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Another desktop wallpaper following the games theme (started with Snake Eyes), this time using Pool as the subject.

A 100% Paint.NET creation

Download for the full 1600 x 1200 version
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Interesting idea, making the balls translucent, but the numbers are off. That is, the rotations. They should be oriented the same way on either side. I play a lot of pool, so even this sort of thing bugs me.

But other than that, very well done!
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True, about the rotation/position of the numbers - never noticed that before.
The balls were made with a 3D effect plugin in Paint.NET - so I worked on the assumption that they would be positioned correctly.
I might have to revisit this piece and make the appropriate corrections.
Thanks for the comment.
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Cool, I really like the fiery red ball:P
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Thanks. I wanted to do something other than plain pool balls - glad you liked it.
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like the theme you've got going. very well done.
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Thanks, I'm trying to decide what I'm going to do next? I'm thinking maybe playing cards and poker chips...
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how about yatzee!

or monopoly?
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Nice! I like the way the floor looks almost as hought is vapour.
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Thanks. I was actually trying to make it look like mottled glass, but this pattern emerged and I liked it.
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