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Still playing with colours and abstracts...

The main abstract pattern is purely a result of messing about with effects in Paint.NET. Rather than leave it plain I decided to add some depth to it by layering; with shadows.

Each layer is a section from the entire piece, so if you were to remove the outlining shadows from each layer you'd be left with the whole (original) piece.

A 100% Paint.NET creation.

Download for the full 1600 x 1200 original.
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Wow!!!Splendid rainbow colors and amazing composition!!:heart::)
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If I may, I would like to chime in on this discussion...

I too like using effects I would otherwise stray away from when messing around with PDN. Effects such as pixelate, barcode, dents... Quite a bit of potrait too. It does wonders on colors, and their tones.

As mentioned above, when working I try to stay away from goals. I may have guidelines, or ideas. But as far as something I would like to make- Or how I want this picture to look when I am finished... I try to stay away from ideas as such. Thus letting my work flow more fluid like, while maintaing the simplist of sturctures.

Nice work!
(New wallpaper!)
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I used to used Dents an awful lot when I started using PdN (I think everyone does!), and haven't used it in ages (just used it again recently on a new piece). I've never downloaded the Barcode plugin, but do use Portrait an awful lot; I think it gives great atmosphere, not just for photographs, but for all kinds of art.

I love it when a new plugin is posted, as I use it as inspiration for creating something new.

Thanks for commenting.
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love this and I love to just kick back and play. every night I just do one or two play items. random pick and effect and go for it.

and right you are some of my best work did come from things I was playing around with.

just total abandoned creativity.
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Thanks Oma, I had a feeling you might like this one; with the bright colours, and all. To be honest, I'm not really that fond of it and wasn't going to bother submitting it, but I thought I'd put it up here and see what others thought.
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actually the colors wasn't what caught my eye, its was the shapes and the layers. I'm always interested in how different shapes are made in paint.Net.

I was just at the art gallery earlier this week and there was a piece much like this in the usuage of multiple layers and shadows. and I found that to be just as intriguing.
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Messing around with the effects in PDN sometimes you find and or make the best stuff. I think i have done some of my best work when I sit back and start palying without any end in mind. Good work I love messing around with effects
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Thanks. I like to try and create something using effects that I wouldn't normally touch. This one uses Add Noise - Pixellate - Median Blur and Sine Waves. You're right that you can discover weird and wonderful things when you don't really have an end product in mind.
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How true that is I dont think I have ever used pixellate I think the list is small but there is a few effects I dont think I have touched yet like lattice and things of those effect. I am sure there is a good use for them just have not found any
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Hint - try filling a layer with Lattice (black & white), then Zoom Blur Deluxe at max setting and play with the position.
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