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Mass Effect 2 Helm

Mass Effect 2 Helm
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you need to make a template
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is there any way to decompile this into a .pep file?:P Really interested in making a pepakura rebuild of this! That would rock my brainstem
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pep..... not possible....
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would u pleas sell the helmet to me ???????????????????????????
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Very nice. I like the feeling this gives.
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all i can say is: I WANT ONE! lol
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a party in full battle gear would go well at a gaming expo
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Freakin hell! How'd you do that?! I wanna leaaaarn!
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Bioware needs to bundle this with ME3 Limited Edition.
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nice work... now all we have to do is print it with a 3d printer :D
Thats so cool, I want a real one!
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awesome work, tiz pretty bad ass!
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Very nice work, CKuhn. Have you made any full M.E./M.E. 2 armor? Again, very nice work!
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Yes i´ve made the Armor but it looks not really good
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Well let me ask you this, have you ever made any custom armors for anybody befor? If so, i would like to get with you on some concepts i have, that is if you think you would be into doing something like that. Just get back with me and let me know whats up. later
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what for concepts? i wanna look!!!!
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garrus wear his helm at mission at collector spaceship too
he is very cool when wear his helm
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Kickass work, mate! ^^
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Excuse for broken English!
And helmet Garrus create from four parties you can?
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