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The third in my series based on games (see Snake Eyes and Snookered).

A 100% Paint.NET creation.

Download for the full 1600 x 1200 version.
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Very good job! A magnificent image from Paint.NET! :la:
I-am-Nelsh's avatar
Awesome work!!

Gotta try that tut...
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Appreciate the comment; hope you have fun with the tut.
I-am-Nelsh's avatar
No problem CJ.

I've posted my attempt at your Poker tut from the PDN forum.

Hope it comes up to scratch!!
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Pretty good, I've just had a look and left a comment.
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Man I have been chaseing that backdrop for a bit now. and I can come close but I am missing a step or two man it bugs me
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1. Create 3 layers
2. Fill each layer with clouds (B&W, Default settings)
3. Effects > Blurs > Splinter: Splinters 8, Rotation 45, Distance 200, Mode Darken (repeat on each layer)
4. In Layer Properties, adjust opacity of layers 2 & 3 to 128
5. Flatten. Adjustments > Curves: RGB and adjust to your chosen colour
6. Layers > Rotate Zoom: Angle 0, Twist 90, Radius 60. Zoom 1.5, X-Pan 0, Y-Pan -0.450
7. Create a new layer. Gradient tool, drag white from bottom to black at top - Blend Mode Multiply
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cool I am going to half to try that tommorw thanks for the heads up
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Appreciate it, thanks.
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the tutorial you made for this is incredibly fun! I'm a huge poker fan, and the ability to create my own chips/cards is great! I would have never thought of this... thanks!
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Glad you enjoyed this piece, and the Paint.NET tutorial. I look forward to you posting your results either here, in deviantART, or in the forum Tutorial/Pictorium.
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i love this! i love playing texas hold'em as well. great job!
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Thank you, glad you liked it.
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ive gotten busted so many times with bullets. But they are nice to see arent they?
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Cheers, thanks for the :+fav:
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fuck yeah! go for the win!
cjmcguinness's avatar
Thanks for commenting and thanks for the :+fav:
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Hmm. I'm gonna have to look at the rest of this series. Just caught my eye, what can I say?
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Thanks for the comment; this remains my favourite piece as well.
Glad you liked it, and the rest of the series.
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Excellent work, very clean render with nice light!
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Thanks, Tom. Unfortunately it doesn't quite have the photo-realism you get if you create scenes with the likes of C4D, but I think it demonstrates that you can produce powerful 3D art with a 'free' graphics program like Paint.NET.
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:w00t: Very cool. I like the reflections on the table. You have awesome style
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