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My Bio

Hey, I am Claire Cooper. I try to help out the art community from theft of any kind as best I can. Whether it's design theft, tracing, or those weird posters some people tend to make with fanart. Either way I am here to help if I can. Blacklist: (People I want nothing to do with or owning any of my adopts, if I find out you gave them the adopts, I will take the rights back.) Graxces OneThousandWinters Chasingtails The-Kion-Guard (Is now TurningRedFann) Kinala123 Thenightlightcouple (Lisa is to never own any designs of mine) Will add more later.

Favourite Movies
not sure i like mainly comedy XD
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Again Not sure XD
Favourite Games
Sly Cooper, Sly 2, Sly 3
Other Interests
Drawing, Video games, Movies, Sly Cooper XD, Cartoons and Anime XD

Another user to report. The user known as @MasterofLaughter is making poorly made tlk/tlg posters involving "Their" ocs when in reality all they're doing is taking existing characters (Whether canon or someone else's) and claiming them as their own. Please help in reporting the following images: Sanura I genuinely believe it either belong to Malis or Hydracarina though under a different name, the head is certainly taken from one of her cub/ref sheets no doubt. This idiot usues it multiple times -_- I did ask him nicely to remove it but he hid my comment and upon being more firm I was blocked and this is why I don't talk to people they use blocking as a form of hiding from people they don't agree with. I've also seen they stole art from the nice artist @KingSimba At this point I realize asking them isn't going to work, your best bet is to report it.
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Oh great, guess whose back. Another one of those recolor "Artists" @LiraSanTyan is back and sadly with more edits, she has a few really gross ones on their. One of her horrible bloodied Kiara being banged by one of those weird gaia characters. But that's not why I'm here, no this time they stole from artists like @mysteriousharu I'm guessing right off the bat they did not pay for her p2u linearts. No credit at all was given, not that I'm all that surprised. Can't even pay for cheap lineart. It's rather sad. Then you have these two even more horrid pieces: Looking for the original, if anyone knows who the artist is for the image above let me know. I doubt they wanted their art to be turned into a bloody mess. Then we have this horrid piece stolen from @dyb gallery: All I typed was Dyb roar and this was the second image to pop up
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Can people please help in reporting @amaleerose they seem to have the dense thought in their head if they change the background they have right to the art itself. All they did was change the background to their previous image, still stealing @TerraTimberWolf artwork. I know you can see this Amalee, you changing the background DOES NOT MAKE IT YOURS. I can't believe you're that dense to believe anything can be yours when you change the background. I also contacted the artist of this disgusting abomination you call art here Do you have any idea how popular this artist is?, I've also reposted this horrid image on Tumblr so the artist can see what you did to it. If you do not remove it, it will be removed for you. YOU ARE STEALING. Changing a background and recoloring Neo and Ruby do not make these characters magically yours and you're fucking delusional if you actually believe you own any of those images in your gallery. Blocking me won't stop me from making your horrid shit
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Thank you so much!

Thank you for the points so much Claire! I hope you enjoy your middle boy and I hop Azzy enjoys the scarred girl!

I'm sure she will ^^

Why are you being mean to me in the middle of the night? Clearly I forgot one I didn’t pay attention you don’t have to come at me.

I wasn't being mean, I asked you to delete the ones you referenced art from and you told me you'd remove them all. You didn't miss one.

I said any ones you've referenced art from you need to remove it. You told me you would remove them.

You didn't miss it, you we're hoping I wouldn't see it. I'm not coming at you, it's not my fault you openly tried to lie to my face. If you knew the ones you referenced using art then you should have removed it. So don't play the "Why are you being mean" card.

I was fine with telling you the first time but you going and outright telling me you'll remove them and missing one.

You realize I can recognize the others too. I am aware there are more then that one "You" missed, so again I'll tell you one last time to remove any and all art where you used another artist's work as a reference. Be thankful I'm asking you to remove them and not outright calling you out in public. You'd get a lot more flack that when you're getting now.

Yo stop calling me a liar. Go ahead and find references used for the other drawings, you won’t so don’t say you “recognize“ them. I occasionally used art to come up w pose recommendations and I didnt know that was bad. Its not like I was out to get anyone. I took down the art. Put me on blast if you want but thats the honest truth.