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Glass Table

My second attempt at glass, taking it a bit further and making an occasional table.

Glass still work in progress...

Download for full 1600x1200 version.

A 100% Paint.NET creation

Edit - Added slight refraction to the front table legs.
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wonderful, but something is bugging me (i'll try to say it clearly)...

from the top view of the table, the glass should seem very thin, as you cannot see the depth of it... the legs would appear to be attached to the seemingly 2d glass. Now, with this perspective, one can see how the glass has thickness, but he also maintains a top view. Therefore, there should not be any space between the top of the legs and the "top" of the glass.
As I mentioned before, the perspective allows to see the thickness of the glass. You allow the viewer to see the legs through the side of the glass, when in reality the tops of the legs connect to the bottom of the glass. The viewer would be able to see the top of the leg at a very skewed angle, but nothing else. The refraction in the side view should appear in the top view.

I am very sorry I can't explain this very well, so here is a few pictures to aid:
(outlined because it was blurry)

I do realize the thickness of my table is much less than that of yours, but the idea should stick. The only difference is that you would be able to see more of the top of the leg.

don't get me wrong, I love the piece! the glass itself is amazing, I'm just commenting on how objects are seen through glass. btw, I'm not saying this as definite fact in any way. this is my perspective right now, but if I am in error, please correct me.
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I think I understand where you're coming from. I'll have to do a bit more background study in refraction before my next piece; try to make it more realistic.
My intention here was simply to take a slab of glass and turn it into a recognisable object; I'm sure the reflections and refractions are not 100% realistic, but good enough for my first attempt.

I'll take your comments into consideration with any future, similar pieces.

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once again, please do not take it the wrong way

I love this piece as well as many of your other works. I just wanted to put out an observation of mine for criticism or use :)
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Way cool, nice job!
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Thanks, man. Appreciated.
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that is awsome Cjm thanks for makeing my glass look like crap lol
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This should be all the incentive you need to make yours even better next time.
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Very beautiful and realistic!!:heart::)
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Thanks, Sara. Your comments are much appreciated.
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Nicely done :nod: , a little refraction would do wonders :)
On a side note, nice texture on the legs. you might need some frame/bars to hold em together.
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Refraction? I think I know what you mean - where the front legs meet the glass top.
I've updated the image with a slight refraction, not sure if it's quite right though.

I did think about a frame for holding the legs together, but it was getting late and I'd already spent 2 hours working on it.
Might do something different with the legs in the next update.
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I would pull the part under the glass a bit up (like the amount you did) instead of down, but that's just me working in my head.
You can give it a try if you feel like it. :)
Looking forward to the final touch :nod:
Good luck.

*If you put another glass piece right on the frame/bars of the leg.(Like a glass shelf) would have a "fun" time playing with all the lighting, reflection and refraction. Or not??* :O :D
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You mean, like a shelf, below the main table top? Hmmm, that's an idea. I might try that sometime.
Thanks for your input.
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positively stunning work.
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I tried so many times to create glass (and failed miserably each time). I had almost given up trying, but I persevered and am now getting some good results. Could still be better, so I'll keep on experimenting.

Glad you liked it and thanks for the comment.
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