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By the Gates Of Angband

By CKGoksoy
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Where can we buy your work. No link at the top where i says we buy?

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Fingolfin was so badass that he forced the master of evil himself to fight him by shaming and shit talking. Morgoth's minions were like "are you going to let this guy talk you like this?" and Melkor was like "Ah shit, I really don't want to do it, but if I don't my homies are going to think I am wussy." The battle itself was so fierce that despite Melkor cracking the earth open with each blow he couldn't hit the bastard before he got a grevious wound to the leg. Even in death Fingolfin got the last laugh as Morgoth had a lasting reminder of why he was limping for the rest of his life. Peace!
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absolute perfection...what is most stunning is the atmosphere presented...dark, mistique, you can feel tension and peace in the same time
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Fingolfin is beyond badass he fought against a being who is basically a god. He when out as a hero. You did a great job.
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Sheer perfection, especially the background audience...are those Balrogs inside the gate?
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Wonderful work! ^.^
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I like the size-difference, which looks reasonable, and also the audience which was mentioned by Tolkien, forcing Melkor to fight in the first place.
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You absolutely capture the entire feel of the silmarillion in your art. I haven't read the book in a while but Fingolfin was always one of my favorites. This piece is absolutely stunning.
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Speaks to me, a true hero accepts certain death and chooses to do the right thing because of his ethos, this hero has an ethos. Honor.
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He went and challenged Melkor out of mainly anger though 
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And despair, its called "Fall of Fingolfin" for a reason - he lost hope in the most dramatic way possible

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Ahhhhhhhhhh yes....... thank you for this truly epic painting.  The lack of color really gives it intensity!  Fingonfin ftw.
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One of the best; love that you can actually see into Angband.  Great depiction of the menacing Morgoth as well!  Kudos!
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Thank you! Glad you like it
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Holy crap, this piece is intense! I love the perspective; it really makes Morgoth look towering and sinister, and the light coming from Angband is an awesome touch! Great use of value!
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