could do what she pleased with the pets. PROVIDED she drew them herself. I only said I didn't want my image to be posted on other sites due to theft and that's already happened once before.
3. I paid her back in full and if she's still saying I haven't that's a fucking bald face lie. I have the proof in my points balance list if you need it that badly. 
4. Even if I hadn't paid her the points back and I wasn't going to on that count she told lies to people and tried to lose me business on my adopts.
5. With an attitude like that she didn't deserve shit in return no sympathy, no points but I was the better person and gave them back anyway not that she deserved them.

And lets be honest she has still been bitching since over something that isn't even her business anymore. I paid her back this shit is done and she's still acting like I'm the bad guy and I'm getting sick and tired of her friends coming at me acting as if I'm the bad guy when they only got one side of the story and her side is pure bullshit even some of her friends didn't agree to her actions. She thinks she got scammed because she misread and that by far is the stupidest thing I can think of. No one has ever had issues with my adoptables before and guess what NO COMPLAINTS about rules. I explain to them so long as they draw the character they can post their art of them where ever they please but the image of the adoptable that I DID should not be reposted anywhere. 

It's my content I have a right to say where it should and shouldn't go they don't like it tough shit. 
SpiritFoxAnimates2 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Alright. First, not one of their friends, they just Watch me. Second, I honestly just wanted to know what was going on. I can get them to take down the Journal if you want so people can stop being asses to you about it? If they refuse to take it down then I do a little bit of hack work and do it myself. I'm on no ones side until grounds and laid down. I just usually don't take sides. I just try and fix it or check whats going on. I, again, have NOTHING against you or the way you do things.
Claire-Cooper Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2018
Well I laid down the grounds and she is still whining about it and has no reason too anymore.
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Happy Birthday! :)
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