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Colour Inversion - Framed

The Polar Inversion effect is much maligned in the circles of Paint.NET users - probably because it is seen as a kind of 'Newbie' effect; a quick way to make a nice pattern out of just about anything.

Personally I think the Polar Inversion effect can produce some excellent result when used in the right context and manner. I have used it before in pieces such as Maelstrom and, more recently, Ready to Pounce.

Here, I was messing about with a square canvas, divided into four colours (CMYK) - I did Polar Inversion on the whole piece initially, then again on each section individually. The result, IMHO, is quite a pleasing abstract in itself, and not the kind of normal result you would get from a basic Polar Inversion.

Anyway, the resulting ';pattern' wasn't really worth posting as was, so I thought I'd frame it and set it in a background.

Just some fun; enjoy.

A 100% Paint.NET creation.

Download for full 1600x1200 desktop version.
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Your reply to my comment on your 600 pageviews blog post now makes sense to me ;)

Nice work :)
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Thanks. You'll also find that the main subject in 'Ready to Pounce' is rotated at similar angles.
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Some of my most viewed use polar inversion. If it looks good who cares what you did to get the result. I like this one, nice touch with framed work inside framed work.
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There was some talk in the forum about using Polar Inversion as a theme for a SOTW competition. I'd be all for it as I'd like users to discover what it can really do if you use it creatively. Thanks for the comments.
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I bet there would be some really cool stuff coming out of that competition. I'd like to that.
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hey I didn't see that one I'm definetly in. so if it comes up and I've not entered or stated I will give me a knudge.
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Here's the SOTW discussion thread, I've pooled all the posts that voted for a Polar Inversion theme.
Feel free to add your voice. However, the winner of the last competition (still to be decided) gets to choose.
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Sorry, forgot to post the link - [link];p=110266#p110266
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There is a small faction of PDN users that have a stick up the whatnot but i think you will find that most are if it looks cool who the hell care how you got there. Unless you want a tut out of it. Great job cjm love the frame around it
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I used Madjik's Frame plugin to make the basic frame shape around the piece, then made a wood texture and overlaid the frame.
To give it some depth I actually used the old 'Software Box' technique (rather than any messing around with S3D).
Thanks for the comments.
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polar inversion is my favourite effect. good work love the colors.
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I think there is a time and place for every type of effect - I wanted to give a new lease of life to Polar Inversion and use it in a slightly different way. I'm pleased with the result and I'm glad you liked it. Thanks.
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so well said. the polar inversion is often hated, but that's only because newbies tend to use it as the picture instead of the tool to achieve a picture.

its a cool effect and people are often afraid to use that eraser and just keep a tiny portion for the next step.

if people only knew just how very often I use this one. there might only be one tenth of the polar left when I move to the next step. but its there in the background. really effectual if you enlarge the canvas size with transparency around your image then use the polar and delete portions.
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Nice. I really like the floor in this one.
Great job over-all!
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Cheers, thanks a lot. I've used the background/floor design before (see Mystical Orb [link]), albeit in a different colour; it's one of my favourites.
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nice, Looks like a glass tile or some kind of plastic. You really present your work well.
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Thanks for the comment, and the :+fav:
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