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The Force Awakens

-There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? I have seen it.

First intention was doing a speedpaint, but then force flowed through time. 
J.J. Abrams style :P
Hope you like it!
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This is so badass!
Krabbypattz's avatar
i like it btw Love :D (Big Grin) 
Hubblebop's avatar
saw this while listening to disturbed-criminal... just yes *.* great work, love the movie and your painting ;D
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Nothing will stand in our way.  I will fulfill our destiny.  I will show them the dark side.  I will finish ... what you have started.
CKGoksoy's avatar
I saw the movie couple of hours ago, and I don't think he can finish anything really...
nl0428's avatar
Probably not.  I saw the movie twice.  It was incredible!
KaiKyle's avatar
I agree he never really succeeds at the end
CKGoksoy's avatar
The beginning was awesome, with that force dominating on blaster bolt, but then, nah. Altough he was injured by Chewie's bowcaster which made stormtroopers fly. Nevertheless he should have got Finn to the ground with no problem instead of dueling.
KaiKyle's avatar
Yeah it was kinda unrealistic if you know what I mean?
TheLordBobert's avatar
To be fair, he still hasn't finished his training, was injured, had to fight against two people (not at the same time, but you know.), but I still agree that he probably should have won. Probably my least favorite part of the movie.
Recusant-Soul's avatar
Good God...this is such a beautiful piece of art! :')  THE FORCE IS WITH US ALL!  Great work! :')
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Wow... that is the best Lightsaber painting i've ever seen. Not to also forget the feel of the painting, you can feel the tension and the seriousness coming from this piece. REALLY nice job, you have a gift and you should really submit this to J.J himself. O.O keep it up, I hope to see a speedpaint!
CKGoksoy's avatar
There are some speedpaints I made, thanks!
Hi - you should submit this to the official fan art competition at
CKGoksoy's avatar
Thank you for pointing but it says nationwide (US) I'm way far from there :D 
MKGuu's avatar
Love it ! The light effect ! The trees ! It sure can be repetitive but the atmosphere in it is great : )
CKGoksoy's avatar
Thanks a lot! 
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CKGoksoy's avatar
Hahah thanks! :D
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