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Gallery Folders

AF2022 - Bull and Calf by Vo1canic
Laramide by AceSteggo
Kentrosaurus aethiopicus by 5aurophaganax
Allo vs Cerato by Aesirr
Large Theropods
Meraxes gigas by PrimevalRaptor
Commission - Blackbrow Wants That Honey by TyrannoNinja
Stalking Prey by TyrannoNinja
Jurassic World: China by PaleoartStudios
Small Theropods
Dilo Finale by angrybird454
Gali sit by angrybird454
COMM. Little fitz ORANGE by angrybird454
COMMISSION - Edge of the Reef by TheDinosaurMann
In these last days by AceSteggo
The fifth comic answer with Cassius is out! by DAllah45
Bisticeratops Speed Paint by EmilyStepp
Styracosaurus Portrait by 5aurophaganax
Dreadnaughtus by PaleoartStudios
Saltasaurus Doodle by EmilyStepp
Arm Lizard by Thrillosopher
Sauroposeidon by PaleoartStudios
Hadrosaurs and Iguanodontians
Olorotitan Portrait by 5aurophaganax
Victorian Dinosaurs Iguanodon by PaleoartStudios
Move Animals - Iguanodon by Kingofallkongs
Iguanodon by PaleoartStudios
stegosauro del cretaceo by asari13
Rite of Spring 2022 by AceSteggo
Stegouros elengassen by srnautilusArt
Genndy tartakovsky primal stegosaurus style  by LilburgerD4
Djadochta July Day 13 by DinoBirdMan
Beasts of bermuda - saichania by babyhoneybee
Personal Art - Trotting Ankylosaurus by TheDinosaurMann
Minotaurasaurus / Prehistoric Fury by wildman1411
Galithingg by angrybird454
Sunset of the Mesozoic Era by Kingofallkongs
Strutheomimus altus by 0CoffeeBlack0
Salvat - 30 Gallimimus by FreakyRaptor
Small Ornithischians
The yawning one by DinoBirdMan
Djadochta July Day 10 by DinoBirdMan
Salvat - 32 Pachycephalosaurus by FreakyRaptor
Dad by NataDino
Dsungaripterus by PalaeoPixels
Prehistoric Marine reptiles
AF2022 - SWIM! by Vo1canic
Multiple species
Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs Revamped (I) by GeneralHelghast
Conceptual Prehistoric Creatures
Aspidonotus clavocaudus by TyrannoNinja
Original Characters
Updated reference by DAllah45
Fearsome Spino - Closed by Winter-Angel-Adopts

Group Info

A group dedicated to collecting and sharing Paleo-art, the art of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.

Submission Guidelines:

- Please submit to the correct folder! All dinosaurs fit with a 'family' with other species with similar traits.

- If you have a piece depicting more than one species, separate from the same family, (Such as a Tyrannosaurus fighting an Edmontosaurus) please submit the piece to the 'Multiple Species' folder.

- If you would like to submit a piece with a dinosaur from an original, fictional species, please submit it to the 'Conceptual Prehistoric Creatures' folder. (And exception to this is if the original species is very similar looking to an existing species, and the untrained eye would not be able to tell the difference.)

- Please DO NOT submit sketches. Make sure the piece has at least clean lines!
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