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GS Dark Dawn - Countdown

By claieth
Junks I did to count down the days before US version of Dark Dawn is released (November 29th), starting from November 21st to November 28th. Not like I'm getting the game soon (maybe in mid-December, and I have to wait another two weeks before the game arrives), but oh well.
...Okay, I kind of lied about the date. I finished the last pic on November 27th, because a sick person like me just happened to have THAT much time. :P

In case anyone is wondering about the characters' drawing order, I drew it from who was introduced last in the Japanese site (Himi, Harumani Amiti, etc...).

Can't say I like how the overall pictures turned out (hey, I rushed them), but I'm surprisingly satisfied with how Eoleo and Tyrell turned out. Knowing what I usually draw, I expected to have most trouble drawing them, but fortunately it didn't happen. ^^;

Golden Sun (c) Nintendo, Camelot
Tools: Paint Tool SAI + GIMP
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Very well done, and far better than anything I could do.
GSDD's avatar
What's with people disliking Sveta??
She's cool.
maximumgirl123's avatar
yeah i know right, she's like my most favorite character
axeltheemodragon's avatar
i love this game
tyrell looks kinda like lea axels somebody from kingdom hearts
emoprincesspeach's avatar
i am sorry but amiti is cute.and tirrell is helarious
LoraTheHedgehog's avatar
It looks cool! And apparently, in the US one, they introduce them in a kinda different order.
claieth's avatar
Thanks! ^^
Ah, I see. I didn't see the page of the US version - how they introduced the characters? XD
LoraTheHedgehog's avatar
1- Matthew (Main)
2- Karis
3- Tyrell
4- Rief
5- Amiti
6- Sveta
7- Eoleo
8- Himi

The first four were the same! ^^ And you can change Matthew's name!(If you want) :meow:
claieth's avatar
Ah, so the order is exactly like how they are introduced in-game, then. XD
LoraTheHedgehog's avatar
In the US version! XD
Ventu-star's avatar
1. Matty! You're SO Cute! And Strong. And Fast. And Cute. (Did I say that?)
2. Okay~ could have been better. You were a lot better at the start then at the end.
3. Jump off a roof? Great role Model.
4. Rief! Only one in my team who's is actually designated healer.
5. I get a ship!!!
6. Don't like you... But you kick awesome butt!
7. Strong, but... You couldn't replace Rief and Wish.
8. Where did your personaltiy go?

In short, though... You're amazing!
claieth's avatar
1. I suppose those traits are in all of Venus warriors, though I agree, Matthew is REALLY cute. >w<
3. Can't say I dislike him, but still... Tyrell comes across as rather selfish.
4. Like mother, like son. XDD
6. Opinions may vary about her, but there's no denying about her strength.
8. Agreed. Kind of sad, really. I had pretty high expectation about her. :(

Anyway, thanks! ^^
PascalOfPiers's avatar
2: Keep up that healing gust, is the only reason Reif is not replacing you.
5: OMG I love you Eoleo! If I were gay...Uh, yeah, I won't finish that... He is the best Mars adept so far! And he is PURELY from Lost Age, making him EVEN better.
6: I hate you, your people, and your uselessness.
7:...No WAY are you related to Alex. You MUST be Piers son. BECAUSE PIERS IS THE GREATEST VIDEO GAME CHARACTER EVER!
8: Fast, great PP, awesome...Himi, you good.
SO, my team...Eoleo! Himi! Amiti! Karis!
People I refuse to fight with: Sveta, your my pack mule. I hate you, so you get to carry the heavy stuff. Don't talk, you ugly beast. Rief... I WANT YOU. Matthew: Don't worry, you are still awesome. Here, you can go whip Sveta. Tyrell: You are an idiot like your father.
PascalOfPiers's avatar
Why? Shes a dirty beastmen. I laughed as Volecheck died.
X-Strike-Fire-Dragon's avatar
I like Sveta, she's cool. would've really liked to have Karis and Sveta in the same party, but they're both Jupiter adepts.
Amiti can't be Piers' son, Piers isn't related to Mia, Alex is.
PascalOfPiers's avatar
I know this. That is why it is so sad. Amitit looks SO much like Piers...And Sveta...this sounds racist, but Beastmen should be killed. LONG LIVE SANA! DEATH TO MORGAL!
X-Strike-Fire-Dragon's avatar
naw, I don't think he does; I think he does look kinda like Alex

Also yes, that's not only racist, it's Nazi-like.
PascalOfPiers's avatar
I know. I am ashamed of myself...
You're ashamed ...? ?


... My apologies. At least you admit that flaw. I don't have great love for Beastmen races myself - I prefer non-humanoids of human-level intelligence and culture, since elves and dwarves are a blatant display of our shameless SPECIESISM - but I don't mind them as a whole.

I wouldn't have posted my first message - promising vengeance upon you for dissing Sveta so much - but the continuations upon it were on the next page and you'd already put me in a briefly foul mood ...

SO Sorry!!
PascalOfPiers's avatar
I am sorry. BTW, that last post you just got was my bastard brother. I am sorry. I just don't like Sveta. We cool?
Yeah, sure. I guess we can't all agree on certain things. Incredulous as I am that Sveta actually CAN be disliked, I won't force you to share my opinion. Nothing in the world is universally praised after all.

I just dislike when people bash on things just because they dislike them. Unless you have really good reason - like a villain who's done terrible things, or a hero who actually IS selfish and stupid (or in DD's case, Ryu Kou *growls angrily*), then it's just, in my eyes, a cheap excuse to take out one's own insecurities and weaknesses. It's like bullies - besides hurting other people, they're just weak trash-piles with no self-confidence as far as I'm concerned, and so they act like jerks.

There's a lot of things that draw my ire, and dissing characters just because you don't like them is a major one.

But yes, we're square. I agree that we can disagree :D

P.S. If you would, tell your brother ... that I forgive him, and I pity him most of all ... Even if he is a dirty, filthy, Fantastic Racist.
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Sanngot's avatar
1: Man of few words :invisible:
2: Kickass sniper (I gave her the bow)
3: Hot head
4: Thought he was a girl the first time I saw him... =S
5: Twice everyone's age
6: A total beast. Which is awesome.
7: Preferred him in is costume before joining the party.
8: Can't think of anything cause I just got her... :hmm:
claieth's avatar
1. He's damn talkative compared to his father and uncle, though. D:
2. Kickass sword-lady for me. Either way, yes, she kicks ass.
4. Who can blame you? Most of us did... >__>
6. Can't agree more.
7. Unfortunately, the rest of the party won't allow him to dress in that way. D:
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