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The Royal Game

It's been a while since I submitted anything 100% original and 100% Paint.NET, and I've harboured the desire to make a chess set for some time, but never found the patience, until now.

Anyone familiar with Paint.NET can probably work out that the bulk of this piece owes a lot to the magic of the Shape 3D effect plugin. Since PDN is not native 3D rendering software I based the design of each piece on one, or more, of the basic 3D shapes that can be rendered - then, using various methods, manipulated them to suit.

The trickiest, and last piece I created, was the Knight. Traditionally represented by a horses head, I decided to take a different approach and went with a 'Lance & Shield' design - and I think it turned out OK (although, not quite as solid as the other pieces.

After spending a week (on and off) making the pieces I kinda wimped out on the background - perhaps, in time, I'll update this and add something more interesting.

The download is full 1920 x 1080, suitable for widescreen and HDTV (which I am planning to purchase very soon!).

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Nice! I use as well for my chess art.
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Amazing! an instant :+fav: :D
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Cheers Ben, thanks for the :+fav:
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perfect surface !! and very good forms of chess game
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Thanks for the nice comment, I'm quite proud of this piece as it took quite a long time - and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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wow! that is somethung new! btw how'd u make the cones?
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Thanks for the comment.

The cones are just Shape 3D (Cylinder) and Octagonal Quad/Matte Reshape plugin.
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Very nice PDN work :D
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Thanks - it was one of my more involved pieces and took a few days - but I'm happy with the results.
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thats pretty slick pdn work.
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Thanks for the comment, and the :+fav:.
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