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GS Dark Dawn - Stella

By claieth
Stella from upcoming Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Yes, it's still one month to go before the English version comes, but for some reasons I already take a liking on her. XD

Ahem, anyway... as usual, crappy anatomy and shading. I'm still trying to regain my senses after not drawing for quite some time. :iconotlplz:
Not really sure if her clothes look like that from front, but I hope it's close enough. I hope.

Comments and critiques are appreciated. m(_ _)m
Tools: Paint Tool SAI + GIMP
Resources used:
- Dandelion Brush Set by ~christiegayle
- Foliage Swirls by ~redheadstock
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© 2010 - 2021 claieth
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SmashingWarriorSnake's avatar
You did very well, you've made her beautiful! ^^
Draceonathecat's avatar
its sveta not stella but ya nice job! :)
claieth's avatar
I'm actually tired of saying this, but Stella is her Japanese name. I drew this before her English name is announced. ^^;
At any rate, thanks. ^^
Draceonathecat's avatar
oh srry but ur welcome it was a great pic :)
Eracon6193's avatar
What do you mean "crappy anatomy"? She is VERY well done! Nice and curvy! This piece of Sveta (or Stella, if you will) is drop dead amazing!
Cybergleiter's avatar
You have great talent
Arthuntress1191's avatar
I love your work and not to be annoying or anything but I have the Golden Sun: Dark Dawn game now and in the game this girl name is Sveta not Stella. Sorry if this starts to annoy you but I just thought it would be best for you to know

Love this picture <3 keep up the great work =D
claieth's avatar
Did you read my comment to previous commentator? XD;
I know well exactly her name is Sveta in the US version, and Stella is her name in JP version. I drew this soon after she is announced in Japan, so just for this one, I keep "Stella". I used Sveta for next deviations I posted about her. ^^

At any rate, thanks! ^^
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Both are true, actually. "Stella" is her name in the Japanese version. :)
FYI, I drew this long before the game's release in US, that's why I used her JP name here.
rainbowbunnys's avatar
oh that makes more sence haha sorry for like the weir dout birst i was like WTF why do they ceep calling her that but at least now ik why :)and i still love ur pic :D
PascalOfPiers's avatar
...Go die in a fire, BEAST. Your kind are not right.
RebelLucario's avatar
I hate to burst your bubble but she isnt from Garoh. She is what is known as a Beastman. Beastman are a byproduct of the Golden Sun event. There were a number of both humans and animals that were affected. Slightly similar to those of Garoh but quite different. They are not lycanthropes.
claieth's avatar
...Um, I never said she is from Garoh, did I? I already know that she comes from the race that was affected by Golden Sun, since the official site stated it. ^^;
Still, that's an interesting fact you have there. So it's not just Stella/Sveta's race, huh? Now I can't wait to play the game. :)
RebelLucario's avatar
Sorry for the misunderstanding but I was referring to the person who replied right before me. I was posting with my PSP so I couldnt reply directly to their post.

Also what I was saying was that the Beastman race is made up of beastman that used to be both human and animal. There also seems to be a way for them to tell the difference between each other as well as small behavioural differences. But they are still the same race whatever they were before.
claieth's avatar
Nah, no problem. I also apologize if I sounded a bit emotional there. ^^;

Hmm, I see. :nod:
Is Beastman race spread all over the world, or is it part of minority and concentrated in certain places (ie. like the werewolves from Garoh back in TLA)?
RebelLucario's avatar
Thats a good question. At the time the game takes place they are centered in a region called Morgal. There are still human settlements there though. Anyway, from what a couple of Beastman NPCs say, after the Golden Sun Event some people grew longer hair, claws, snouts, etc. (it can be assumed that animal Beastman simply began to walk on their hind legs and through interaction with humans/human beastman learned to talk)One said that when they first became Beastman a lot of humans hated them for being different and eventually all the Beastman migrated north to Morgal and that no one had planned it yet it is where they all wound up. So perhaps when it started there were Beastman across all of Weyard but they simply gathered in what is now Morgal. So in the thirty years since then the Beastman built the capital of Morgal, Belinsk on top of some ruins (a lot of places seem to be build out of or on top of ruins...). Beastman can be found all across Morgall but Belinsk is where most are I believe.
claieth's avatar
Interesting. There are still some things I'm curious about, but I'll hold them off until I play the game.

Anyway, thank you so much for sharing! :)
Daeron-Singollo's avatar
*should've commented on this long ago* ;w;

jeej ;w; stella <3

I havent played the japanese version yet, but from what I saw I thought it was kinda cool that they let someone from garoh battle aswell ;w; huray for lycanthropes ;w;

I think the prospect of seeing younger people from golden sun and the lost age all grown up and battle ready looks really cool ;w;

and regarding your drawing, I like the colours, the shading, and the texture, and I'm currious how she'll be in the game ;w;
claieth's avatar
Nah, I actually haven't played the JP version (planning to get the US version mid-December), but I quickly took a liking on her as soon as she was announced. XD;
(From a post I read, she's also an excellent character in combat. Of course, we will have to play the game by ourselves to confirm it...)

I'd love to see the old characters in action, too (I want to see Felix...). Well, at least we have the now-grown-up Eoleo. XD

Thank you for the comment! :hug:
Daeron-Singollo's avatar
well, I thought the english version was released on 29 november? O.o

uhuh, if eleo has already grown up, then imagine how old the rest of the characters are O.o

no problem ^^ good art is to be apreceated ;w;
RebelLucario's avatar
Well, since Kraden, Isaac, Felix and co. were subjected to the power of the lighthouses it has actually drastically slowed their aging. So in the thirty years since the last game the characters look like they are in their late 20's early 30's(minus kraden of course) rather than looking like they are almost 50. Unfortunatly you only ever see Isaac and Garet. (but supposedly the ending is a cliffhanger meaning a fourth game)
Daeron-Singollo's avatar
yeah true... Just like lemuria in GS: the lost age right? their age progresses more slowly concidering the binding effects of alchemy..
RebelLucario's avatar
Im not sure if its strictly alchemy. If I am remembering what I read correctly then, when the lighthouses were lit they each realeased an immense amount of Psynergy (and each lighthouse released more than the last). Kraden, Issac, and the others absorbed that Psynergy and that is what is doing it. As for Lemuria I believe it is that drink that whats his name used in GS1 that keeps everyone from aging. Not completly sure but pretty sure.
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