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Sailing At Sunset

Something a little bit different from me; trying to experiment with different styles of art.

I started with the red glow, which suggested a setting sun. So I added some water, but I felt it needed focus and I though the ship silhouette would set it off nicely.

I'm not 100% satisfied with it, but didn't save work in progress so thought I'd submit it, as is.

I might try a new, or slightly different version of this another time.

A 100% Paint.NET creation.

Preview is 800 x 600, download for full 1600 x 1200 version. Enjoy!
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Beautiful,love the atmosphere in this :heart::)
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Thanks for the kind comments - much appreciated.
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very zen. this one is one I'd hang in my house most definetly.

and madhatter I've first dibbs on sitting one on one with him for private tuts. .
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Sometimes I sit in front of my PC and go blank - on other occasions I start something and all the pieces begin to fall into place. This was one of those times where I could visualize the finished piece in advance - perhaps that's why I'm not totally happy with it (it didn't exactly match the picture in my mind).

As I said to Madhatterl7 - feel free to PM me through the PdN forum if you see anything you like and want to know how I achieved it. I'm just happy that my work is appreciated, it makes it all worthwhile.
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cool I am going to half to corner you and pick your brain for a bit
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I'm always glad to help a fellow PdN'er - feel free to PM me through the PdN forum if you would like instructions on how I created specific elements of any pieces.
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Thanks CJM I will defintally do that I really have wanted to combine all elaments of your game series (All IN, Snake Eyes and Snookrd) I think That would be cool I really love the green reflective background you have them on anyways great job on all of them and your works
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Oh, forgot to say, thanks for the :+fav:
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I love it.
It is a bit different than what you normally post.
Great job!

Nice job on the water by the way.
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Thanks, glad you liked it. It's always good to try something different now and again.
I messed about with the water for ages, I still think it could have been better; I wanted something a bit calmer, but still with that watery feel. I think I'll try something similar again at some point.
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I encourage you to do so.
You are really on to something there.
Great job!
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