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Collab: Human Torch

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lineart by: ~demitri12jim
colors by me
original size 14x12"

it took me 2 days (lots of pracrastination included :lmao:) to finish it. well, on the colors, i dared myself to do the what if thing.. what does johnny's uniform looks like when he is not flared up? what if i color him like he's on the state of filling himself with fire.. so that's it ;p

and you can't appreciate the colors that much if you wont full view. you can see the details more that way. thx!
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Edd1ZzLe's avatar
great job on coloring :)
Jimbo02Salgado's avatar
Hey its my Work! Thanks For coloring it julie!!!
two-truths's avatar
Good work! nice and colourful and sharp
Gromitsend's avatar
wow what an incredible piece,
Such power and force and brilliance of colour.
Love it
claes-gascogne's avatar
^^ its a hard work, thank u
YUMEK0N's avatar
I must say you did really good job on this one. The colors of johnny play nicely together and the liquid-like behaviour of flames is neat and very pro-looking. The only thing that irritates my eye somehow is the lightness of the background colors compared to our hero. In my opinion, these colors could use some darkening and additional texturing to add more deepness and switch the hero to the front. Good job :thumbsup:

claes-gascogne's avatar
thx for the crit :hug: will take note of that, Actually my first option on BG is a dark cool tone as to oppose the warm colors, but it violates the whole poster.. but i think yea, I think I have to darken it a little :nod: I'll makes changes on the BG THX! :D
mrcool256's avatar
This is awesome... you did an awesome job with the look of the fire streaking through the air too. Looks like I could easily see this in the pages of a comic book.
claes-gascogne's avatar
i just hope i would ^^; LOL :shakefist:
Death-Moose's avatar
i really love the fire. wow. :clap:
Death-Moose's avatar
you're welcome! :glomp:
J-Estacado's avatar
very great colors; very professional in fact
the fire should have been a true nightmare to paint, hasn't it ?
claes-gascogne's avatar
really?? professional :o *stares at human torch

YESSSSSS... T____T ur so right about that... that was my procrastination :lmao: that's why it took 2 days
J-Estacado's avatar
well, it's clean, colors adjust is right..... light and shad rules are respected; for me it's profesional yes :)
claes-gascogne's avatar
*relaxes well then, thx. :D now that you've justified what you've said, I'll believe u
dragon0luver's avatar
Woah. o.0 Amazing.
The-Titan's avatar
WOW.....this this is CCCOOOOOOOOOOLLLL!!!!!:D I love it its so CCOOOOOOOOOLLL! AWSOMEEEE! :D
claes-gascogne's avatar
thx, also ty for the fave :D
Ochibi-Chibi's avatar
love it!
totally cool!
wonderholic88's avatar
Wow! Love the colors! :nod:
baroogz's avatar
man! lemme' say, ,this is whack! ur a real pro.
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