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All I want for Christmas... (ES Secret Santa)
Christmas was one heck of an event for the Team.
Everyone pitched in to decorate headquaters with paper snowflakes and strings of tinsel and everything inbetween, turning the usually strict and businesslike building into a holiday wonderland.
Fake snow frosted the windows and stairs. Tiny Christmas trees, hung with miniature baubles, adopted every available surface as their own. Here and there a spec of silver or a twinkle of gold brightened the floors where a stray piece of glitter had fallen.
The way it made Carlos smile was enough to melt Roy's hardened heart.
They stood together in the foyer, taking in the enormity of the team's collective festive efforts.
Carlos braced his hands on his hips.
"I knew this was a fantastic idea," he declared proudly. Roy snorted.
"Oh please, the Team came up with it together."
"Yeah but I was the one who brought it up in the first place," Carlos pointed out, not untruthfully. "And the trees were my idea."
"I wish Batman had let us have a big tree rat
:iconclair-oswin-oswald:Clair-Oswin-Oswald 5 3
Lockwood and Co. - Mornings at 35 Portland Row
George slumped into the kitchen around 10:30am, scratching and yawning.
"Morning George," I garbled through my cereal, not bothering to look up from the newspaper.
"Morning Lucy," came his grumbly reply, followed by rustling and the sound of bread being put in the toaster.
I took another spoonful of cereal and chewed as I continued reading the front-page article. Apparently Lockwood&Co. got a mention in it somewhere.
My gaze flicked up as the toaster popped.
I dropped my spoon into my bowl and clapped my hand over my eyes.
"You're not wearing pants!"
There was a pause, and I just knew George was checking if my statement was true.
"Well, I'm wearing underpants," he pointed out.
"That doesn't count!" I informed him furiously, keeping my eyes tightly closed and covered.
"Yeah it does."
"No it doesn't! Go put some pants on, right now!"
George muttered something, then said "Oh, morning Gwen."
"Gwen, look away!" I cried, but her startled yelp told me it was too late.
:iconclair-oswin-oswald:Clair-Oswin-Oswald 1 2
FFM day 27: City (TT AU)
Jump city was awash with lights, beating back the darkness of the night. All along the skyline was a faint haze, a glow to stave off the cold blackness. But fingers of shadow wound their subtle way into the unchecked backstreets, the alleys, the forgotten places.
The apartment block where Raven lived was one of those forgotten places tonight. Every window of the bare concrete building was dark, every wall light unlit. Even the street-lights on the street outside were dark.
Frowning, Raven used her phone to light the way as she buzzed in and made her way up the seven flights of stairs and along the hallway to her apartment. She fumbled with the keys, eventually prying open the stiff front door and slipping into the apartment.
Inside, soft candle-light punctured the gloom in orange and yellow orbs. The sharper, fiercer light of an LED lantern spread from the little dining table in the centre of the room, lapping at the edges, where the walls met the floor.
"Another blackout?" Raven asked
:iconclair-oswin-oswald:Clair-Oswin-Oswald 3 0
FFM day 26: Shot (TT)
Raven was curled up on the sofa, enveloped in a book, when Robin, Starfire and Beast Boy returned.
Dr Light had been spotted pulling a robbery downtown, and Robin had decided that the whole team needn't go to deal with him; he was a minor threat, as far as supervillains went. Raven suspected she was left behind because of the terror she'd wrought last time they dealt with Dr Light, but she wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to catch up on her reading. Cyborg was using the time to fix up the T-car.
As the three heroes walked into the room, the atmosphere became palapably tense.
Raising her eyes from the pages, Raven absorbed the sight.
Robin was stalking in the lead, anger painted across his face. Beast Boy looked sullen and worried. Starfire was leaning on his shoulder, limping badly.
Raven snapped her book closed and got calmly to her feet.
"What happened?" she demanded, moving around the sofa to meet them.
"Light was more prepared than we were," Beast Boy started.
"We were plenty
:iconclair-oswin-oswald:Clair-Oswin-Oswald 4 0
Custody Battle (Lockwood and Co.)
(Spoilers for the end of The Hollow Boy!!!)
It's not everyday you fight your best friends over a skull.
A skull in a jar with a malevolent spirit attached to it, no less.
George and I were glaring at each other across the kitchen table (which, I admit, was nothing new). The skull jar was between us, nestled neatly between the toast rack and the teapot, pulling faces at anyone who dared look at it for more than a few seconds.
"Look, it's no use to you," I insisted for the thousandth time. I was meant to be on the train already; not that I had anywhere important to be. I was moving out, and I wasn't going to take cases until I'd at least found a draw to put my socks in. "I'll put it to better use than you can."
"You and it sassing each other, oh yeah, that sounds like a great use of a type three ghost!" George shot back.
"Hey, just because it's a jackass doesn't mean it's not useful!"
"Same could be said of you, but we kept you around!"
:iconclair-oswin-oswald:Clair-Oswin-Oswald 7 9
FFM day 25: Drum (TT AU)
The procesion marched down the wide expanse of Main Street, a thousand bodies moving in messy synchronisation.
Boom boom went the drums.
The band was spread out through the column, sections dispersed here and there among the dancers, the mimes, the bannermen, the acrobats. Every representative was clad in the same rainbow colours. Officials wore sweeping jackets of red velvet with golden trim, blue trousers or skirts, bright hats of orange and green. Purple feathers plumed from those hats. Their hard black boots stomped the tarmac.
Boom boom went the drums.
Dick, Raven, Garfield, Kory and Victor watched from behind the barriers that held back the spectating crowds. The cheering was deafening, but the music was louder.
Boom boom went the drums.
Kory was waving a small rainbow flag, smiling broadly as the colour spectrum of people marched past. At her side, Raven's face wore a smile too. But on the inside, her head pounded.
Boom boom went the drums.
An ill fee
:iconclair-oswin-oswald:Clair-Oswin-Oswald 1 0
FFM day 24: Breathe (RaeStar)
"One, two, three, four..."
Raven counted under her breath as she slammed her folded hands down on Starfire's sternum over and over, trying to coax a heartbeat from her chest.
She didn't know much about Tamaranean biology, but when Starfire had been washed up on the shore more dead than alive, Raven had prayed CPR would work.
So far, her prayers were going unanswered.
This was the third set of compressions she'd tried, and her hope - and her strength - was starting to wane.
"Come on, Star, come on," she muttered through gritted teeth, feeling another rib fracture under the pressure of her hands.
Tipping the red-haired head back and pinching her nose closed, Raven sealed her mouth over Starfire's and forced air into her lungs. Her lips were cold, tangy with the salt of seawater.
Two breaths, and she checked for a pulse; she held her cheek close to Starfire's lips to feel for breath.
"Please, Star," she begged. "Breathe!"
The Tamaranean girl convulsed. A gutteral gurgling came from
:iconclair-oswin-oswald:Clair-Oswin-Oswald 3 0
FFM day 23: Countryside (TT AU)
The further they got from the city, the freer Raven felt.
Shadows she hadn't even noticed vanished as they drove beyond the city limits and into suburbia. When the houses dwindled in number and eventually fell away behind them, the sky opened up ahead, cloudless and forget-me-not blue.
They were the only ones on the road, the battered old Corolla alone on the highway.
Raven had never been this far from the city before. She watched, fascinated, as fields of crops and livestock started to appear beside the road. The land was split up by long lines of fencing, turning it into a patchwork quilt of greens and browns.
"I should probably tell you about my family," Kory said after about an hour of relative quiet.
"What about them?"
"Well, I've told you a little about my step-mother..."
Raven sensed Kory's discomfort, so she tried to keep her voice level.
"Yeah. May, isn't it?"
Kory nodded, checking the mirrors, even though there were still no other cars.
"May is... very religious. And I have n
:iconclair-oswin-oswald:Clair-Oswin-Oswald 3 0
FFM day 22: Romance (TT AU)
Kory sighed happily, leaning back on the picnic blanket, arms folded behind her head.
"The stars are so wonderful out here," she said dreamily, looking up at the sky. Raven tipped her head up. Among the endless navy-black of the night sky were millions of stars. Literally, thousands upon thousands of specks of twinkling light. Some were bright, others dull. Some blazed, some winked, some barely shone. But shine they did, each and every one, transforming the heavens into a blanket of lights.
"Woah," she breathed, falling back to lie beside Kory. "I've... never seen so many stars before."
"Really. I grew up in the city. You can't see many stars from where I live."
Kory gave a curious "Hm."
"I grew up here," she continued after a moment's contemplation. "Often, when I was not able to sleep, I would sit by my bedroom window and look at the stars. Sometimes I would count them; I never got past a thousand before I fell asleep."
She was smiling, eyes misted with memory. Raven cuddle
:iconclair-oswin-oswald:Clair-Oswin-Oswald 2 0
FFM day 21: Dishonour (TT AU)
Raven reached across the table and lightly picked a chicken nugget from the pile on Garfield's plate.
He looked askance at her.
"What?" she asked, not even bothering to shrug. "You've got heaps."
Garfield's eye twitched.
"Don't do it man," Victor warned the younger teen.
"You saw what she did."
"I'm telling you, don't do it..."
But Garfield was already on his feet, doing his best to look intimidating.
"He's doing it," Dick muttered.
Garfield drew a deep breath and pointed an accusing finger at Raven.
"DISHONOUR!" he shouted. "Dishonour on you! Dishonour on your cow!"
Raven's eyes narrowed to a glare and Garfield fell silent.
"Did you just call Kory a cow?"
Garfield looked as though he was regretting his decision. He flapped his hands desperately.
"What? No! No way, I'd never say that about Kory! I swear! I was just quoting the movie!"
Kory placed a hand on Raven's arm.
"Truly Raven, he would never say such a thing. We have been friends for some time now."
Even so, Raven l
:iconclair-oswin-oswald:Clair-Oswin-Oswald 3 2
Day 20: 'And here I thought I was special' (TT)
The sound of horses filled the air.
The countryside - more specifically, the farm they were visiting - was a far cry from the Titans' home in Jump City.
The house, barn and stables were the only building visible for kilometers around. In place of streets ran dirt paths, and few enough of them. Most of the land around them was made up of fields of grain, grazing paddocks, and orchards of fruit trees.
The week-long stay at the farmhouse was a kind of vacation, organised by Robin, and much-needed in the eyes of the rest of the team. Even raven, who preferred being indoors, had found the change of scenery pleasant. She spent the days reading in the apple orchard, usually lying in the shade of a large tree.
Starfire had roped them all into picking fruit today, and they had returned from the orchards with baskets bursting with apples, oranges and pears.
"I'm telling you, I could out-race every horse in this stable!" Beast Boy was telling Cyborg as they set the baskets down in the storehouse
:iconclair-oswin-oswald:Clair-Oswin-Oswald 2 0
Day 19: Triangle (TT AU)
"I have never been so bored in my entire life."
Raven flicked her pen back and forth between her fingers, resting her chin in her other hand.
Dick and Kory were scribbling in their books, working their way through the set work for the lesson while the teacher prowled the room, looking over students' shoulders.
"Trigonometry is actually really interesting," Dick said without looking up. "Triangles are used in heaps of things, like construction and -"
Raven's glare made him shut his mouth.
"I must agree with Dick," Kory piped up cheerily. "I find it a facinating concept, all of these ways in which triangles function with numbers and equations..."
"Nerds," Raven muttered, sketching in the margins of her book.
"Do you need help with the questions, Raven?" Kory asked, leaning over to look at her blank page.
"No. I just don't see the point in wasting my time doing something so pointless as writing sums I already know how to solve."
"Practice makes perfect," Kory reminded her with a smile. Ra
:iconclair-oswin-oswald:Clair-Oswin-Oswald 3 0
Day 18: Fantasy (HP)
A small congregation of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff students milled about outside Hagrid's cabin. The teacher of Care of Magical Creatures had promised something special for this lesson, and everyone was dying to find out what had the half-giant so excited.
When he lumbered out of the forest at their backs, grinning and waving, the students immediately hushed.
"Mornin' everyone," Hagrid called in his booming voice. "He's ready to see ye now. Yer gonna love this, wait 'n see what I've got for today's lesson. Follow me, follow me."
Exuding excitement, he turned and stomped back into the trees. Reshouldering backpacks, the students followed.
"I do hope he's showing us the thestrals today," Luna said whistfully to Hannah Abbot as they followed Hagrid. She jumped merrily over a sprawling tree root. "It would be wonderful for other people to learn about them."
"Not everyone would be able to see them though," Hannah pointed out.
"You don't have to see something to learn from it," Luna said with
:iconclair-oswin-oswald:Clair-Oswin-Oswald 1 2
FFM day 17: Light (TT ft. OC)
The Teen Titans stole through the streets, silent and wary in the dark.
The sun had set hours ago, plunging Jump City into the shadowy illumination of clouded starlight.
Their foe was a new one; a villain who had sprung out to assault them in the aftermath of a battle with Slade. They hadn't seen his face; only the fox-like mask that hid his features. His movements had been swift, his attacks sharp. Raven's cloak bore two long slashes from his twin daggers, though thankfully Raven herself was unharmed.
The team came to an intersection, the roads deserted. This part of the city was lifeless after night fell, and with good reason. The streetlights had been broken for years. There were no lights in the windows. Wandering these streets at night was a sure way to get yourself mugged.
"We'll split up," Robin decided. "Star, Raven, you take the alley on the left. Beast Boy, Cyborg, we'll take the middle road. Moonbeam, you'll take the right."
The newest Titan felt fear clench tight, clawed fi
:iconclair-oswin-oswald:Clair-Oswin-Oswald 2 18
FFM day 16: Deserted Castle (RaeStar)
"This was not quite what I pictured when you said 'romantic', Raven."
The castle was delapidated, a maze of crumbling stone hallways and long galleries. Towers rose to bite at the dusk sky, crenelations crooked and broken. Moss and lichen bloomed across the dark grey stones of the building, giving it an air of abandonment and neglect. The moat was a slimy residue at the bottom of a ring-shaped pit around the fortress. The drawbridge had rotted clean away, and the portcullis was so rusted it was fused in place, blocking the main entry.
The walls slumped, the towers leaned; the whole place seemed on the verge of collapse.
"I suppose our views on romance differ somewhat," Raven said with a shrug. She levitated, lifting into the air and leading the way over the battlements. Starfire followed, eyes darting about to see as much of the structure as possible. It wasn't much like the castles back on Tameran. The ancient buildings of Earth were significantly more ugly, and not half as colourful.
:iconclair-oswin-oswald:Clair-Oswin-Oswald 2 0
FFM day 15: Could you repeat that? (PJO)
The sun was setting, the air was crisp, and the waves were a glittering blue-green.
Everything was perfect.
Annabeth's hand wove into mine as we walked the shoreline, ambling, not needing to be anywhere or do anything for once in our lives. It was an odd feeling, but I knew it wouldn't last long. There was always something to do, somewhere to be. Just for this-evening though, we were free to do as we pleased.
Annabeth was looking out at the sea, watching the sun melt into the water on the horizon in a blaze of orange-red.
"Annabeth?" I asked, getting her attention.
Her head swivelled to me, blonde hair cascading back over her shoulder.
I used to wonder what it was about her that made my heart flutter, made my stomach do flips, but by now I knew that it was just her - all of her, everything she was. That was why I loved her.
Because she was simply her.
My heart was fluttering now, and my stomach had forgone the flips in favour of an all-out jig. The tiny box in my jacket
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Artist | Student | Literature
I'm a writer and an artist, though to be honest the art is more of a hobby. I'm in the process of writing my first book,. Fingers crossed it turns out well!
I don't have lots of time to draw and do art generally, but I've managed a few decent pieces over the last few years, and I hope I can manage more as time goes on.
I'm a full-on geek, I'll admit, and find myself very passionate towards the things I get into - for example, Doctor Who, RWBY, Winx Club and dragons (in general).
My major work focus at the moment is divided between college and my writing, mostly fanfiction.
My current ongoing project is the Heritage Saga, my Doctor Who fanfiction series. Feel free to check it out if you love Doctor Who!

FYI my avatar was made by Galactic-Fire, as was this adorable pagedoll: Luna Pagedoll by Galactic-Fire
Both are my HTTYD OC Luna. Cute, right?

Favourite Doctor: Eleven (Matt Smith)
Favourite companion: Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman)
Favourite RWBY character: Weiss Schnee
Favourite Winx character: Bloom (or maybe Flora)
Favourite Firefly character: Kaylee
Favourite Star Wars character: Ahsoka Tano (but I also love Sabine Wren)
Favourite HP character: Luna Lovegood
Favourite HTTYD character: Astrid (Or Toothless. Or Valka)
Favourite Disney princess: Belle
OTPs: Whouffle (ClaraxEleven), Monochrome (WeissxBlake), Hollstein (LauraxCarmilla)

A few fangirly things I'm into!

Stamp: Doctor Who - Clara's catchphrase by LuLuLunaBuna Stamp: Doctor Who - Whouffle is adorable by LuLuLunaBuna Stamp: Doctor Who - Clara's leaf by LuLuLunaBuna Eleventh Doctor Love Stamp by rawien
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Wow, well, it's been uhhhhhh freakin ages since I was on here.
Sup. How's life everyone?

Anyway wanted to pop back in, check how things are doing. Since I'm not here much I'm thinking about taking down some of my stuff. I'm doing a major overhaul/rewrite of the Heritage Saga, especially, because DAMN my writing has improved since I wrote those stories! Tell you what, a university course in writing teaches you a ton of stuff. 

So I guess this is a thanks to everyone who read the Heritage Saga (or what I finished of it, anyway). Every favourite and comment made my day, and the fact that so many of you even bothered to take a look at it means a lot to me. I'm proud of what I managed with it, but now it's time to move forward.

Super shout-out to my number one fan cytez-kaimee for having so much passion and being so amazing. She even drew fanart for me, which still brings me to (the happiest of) tears. 

If I get a good rewrite done, I might put it up on ao3 (where most of my writing is now, under the username 'ImpossibleClair - also my tumblr').

Keep living good lives, everyone!



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