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Well, sure has been a fun couple years. I've had job changes and personal stuff galore which has seriously bitten into my ability to write and update Please.. I am still trying to get caught up with everything, but I finally have some news to share. In order to try to regain my muse in the midst of everything else going on in my life, I decided i would push ahead in another project and finish it completely before posting. Ten minutes ago, I just finished the last lines of proofreading this new story, which is a long and involved one, but then, what isn't that I write, I guess? With this project complete, I will begin posting and start working again on Please.. and When The Peaches Fell. To start out with, I will not be posting it directly here. I will put it all in separate posts that I will put up on a steady and ongoing basis at until the story is up in its entirety. Right now, I plan to do about a chapter a day, but with the volume that comes
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Ok, so will just come right out and say I have not really had any time to write in a couple months now. I actually wrote a journal and put it up on here, but decided to take it down because of how polarized literally everyone has become about literally everything. I wasn't trying to stoke any fires, of which there are many, I just wanted to try to be a voice of reason until I decided that was my own hubris talking and that if people wanted reason, they wouldn't be burning cities to the ground. Suffice it to say, my office is a couple blocks away from where George Floyd was murdered and that area is a no go zone for pretty much everyone now. I've been down there once since the riots, and it was pretty disheartening. Most of the businesses down there are immigrant owned or owned by minority persons of one type or another, and it had all been laid waste when I last went down there. The atmosphere was eerie, and hardly a soul could be seen even though it was daylight around our
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I seriously despise this new theme on DA. I absolutely LOATHE IT. Even at first glance I could tell this thing was garbage but now that I am FORCED to use it, I would almost rather ram my fist though my monitor than use it. It hangs, it bogs down my browser on multiple browsers on multiple devices. The toggle switch on my makn computer refuses to work to turn this garbage theme off, everything takes longer for me to get to, more clicks and it DRAGS every step of the way. The information provided is dumbed down and I feel like I am navigating some bloated Myspace page, if you remember those. Seriously, the mobile version, which I am using right now, doesn’t follow the text I’m typing, the screen size is all off and it’s all one big blank page so you don’t even know where to tap. This is such garbage. I can’t believe people are actually paid money to spread this asinine iOSified dung heap of a GUI like some festering cancer to every device and every website out there. Websites for 2005
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Forgive my bother, but is Please going to return in the future? It was definitely a powerful and well-written story and there was quite a lot set up for the future…but, of course, life always gets in the way, I understand

Hi Wirecats, it's not a bother. I'm very sorry to have left this sitting for so long. I do plan to post more Please.., life has just continued to vex me. Since you asked, I'll include some context, but by all means feel free to skip anything that's not interesting to you. You can skip to the TLDR down below. Up until the lockdowns I was making progress on Please.. but was moved from the job I was hired for to a project that was keeping me working most days from as early as 5:30 am (6:00 am was more common) to 11 pm (10:00 pm was more average). I burned out hard on that schedule, especially when they told me I would be kept on the project (I hated the work) indefinitely. I was offered another job at another company, took it and things were ok for a few weeks, then I went back to the same schedule, but this time with a massive amount of abuse. I certainly wasn't the only one that caught that person's behavior, but it was rough working those kinds of hours with someone who was constantly demeaning me and I was doing it all in near complete isolation as we were all remote by that time. Then in the middle of all of that, I had a massive falling out with my family that culminated in me being left standing on their door step on Christmas day while they ignored the door over me speaking up on behalf of my nephew regarding his treatment by his mother. That whole saga actually dragged out nearly two years, but the short of it was I was persona non grata in my family for more than a year and a half until they needed my help clearing out my grandma's house (which my aunt was still living in) to sell it. That saga also lasted several months as they meandered through the process of packing and moving everything and most of what I, my nephew and niece did was undone by my sister, who wanted it done differently, dragging the project out 6x as long as it should have taken. My current job is better than the last two positions, but they aren't particularly good at respecting my time as I have ended up working late into the night on many occasions, but not nearly as much as in the prior two positions and at least this time they are nice to me (overall). I poured myself into writing The Goddess Retreat as a way to cope with all of that drama along with other things, and it was very therapeutic, but also a ton of effort, and I did get a couple people who I know enjoyed the work, but by and large I put in over 1200 pages of writing with next to no feedback and that's left me very unmotivated and drained. I've also seen my life not really recover from all that isolation, and that wreaks havoc on the mind after long enough. Part of trying to get some human contact again has been getting involved in some local programs, but that's led to me getting a lot of extra responsibilities for the privilege of human contact.

TLDR: I'm having trouble getting the time, energy and motivation to get much writing in the last couple years. I have Please.. written up to a point where the current arc is resolved and Erica finally manages to come to terms with the havoc she has wreaked and plays her part in trying to make amends to Lucas and others. The arc where I am at in writing currently is dealing with the realignment after all of that drama before the two new antogonists appear. One thing I would like to do is put in consolidated files with entire volumes of Please.. complete with table of contents because there are so many files.

Writing is a lot of work. 10 pages can take 3-4 times that many hours just to get typed out, let alone proofread and edited. This is very much a project I want to see through, I'm just having difficulty, and I apologize for my lack of productivity.

thank you for the response. no need to apologize. I’m sorry things have been so hard for you and your own welfare is most important here.

Your work is powerful and very well-written. The focus on the emotional interactions and events as they happen, is a rare and very nice way to write! The shrinking is well-wrote. But, as I favor GTS shrinking into micros...^_^

Wow, thank you! That's really nice feedback and I really appreciate it. I really enjoy the whole concept of a GTS shrinking down, which I'm sure you gathered because Erica started out as quite tall in the story, but by the time I started leaning into Please.. I was a bit frustrated with the lack of content for half sized. I've seen plenty of writers and artists focus on doll size and smaller, but the mini size was largely ignored, so I felt like I could really dive in and fill something for half size. It also helps that Erica is obviously someone who has a lot of personal development to do, and that she could lead the other characters through immense development as well. I've had plenty of ideas that would focus only on the process of shrinking, but Erica's tale is really special to me. It's helped teach me how to write.

And I am curious, how small is Erica now? I don't have a good feel. Can I expect her to go micro?

Erica has remained stable at 35.3" tall since her night of shrinking. There will be more shrinking in the story, and I've even written the next shrinking scene to show up, I just haven't connected the points in the story yet. We will go smaller than half size in this story, but the mode of shrinking in this story has already been established to have limits, so no micro size in this story, sorry.