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Pixel Art House 1

I've been messing about with isometric Pixel Art, this is the first thing I've come up with.

A bit basic, but it's a start.

Click to view full 800x600 size, as the preview is a bit naff (due to deviantArt's messing about with transparencies when reducing .PNG's).

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wow that looks like its from a video game!
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Not quite! but thanks anyway.
You should see some of the amazing pixel-art that's out there - just Google it.
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^^ ill try my best!
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everyone needs to start somewhere! and this is a very good start. you've managed to get the perspective and details in so I'd rate it pretty high.

personally I find this sort of pixel work so very time consuming but it is pretty awesome and satisfying when you are able to complete a picture and have it look so good.

A++ on the OMA scale.
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You're right, it can be pretty painstaking!

But once you've got a few shaped done, a lot of copy/paste and flip can speed things up.

It's just something I'd never tried before, and after doing some research and looking at other's efforts, some of the stuff is amazing.

I'll definitely have another go at something else (sometime).

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