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PC Gaming Master Race

I had to, hooray for Yahtzee.

P.S. Please don't revolt console peasants.
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I just play video games on my pc I don't really care
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Reasons why the PC Master Race isn't the Master Race:

Connection Error
Disconnecting from PC Master Race in 25.0 seconds

PC Master Race has stopped responding

PC Master Race is incompatible with this program

Your PC Master Race has contracted a virus

PC Master Race does not match the minimum requirements to run this program

Your copy of Windows isn't genuine. Please download a real version to protect your computer.





Reasons why the Console Gaming "Peasants" are really the Master Race:

None of these problems

30% fewer trolls and hackers

20% less 12-year-olds

45% less pompous, self-gratifying assholes trying to justify their $10000 piece of hardware that only sometimes works at the best of times

Lower graphics and FPS reduce the risk of crashing while not getting in the way of the game's fun and playability

Paid online means that only people with money (and (hopefully) by extension, jobs) will be online. Or kids whose parents spoil them. But they can be muted.

An internet connection isn't required to play most games like it is on PC

Focuses on fun while also competing to be the best

Fewer options for making games for consoles greatly reduces the amount of shitty, overpriced, poorly made indie games

PC forgot that games are supposed to be fun above all else. Consoles know this.
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Haha this console user where he didn't know about PC (upgrade your PC)
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I hope you realize that Yahtzee called you fucks the "PC Master Race" as a sarcastic jab at your superiority complex. You're playing right into the stereotype.
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1 console peasant gamer can see 30 fps
2 console peasant keep expensive games
3 console peasant use shit-controller
4 console peasant had 13 years old gay armies
5 console peasant same quality like be Potato graphics
6 console peasant had only one screen
7 console peasant can't use Steam
8 console peasant can't play with Mods
9 console peasant had weak players

1 PC had E-sports gamers
2 Steam sales / lord Gaben
3 High graphics
4 Max settings
5 max rams 124 GB
6 Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti
7 Emulator PS4/Xbox one/Nintendo Switch
8 Valve anti cheat enable / when you hacking you been banned for 550 days
9 Free multiplayer
10 High FPS
Better games and more games than peasant
11 cheap games
12 Multimonitor
13 Famous YouTubers who use PC /Pewdiepie/Jacksepticeye/Markiplier/
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Again, you're proving the stereotype right. Do me a favor and go take a VACation.
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You're stupid console user when you can see 30 fps
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Um, dipshit? I play on both.
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I've both too but I sold my PS4 Pro for peasant
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:iconxboxfans: must be destroyed!!! Strike them down!!!
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W (named double-u,[note 1] plural double-ues[1][2]) is the 23rd letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

Contents  [hide] 
1 History
2 Usage
3 Name
4 Computing codes
5 Other representations
6 See also
7 Notes
8 References
9 External links

A 1693 book printing that uses the "double u" alongside the modern letter
The sounds /w/ (spelled ⟨V⟩) and /b/ (spelled ⟨B⟩) of Classical Latin developed into a bilabial fricative /β/ between vowels in Early Medieval Latin. Therefore, ⟨V⟩ no longer represented adequately the labial-velar approximant sound /w/ of Germanic phonology.

The Germanic /w/ phoneme was therefore written as ⟨VV⟩ or ⟨uu⟩ (⟨u⟩ and ⟨v⟩ becoming distinct only by the Early Modern period) by the 7th or 8th century by the earliest writers of Old English and Old High German.[3] Gothic (not Latin-based), by contrast, simply used a letter based on the Greek Υ for the same sound. The digraph ⟨VV⟩/⟨uu⟩ was also used in Medieval Latin to represent Germanic names, including Gothic ones like Wamba.
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yeah, one problem, I switched from console to PC and, PC isn't so glorious I don't actually get any more enjoyment from playing a game on PC than I do on Console, and GRAPHICS aren't enough.
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Psst, free online multipayer
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same with PS3... don't get me wrong it's fun but not as much as people claim.
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Unable to connect to PC Master Race servers. Please try again.
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I love my PC not in the intercourse way.
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Ah don't worry I'll only revolt if PC gamers were to hypothetically act like arrogant twats.
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