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Gallery Folders

The Hidden Sea by McSlackerton
Ceratopsid Fiend by SovanJedi
Shenzi Art Fight 2020 by Elevator1337
Amargasaurus-2 by Davesrightmind
Large Theropods
Shira the Amazon Goliath final design by PaleoartStudios
Tyrannosauroidae by PaleoartStudios
Saurophaganax Profile by Davidy12
Rothbart the Red by PaleoartStudios
Small Theropods
Fukuiraptor by DenerDPaleoarts
Fukuivenator by DenerDPaleoarts
Velociraptor V2 by DenerDPaleoarts
Oviraptor V2 by DenerDPaleoarts
Stylized Achelousaurus by LWPaleoArt
Protoceratops V2 by DenerDPaleoarts
Triceratops portrait by MarinaPterus
Albertaceratops pug by DredHo
Maraapunisaurus Profile by Davidy12
Fukuititan by DenerDPaleoarts
The First Behemoth Kings by PaleoartStudios
Sauroposeidon by PaleoartStudios
Hadrosaurs and Iguanodontians
Fukuisaurus by DenerDPaleoarts
Secernosaurs by DenerDPaleoarts
Lambeosaurus by DenerDPaleoarts
Ouranosaurus Sketch by EmilyStepp
Tuojiangosaurus by DenerDPaleoarts
Stegosaurus by FlameFatalis
Chunkingosaurus by FlameFatalis
Stegosaurus by Elevator1337
Paleoart Workshop advertisment by PaleoartStudios
H is for Hylaeosaurus by Whelveaway
Animal Protein Supplement by amorousdino
Scelidosaurus In Low Poly by kuzim
Tototlmimus packardensis by LADAlbarran2000
Gallimimus by Azany
Rativates evadens by casielles
Wind Runner by McSlackerton
Small Ornithischians
Thescelosaurus by DenerDPaleoarts
Stegoceras by DenerDPaleoarts
Stygimoloch by erickreillyart
Leaellynasaura amicagraphica [Ref Drawing] by TheKissingHand
Wing of Darwin by MarinaPterus
Prehistoric Marine reptiles
Archelon by DenerDPaleoarts
Multiple species
Fukui Fantasy by DenerDPaleoarts
Conceptual Prehistoric Creatures
The World of Pangaeon by PaleoartStudios
Original Characters
Shira the Amazon rides again by PaleoartStudios
Carnotaurus adoptable auction open by GlitchLight

Group Info

A group dedicated to collecting and sharing Paleo-art, the art of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.

Submission Guidelines:

- Please submit to the correct folder! All dinosaurs fit with a 'family' with other species with similar traits.

- If you have a piece depicting more than one species, separate from the same family, (Such as a Tyrannosaurus fighting an Edmontosaurus) please submit the piece to the 'Multiple Species' folder.

- If you would like to submit a piece with a dinosaur from an original, fictional species, please submit it to the 'Conceptual Prehistoric Creatures' folder. (And exception to this is if the original species is very similar looking to an existing species, and the untrained eye would not be able to tell the difference.)

- Please DO NOT submit sketches. Make sure the piece has at least clean lines!
Founded 11 Months ago
Jun 12, 2020


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35 Members
39 Watchers
1,879 Pageviews
Sorry about that, I thought submissions/requests were open! To our new and few members, you can now start submitting things if you want!
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