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iPad ZX Spectrum Emulator App

My entry for the 'Wallpaper of the Week #18' competition on the Paint.NET forum.

The theme was 'retro-gaming' and I chose to bring the first computer I ever owned into the 21st century. I present the ZX Spectrum Emulator App, for the Apple iPad.

This is, of course, completely fictional :)

The majority of the work is my own, completed in Paint.NET.
I painstakingly recreated the Speccy keyboard in an iPad style and then went on to recreate, from scratch, the first level of the 8-bit classic, Manic Miner.

The only things I borrowed were a couple of screenshots from the web to put in the little game-app icons at the bottom.

The download version is full 1920x1080 HD.

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please help
i am looking for zx spectrum emulators that have full CRT video output emulated
81 comes pretty close
crosstalk synchronization and phosphoric delay
also the interface one network
sounds crazy but spec256 implements a virtual 8 processor system to get 256 colours per pixel
im looking for something with only 2 or three machines
can anyone help
the video was made using windows media player classic
it runs video at fullscreen resolution of 320x200 - you need to recapture this using camtasia studio or some other dreadful rubbish screen cast desktop to video program that ought to have been included as part of the driver for the VGA but if microsoft has no idea what the screen resolution or internet bandwidth is...
bmp2scr from lcd website
only needs hmpr bit 5&6 clut scan line interrupt mods with masterbasic style save mode 3 intra frame compression
snapper discs velesoft site
runs zx spectrum 48k and one 128k program using sim coupe emulator with external 1-4mb ram at 6mhz
please help
any zx spectrum 128k emulator for msx turboR800 please vdp9990?
should be able to emulate the amiga with ease! and sharp x68k
anyone get mame to help convert old arcade programs grabbing graphics and audio for older 8 bit systems please?
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This is the most awesome thing ever! If only it were real...
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