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GS Dark Dawn - The Scholar

By claieth
More GSDD stuff~ this time it's Crown/Rief.
I actually finished this... one month ago? Since the Internet connection was unstable, I never got the chance to upload it here. -_-"

The shading on his robe... I dunno. I just feel it's plain weird. Is there anything I need to improve here? :iconotlplz:
Tool: Paint Tool SAI + GIMP
Snowflake Brushes by ~SparklingTea
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YamiYaksha's avatar
Rief's adorable! :D this pic is great I love it!
TheMysticalQ's avatar
Not a thing that needs improvement!
espeon-lover's avatar
Best Rief drawing out there!! ~<3
Jetzul's avatar
Awwww. Rief is so cute.
Draceonathecat's avatar
i never liked rief but hes pretty cute in this pic ^ ^
DaphfloconMojo's avatar
This little guy is so cute x3
Creagan-an-Fhithich's avatar
Wow! This is really good!
NinaCalhoun's avatar
He's cute~ or..she.. I'm confused D:
DaisyDogOx's avatar
Honestly, i STILL have a hard time telling if Rief is a guy or a girl. Apparently Rief is a masculine name, but he wears a dress/robe, and has a high pitched voice. I mean, i've been on spoiler websites and stuff and they've confirmed that he's a guy and stuff, but i just can't see it.
claieth's avatar
Confirmed as "he", if I recall it. XD
RennyRensaur's avatar
omg you color so well. look almost official :D !!
cryptanth's avatar
ohh iya ini yang dari YM waktu itu xD
kirain gambar yang beda :B
claieth's avatar
iyoh, yg tempo hari. ~_~"
*cekek modem*
I think it's lovely.
goldenozzy's avatar
I love it! im really starting to like crown as a mercury adept. improve? I think you used too much shadow on his face. He needs more bright
claieth's avatar
Ahaha, me too. Still can't decide whether I should use Crown or Harumani in the party later, though. XD

Hm, too much shadow, huh? I was initially afraid that his face would look too "flat", but it seems that the shading becomes a new problem. I'll see what I can do next time to improve it. ^^;

Thanks a lot! ^_^
Airumel's avatar
I also will bet on Mia X Ivan, looks like it at this point. :XD: though, the name is rather crazy if you ask me!
claieth's avatar
Unfortunately, with Garet and Ivan have their own children now, seems either of them as Rief's father rather unlikely now. That leaves Piers x Mia now, but we never know for sure. D:
Airumel's avatar
Yeah, I hope there's at least one shipping that worked out! Starting to look like everyone met someone new.
AL3KSAND3R's avatar
why does it look like mia and ivan's child, seems really odd xD
claieth's avatar
Actually, that's what I thought the first time I saw him. We'll just wait for the game to come out to confirm it. XP

*cough*Hopefully not.*cough*
AL3KSAND3R's avatar
xD yeah that would be kinda weird, im sure shes alot older than him. Personally i thought Mia and Felix but yeah i guess we'll just have to wait and see
claieth's avatar
Confirmed to be Mia's son. Now I wonder who his dad is. XD
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