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Hiatus. Talk to me at Twitter.
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Rabbits. Math. History. Weapons. Seafood. Sweets. Croquettes. Papaya. Broccoli.

-Fandom + Pairings-
- Sherlock BBC
|-- Sherlock Holmes/John Watson (BL)
- Atelier Series (+ Mana-Khemia)
|-- Enna/Puniyo, Yun/Raze (BL), Sterk/Rorona, Gino/Totori, Lias/Meruru, Rufus/Meruru, Juris/Ayesha
- Valkyria Chronicles, VC2
|-- Welkin/Alicia, Reiner/Sigrid (BL)
- .hack
|-- Haseo/Atoli, Bo/Aina
- Infinite Space
|-- Dietrich/Yuri (BL), Yuri/Nia, Yuri/Glorinda, Bastian/Nia
- Golden Sun
|-- Felix/Sheba, Piers/Felix (BL), Matthew/Sveta
- Ys
|-- Dogi/Adol (BL), Adol/Elena
- The Legend of Heroes (Gagharv Trilogy, Trails in the Sky)
|-- Avin/Mile (BL), Joshua/Estelle, Agate/Tita, Olivier/Mueller (BL)
- Ib
|-- Garry/Ib
- Hexyz Force
|-- Rafael/Cecillia
- Gods Eater Burst
|-- Lindow/Sakuya
- No.6
|-- Nezumi/Shion (BL)
- Eureka Seven (Original, AO)
|-- Renton/Eureka, Ao/Naru, Ao/Fleur
- Tales of Graces f
|-- Asbel/Cheria, Hubert/Pascal, Richard/Asbel (BL)
- Chrono Cross + SaGa Frontier 2 (oldest fandoms) :heart:
- Suikoden (III-V, Rhapsodia, Tierkreis)
- ...and many others XD

-Currently Playing-
- The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, Gods Eater Burst

Nice to meet you all! ^-^

Favourite Visual Artist
Kozue Amano, Makoto Raiku, Yu Aida, Mel Kishida
Favourite Movies
Sherlock Holmes, Tintin
Favourite TV Shows
Sherlock BBC, Criminal Minds, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Castle, NCIS, Merlin
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Yuki Kajiura, Kokia, Falcom Sound Team JDK, KOTOKO, Kokia
Favourite Books
Sherlock Holmes, Laskar Pelangi
Favourite Writers
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Andrea Hirata, Kinoko Nasu, Raditya Dika (yeah, crazy...)
Favourite Games
Suikoden, .hack, Valkyria Chronicles, Chrono Cross, Atelier Series, Infinite Space, Golden Sun, The Legend of Heroes, Ys, Gods Eater Burst
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
GIMP + SAI, Wacom Intuos3 6x8
Other Interests
Drawing, JRPGs, cute things, foods, and... things.

Hiatus + anipan

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Not feeling like to be active on dA for the time being, so...obviously, hiatus. Or at least, I'll upload stuffs, but most likely will only reply/check on messages as I see fit. I'm still on Tumblr and Twitter, tho, so if you want to see what I'm doing or just have a chat, I'm there. I'll still work on the commissions, albeit on MUCH slower pace. Apologies. ^^; Also, I'm on Anipan now. My ID is 14936 ( See you guys there. Oh, and before I forget, happy (belated) Eid Mubarak. May we become better individuals worthy for His grace.
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...sorta. Not in the mood for drawing proper stuffs lately and have been kind of...occupied (car-driving lessons, endless laundry from my brothers, supporting my little brother for his university entry exams, looking for seminars/workshops/part-time jobs/courses to fill the holiday...), so yeah. No mood for dA lately. For commissions...sorry, I have to postpone them again. D: I'll still draw doodles, though. I'll post them in my Tumblr later. speaking of which, anyone got Tumblr? 8'D Mine is "claelinci". Feel free to stalk me there. As long as we have same fandom, it's more than likely that I'll follow you back.
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Because my subbie will run out in a few days...what would you like me to draw more during the holidays?

19 votes
Original characters!
Golden Sun!
Valkyria Chronicles!
Falcom games!
Infinite Space!
Atelier Series!
Others? Or more than one of them? (gimme)
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