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Rooftop Romance

By ckgoinon
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Pacifica didn't care that she'd be in so much trouble if her parents realised that she snuck out, let alone if they found out it was to be with Dipper. She just needed to see him very badly.

She bundled some pillows under her bedding and climbed out the window and down the drain pipe.

When she arrived at the Mystery Shack, it didn't take long for Dipper to notice her.

Dipper took her to the rooftop and they spent the night stargazing.

There was a shooting star. Not that either of them knew, but they both made the same wish on it, to always be together.

The only real obsticle between them was Pacifica's parents. Pacifica was considering telling child protection services what the Northwests used to do to her before they successfully trained her to fear the bell.

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Seeing those two together like this always put this tune in my head.