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Simon Pegg as Scotty

I thought I'd got it out of my system, but after discovering new methods of face-swapping with Paint.NET I couldn't resist having a go at Simon Pegg as the the acerbic Scottish Chief Engineer, Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott.

Download is 1200 x 900

HD TOS screenshot from
Simon Pegg screenshot from

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It's like a completely new person! LOL! I can't even recognize Simon Pegg... You definitely have a good technique there. You might want to add a bit of red on the left side (his) of his face in order to achieve an even better blend but aside from that, it's really good! :)
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Thanks for the advice, I'll go back to the original and try and touch it up as you've suggested.
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Simon Pegg...... in star trek? Wasn't expecting that [though I don't watch star trek at all].
Simon Pegg has that dainty little Brittish accent... I don't think he's right for a robust Scottish role!

Anyways, back on topic, the "face-swapping" technique you have is outstanding! It blends in very nicely, except for the expected blurriness and slight skin tone changes. I'd love to know how you're doing the face-swapping... I would think it involves lots of alpha gradients and/or masking, and maybe some clone stamping? Possibly blur the original face a bit so that it still blends with the new face? I don't know, but whatever you're doing is working!

[though I do miss the excellent PDN pieces made from scratch, these photo manips are great as well! Star Trek isn't really my thing, but it may be worth a trip to the movies... When does it come out?]
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Apparently, Pegg's girlfriend is Scottish and she and her family helped him out with the accent.

The technique is mainly alpha gradients (that's the easy part). Colour matching the composited image with the original is the hard part - it's very much trial and error using different colour adjustments and tools, but mainly Hue & Saturation. I was thinking of doing a tutorial in the PDN forum, but not sure how to approach it, as you have to adapt the technique to suit each individual image - there is no set steps 1, 2, 3.

I will get back to doing some original pieces of work (eventually) but I am enjoying exploring other things that PDN can do.

Thanks for the comments.
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should of put your mug in it lol hell i was thinking of doing that to but im to far back to try that right now.
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Oh, I couldn't do that - it would be sacrilege.
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took you long enogh lol
yea i know what you mean
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I was away on holiday in the Canary Islands for a week, from 21st March, and the day after I came back I had to head off to a business conference in Vienna. Only got back late on Wednesday and am just catching up on hundreds of messages and deviations!
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yea i know what thats like i was gone for 4 months on here think about it.
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