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Ready to Pounce

It took me longer to come up with a name for this than it actually took to produce the piece.

After much deliberation I decided that it conjured images of some neon insect or arachnid poised to pounce on it's prey.

If anyone can suggest anything better I'm more than willing to take it on board and perhaps rename this piece.

A 100% Paint.NET creation.

Preview is 800 x 600 - download for the full 1600 x 1200 (this one's definitely worth a full view for the extra detail).
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Very nice, blue and black is great combination, simple and clean...
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Cheers, glad you liked it. Normally I'm a fan of green on black, but felt like doing something different so went with a kind of electric blue. I think it works well.
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awsome peice you should consider a tut on it I would love to see that cool peice
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Thanks for the comments and the :+fav:. If you really want a tut I'll try and get round to posting one at the weekend.
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If Knowbody else I would love one for sure or atleast the basic starting steps that is a cool looking peice
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Ask and you shall receive - I have posted a tutorial on this in the Paint.NET forum - follow this link...[link]
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thanks your the man I might need your help I am working on my ship wreck pic and i am working on a underwater scean. As far as I know knowbody has done it
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Thanks for looking and commenting - appreciated.
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just right for haloween. spooky feel to it.
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Maybe I subliminally had Hallowe'en in mind when I was making this, I didn't consciously set out to make something spooky.
However, my daughter did say she thought it looked like and electric bat.
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This is so awesome! Great work!
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Thanks for the comments. Glad you liked it.
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