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Was messing about with shapes and textures in Paint.NET when I came across a reasonably realistic egg texture and shape.

Decided to see if I could do a cracked/open egg, and came up with this concept (most likely been done before, probably inspired by something I've seen in the past).

Made good use of both the Shape 3d and Scriptlab plugins (kudos to the individual programmers) for Paint.NET (saved a lot of time).

As usual, a 100% Paint.NET creation.

Download for the full 1920 x 1080 HD version.


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wheres the chick?
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so are you going to share that texture. expecially like the cracked egg it seems just a bit more pebbly textured than the rest.

LOL great great picture. fav
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The egg texture was simple colour, noise, crystalize & relief. Shape 3D sphere, followed by Oct/Quad/Map/Reshape, to get the egg shape.

It's amazing you noticed that the cracked egg was slightly rougher than the others. I used full-sphere map on the Shape 3D for the whole eggs and half-sphere for the cracked one; that's what made the texture slightly different.

Thanks for the comment and the fav.
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welcome. I noticed that about 1/2 sphere before but wasn't 100% sure thought it was just wishfull thinking on my part. LOL now I'm off in search of even more textures.

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