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This photograph was taken in Central Park, NY.
Equipment: Nokia N95, 5.0 MP Camera Phone.

Editing, enhancement and framing done in Paint.NET.
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Excellent image, its not about the camera, its about the eye...Perfectly done!
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Thanks for the compliment, and the :+fav: - photography isn't my strongest medium, but occasionally I come up with something I'm proud of.
It's all the better for being edited and framed - the raw image wasn't really much to look at.
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(That is one heck of a picture, for a phone!)

Nice job!
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My new phone is fantastic; Nokia N95 with a 5 MP camera (my old phone was 3.2 MP). I am loving some of the images I am getting from it. Of course, the odd bit of enhancement in Paint.NET always helps (pumped up the saturation on this one a lot!).

Thanks for the comment.
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Thats amazing!

A 5 MP phone...

I think my Moto SLVR has something like 1.4 MP.
The images it produces are small, but of decent quality, as long as you don't use zoom.
I obviously didn't buy it for the camera. iTunes was what I was after. ;)
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lol love the title.
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Thanks, it was the first thing that sprung to mind when I was editing and framing the piece; seemed apt.
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