Cardcaptor Torika: The Movie - Chapter 1

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Authors' note: All Cardcaptor Sakura characters belong to CLAMP. All characters of Cardcaptor Torika belong to Nasdreks. This is a fan based project. If I did own the CCS characters then I wouldn't be here.

Cardcaptor Torika: the Movie

Chapter 1: Unusual Circumstances

Ripples come out of nowhere. The next thing is that we see a girl with long auburn brown hair and green eyes, with a small yellow bear-like creature with wings. We see a set of cards flying around the girl.

Girl's POV:

The girl sees a boy on the Tokyo Tower with a staff that has a symbol of the sun on the top end. The girl turns toward the bear-like creature.

"Kero, who is that boy?" the girl asked. Kero didn't respond, but the boy did. He jumped off the tower in response.

Third person view:

We see the girl sleepng restlessly. Kero goes over to the girl.

"Is there something wrong, Torika?" Kero asked in a worried manner. The girl, named Torika, wakes up and finds Kero staring down at her.


She wakes up startled, knocking Kero away, causing him to hit the wall.

"Once again you must have some sort of explanation." he said in a wiped out mood.

"Oh, it's only you. I'm sorry." she apologized

"It's okay, Torika." Kero replied.

"I had a dream." said Torika changing the topic.

"What kind of dream? Was it prophetic or what?" asked Kero with interest.

"I don't know, Kero. I saw a boy, and he had a staff of somekind."

"Im not sure of what you mean, but something tells me that you are comming to that point in time." he replied with intrigue.

"I wonder what that me- Wait, you don't mean..." said Torika as she came to a realization

"Yep. You're starting to fall victim to love." Kero confirmed in a teasing manner.

"I-I have no idea of what you mean." she stuttered, her face a shade of red.

"Sure you do." he continued to tease.

"Still, it's something that we need to look into." Torika said with worry.

"I agree. We need more information on this. Where should we go to meet?" Kero agreed.

"Why don't we go to the shrine?" suggested Torika.

"Yeah, let's!"

"I'll invite Maddy and Tai. They should be known about this as well." said Torika.


Torika goes to the living room to tell her mother, Sakura, and her father, Li.

"I don't know where this could be going, but could it be? Clow Reed? No wait a minute, that's not possible, Eli was in his 20s last I saw him at Li and Sakura's wedding. He should be in his 30s right now, while the boy Torika described was a lot younger than that. Is it possible? Could Eli have a son? I need to tell the Li, Sakura, and Yue." Kero thought carefully.

Kero then heads down stairs to tell Li and Sakura about the dream.

"Kero, what is it?" asked Sakura.

"I need to talk to both of you, but we also need Yue to be with us as well. Torika and I decided that we should meet at the Ikado Shrine to talk about something that seems to be going on with her. She had a dream about something." Kero explained thoroughly.

"Let me guess, Torika's comming to that age isn't she?" Li asked with suspicion.

"Worse it seems. I'll need to explain more at the shrine with Yue." Kero continued.

"Something tells me that he has returned." Sakura chimed in.

"No he hasn't. But we can't be sure until we know more. We should figure things out as things progress." Kero finished explaining.

Reedington - Streets

On the way to the shrine, Torika, Li, and Sakura stopped by the Greening residence.

Reedington - Ikado Shrine

A girl was sweeping the temple grounds, she was then distracted by Torika calling her name.


"Miss Torika!" the girl named Hana responded and begins hugging Torika, causing her face to change colors.

"Hana... Choking... Not breathing..." Torika tried saying while gasping for air.

"Oh, sorry. What do you want Miss Torika?"

"Kero needs to talk to Yue and both of us." Sakura told Hana.

"Hey. Where's Tai?" Maddy, one of Torika's best friends, asked. Suddny they see a winged being land on the ground, startleling Maddy.

"Tai, if you can hear me, you can just give me a warning that you are about to transform." Maddy told.

"He can't hear you." Yue replied.

"Now that we're all here you can tell us Kero." Li suggested.

But before Kero could even say a word, a great light comes and they are trapped in a vortex of sometype. They don't know where or when they will go, or if they will live or die.
After a long delay, here's the first chapter of Carcaptor Torika: The Movie. As promised to Nasdreks, I made some improvements to the chapter. I hope to have more improved chapters for the fanfic to be up soon.
© 2011 - 2021 CJManson
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