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Kingdom ComexMy Hero Academia comic

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I’ve realized that in two drawings I’ve made Izuku Midoriya a zombie and and old man. I figure we can try for something more wholesome
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Superman, please don't break the otaku cinnamon roll!!!

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Did Clark just make a new friend? I think so.

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Let's hear it for all the super-moms!

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You know in a way the world of 'My Hero Academia' is kind of similar to 'Kingdom Come' in that there is a surplus of metahumans in the world. The only difference is that the superhuman society in the former is more in control of itself than the world of the latter.

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Oh yes the parallels between the MHA-Veres and the KC-verse are strong! I can totally see Superman doing some reflection and wondering where this world went right, even if I can’t see him agreeing with aspects of the Pro-Hero system.

I think the difference between the two is that the quirks of MHA were never as strong as the powers of the DC universe. That means it probably easier to Corral metahumans aggressors in MHA then in DC.

Also, MHA is 200 years after the dawn of quirks. They had enough time to get used to a superhuman population and built itself around that.

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yeah i can imagine him questioning the ranking system

Clark: rank your Heroes?

Endeavour: of course, it's to make sure everyone knows who is the best of the best

Clark: ok, but why?

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Also, there's a bit more hope and good heroes rising up

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Superman would totally say that to calm him down.
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but it is true, martha kent made the original suit for superman from the blanket that came with him in his ship

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