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Designer gouache, also 1 of my old times artwork.
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THIS is the level of skill I hope to obtain with gouache one day

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I absolutely love this. I just discovered gouache and played around with some portrait studies as well, but I'm nowhere as good as you are ... great job! 
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thanks for the compliment:)
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whaoooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!
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Whooooa! I don't know who this is... but the painting looks friggin amazing!!
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your technique and sense of design is wicked... in all your work.
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This is beautiful. Can I ask - which brand of gouache paints did you use? And do you think different brands make a big difference?
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thanx its rowney
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This looks digital!! Simply incredible!!
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Thanks for sharing (I wish I could paint like that with my gouaches =P)
He looks like Gary Barlow: [link]
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Great work .......... u hv great drawing & rendering skills .... i hope sometime I can paint like this :)
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Awesome! I'm practising with gouache now in class and its really hard to control!
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thanx! all u need 2 do is make sure the shape is correct, tonal value & colour is accurate enoght 2 show the 3D contour. try it~ enjoy~~~
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The problem is that the colours dry very fast, and if I use wather it looks like water-color, and that's not the result I want! >.<
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yeah! so u need 2 mix the right tonal value & colour, gouache is not about blending colour like water colour, u can blend it usinf different size of strokes & lines. ^^
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welcome, enjoy~
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Wow nice gouache work!
Did you do it using the gouache direct from the tube? or you had the colors mixed with water first??

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u must b thinking i was lack of colour!!!
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Reminds me a lot of the JC Leyendecker style. absolutely lush!
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Gary Barlow? Another great work!
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yeah that's him! thanx~
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this one is really cool!!!
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