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PDN PhotoManip3 Makeover

My entry for the Paint.NET photomanipulation contest #3 - Makeover.

The original is a stock image of model Sophie Dahl.

I also made use of other stock for the hair, the teeth and the smile lines.

I'm not 100% happy with the mouth, but I wanted to try and obtains some sort of smile by manipulating the original image, rather than pasting and blending in more stock.

There's been some great entries for this contest; it's amazing to see the creativity of Paint.NET users for such things as photomanipulation.
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hey good entry. I didn't even attempt to do this.
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I liked it at the time, but the more I look at it now, the more I dislike it. I tried to put in smile lines around the mouth, after manipulating the shape and adding the teeth. It looked OK before I added the hair and cleaned up the complexion - now it looks like she's quite sad (nay, melancholy) or a tad ill.
Anyway, it was good practise.
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its still not bad you need to look at a book about drawing the human anatomy. how everything on the face draws up with the smile. think its not reaching her eyes is all.

like you said good practice, and I think you did a fine job.
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You can use some distorts to make her smile with her own lips, and not paste someone else's.
Good luck!
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NM, just saw your post on the forum, it was her own lips
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hmm... is she unwell? she looks a bit green...

otherwise nice face-swapping
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