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/EDIT/ - Loooooong overdue but I finally put out the ding dang timelapse/speedpaint for this one!! Go watch!!!!!

This is all one of my friends since childhood's fault who reminded me I once drew like all the Neopets faeries in photoshop (they were so bad and I REALLY wish I could find them bcos all I remember is they had big tiddies) and it made my nostalgic as heck. I don't remember who my fav was when I was a kid but I think Jhudora was at the top and I wanted to draw her with who is ABSOLUTELY HER EX GIRLFRIEND Illusen lmao

anyway add me I made a new acct and I'm gothahma there and I need some FRIENDS

Please do not use, edit, or repost my art!

Jhudora, Illusen (c) Neopets
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Omg, Neopets used to be life. These lovely fairies look fantastic. <3
I always partial to the space and grey fairy myself. <3
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Right omg I remember playing it on dial up LOL. I miss the Christmas Gelert I had on my old acct ;n;
OH man I love those too! It's so tempting to draw ALL the faeries but I'll probably never get around to it lol
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And having to get off when someone needed the phone? XD
I don't even remember how many accounts I had back in the day.
That would be pretty cool but that's a lot of faeries. XD
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Oh hell yea! Can't believe I get mad nowadays when a page takes a while to load. I forget how good I have it now! xD
I had one my sisters gave me when they stopped playing so I had a lot of money to start with LOL
Yea and its only expanded since I was a kid! There's so many more! ~_~;;
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Oh I know, we've gotten so spoiled. XD
That's cool! :D
Is there? I haven't been on there in years. >3>
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Right dang sometimes I feel like i need to listen to that dial up tone to put myself back in my place lol
I just got back on because I wanna get the nostalgia out of my system lol. THERE'S A GOOD DARK FAERIE NOW!! O:
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:giggle: So true!
I feel that, I'm glad it's still around after what happened with club penguin. XD
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Oh my gosh I know! What a travesty! xD
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