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Oliver ref for Black Tourney



Name: Oliver Fulton
Age: 13
Gender: Female MALE
Height: 5'1"
'Mons: Arcanine(Duke) and Marowak(Chris)

Oliver grew up in Cerulean city in a family of all girls, always dreaming of becoming a pokemon master. He was a very wimpy and girly child, however... Which was expected from him seeing as he grew up as the only boy in a family of five. His three younger sisters often forced him to play dress up and his mother, a dress maker, OFTEN DID THE SAME.
All the gyms he challenged with his OMGSHINY growlithe, Duke, laughed at him and turned him away due to the fact that he didn't look, act, or sound like Trainer material. No matter how strong his pokemon WERE, no matter how hard he TRAINED, he was always turned down. So shortly after he evolved Duke and caught Chris, a larger-than-normal Marowak, he attempted to challenge the local gym one more time, before being once again turned down. Seeing as Kanto obviously didn't want an AWESOME PERSON LIKE HIM IN THEIR GYMS, he ran off to Hoenn. Where he was yet again turned down at the gyms for being so wimpy himself. Then he discovered contests, which he was quite good at.
Oliver is a showoff.

-A bit of a wimp Oliver loves to battle.
-He hates being mistaken for a girl even though it happens almost every single day.
-Despite his efforts to be manly he wears a strangely large ammount of pink on his person. This is usually due to the people that work at shopping centers always give him pink items and SAY that that's the only color they had left.
- He has an extra change of clothes in his bag, JUST IN CASE.
- Is a know-it-all and will try and always show off his knowledge. Will try to correct you when you're wrong.
- Really wants to seem tough, and will only get pokemon if they're MANLY-LIKE. But they have to be pretty too.


Gender: Male
Species: Arcanine
Type: FIRE
Moveset: Extremespeed, Dig, Flamethrower, Bite
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Adamant

Personality: Duke is the type of poke that LOVES to battle. He was extremely happy when Oliver had been training him to be TOUGH and STUFF. So imagine his disappointment when he started CONTESTS OF ALL THINGS. Still, he himself is a showoff, and slightly enjoys contests when it comes to the battling.
He's also a very loyal pokemon, and would actually rather stop in the middle of a battle to see if his Trainer was okay than to continue fighting while his buddeh was injured.

Caught: Actually, Oliver himself never CAUGHT Duke. Oliver's mother had been out in the forests just chillin' (CUZ SHE CAN TOTALLY DO THAT) when she found a newly-hatched Growlithe that was shineh and ALL ALONE. It's parents were no where around. NO WHERE. So she took it with her.
Seeing as her daughters already had pokemon of their own for playmates, and Oliver had NONE despite the fact that he was the oldest, she gave it to him for his ninth birfday. THEY WERE BFFS EVER SINCE.

Extra: Duke is UBER FAST. It comes with being an Arcanine and stuff. So occasionally Oliver WILL ride him to places.

Name: Christopher
Gender: Female MALE (Actually female)
Type: Ground
Moveset: Bonemerang, Icebeam, Sandstorm, Protect
Ability: Lightning Rod
Nature: Lonely

Personality: She's actually a rather meloncholy pokemon. She's very appreciative to beauty, and can often be found deep in thought. However, she is easily offended and is an insecure pokemon. If yelled at for a mistake, she'd tear up and go off to wallow in her misery... in a corner if there's one nearby.

Caught: Chris was caught by Oliver when she was already a Marowak. Actually, she was caught because she was a LARGE Marowak. Oliver likes him some LARGE POKEMON.
That's pretty much it.

Extra: The reason for Chris' abnormal size is simply because her father was a Tyranitar. Cuz really, there is no way an offspring whose father can apparently "... bring down whole mountains to make its nest." WOULD BE AVERAGE SIZED.
AND Oliver refuses to belive she's a female. If he sees her with a Male pokemon acting all flirty he'd be "YOU'RE GAY?!"

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He's really changed a lot since the beginning of this tourney...and your art style has improved a ton as well!

:D Good news all around

But I will always miss his braid XD;