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This is si cute and Nice!
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Ball pen use at its best! Congratulations! You gave a perfect 3d effect that makes me want to cuddle toothless!
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very good drawing!!! 
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done by a ballpoint pen 
fucking A
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Love Toothless! Great work!
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I like to see the steps!! Great work
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I've loved this pic for a long time; way before I knew about DA and I've finally found it <3333
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Beautifully done! I love Toothless! ^^
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Your coloring and shading are so realistic and pretty.  I especially love how you included your steps/process at the bottom, ^_^. That's really unique, I've never seen that before, actually.
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You're welcome ^_^.
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thank you so much for your beautiful words!!Hug Hug 
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Bellissimo! Davvero brava!
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that is incredible! 
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WOW. Incrível. :happybounce: 
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This is so amazing! 
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