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Hello there!

My name is CJ, Kitty or CJKitty if you'd like :)

I do traditional art using pencils and markers, then sometimes lightly touching them up digitally. I mostly draw anime fanart, but I have been known to post other things such as photography and crafts. I really enjoy arts and crafts but as you might notice, I don't submit art that frequently. This is due to working full time and being tired/lazy at weekends! I quite often get art-block/lack inspiration, but when I am inspired I tend to post a few pieces at once :) 

On my previous account I also did fanfiction which I was getting good at, but, like with my art, my motivation has faded away over time. I do get bursts of inspiration, but my stories aren't really appropriate for dA (very mature content) so I don't post it here, I post them on my FanFiction account under the same name. Currently though, this account has no stories uploaded yet, but keep an eye out, I'll post something soon!

So yeah, please check out my gallery and also my favourites - there are some amazing artists in there!! I don't post often but I hope you'll enjoy my work enough to be patient with me!

Thanks for reading! 
kayly101 ~ :iconkayly101: ~ Please check out her stuff! If you love skyrim, you'll definitely love her work!
Omega of Jorrvaskr by kayly101 Uncle Sanguine is strong here by kayly101 Enigma Ink by kayly101 Gift- Sora by kayly101
@theblackwonderlan ~ :icontheblackwonderland: ~ Please have a look through her gallery! There's a lot of variety so there's something for everyone!
Night sky by theblackwonderland Hitsumomo by theblackwonderland Butterfly by theblackwonderland
NoAngelHonestly ~ :iconnoangelhonestly: ~ Please check out her gallery! She does amazing fanart as well as some other great stuff!
HikaruxKaoru by NoAngelHonestly ..Anime.. by NoAngelHonestly Fullbuster cut out by NoAngelHonestly Beauty and Pride by NoAngelHonestly Landschap by NoAngelHonestly
Heart Akela-Nakamura ~ :iconakela-nakamura: ~ please have a look through her gallery, you'll like her poems, one-shots and fanfictions!
Truth and LiesWhat truth lurks behind lies?
What hurt is covered by a smile?
Oh, you laugh, and smile quick and sharp,
But the pain inside shows in your eyes,
A bitter edge that never leaves,
Even as you laugh, careless as you please.
And you may smile,
But it’s porcelain to all who know,
What hides below,
The wall you created.
So smile and laugh,
Grin and joke,
And when one gets to close,
Keep them back with fire and ice,
Your heart is sacrificed,
But you know no other way,
To save the day.
How else can you save them all?
You don’t belong,
Your love is lethal.
Whispered lies in your ears,
Confirm what you fear,
It’s easier to hide and run,
Then to stand up and say what you feel,
To those you hold dear.
Arrogant and rash,
Sarcastic and rude,
All are tools,
To protect all you hold close.
Your soul suffers,
But what else can you do,
When your love causes nothing but pain?
You care too much,
So you make it seem that you care not at all.
They’ve begun to see through the image,
Lost Truth: Chapter FifteenThe door open all the way and I waited for Clark to yell and the fight to begin.
“Well cool.” Clark said. Cool? What was cool about a pack mate of mine being caught by an apparently eagle eyed stuttering assistant? “A sweat little MP3 player was just sitting here.”
“Whatever.” Matthew said unimpressed. “Just go tell the Trackers to see if they can’t find the culprit.”
“R-right.” Clark said and got out of the library and line of sight as fast as could without running. An Mp3 player? That was what Clark saw? Somehow just I didn’t believe it, how could we be that lucky that Clark saw a freaking MP3 player and not one of us?
Matthew grumbled around a bit more then stormed out of the library, probably going to check on the mysterious ‘Trackers’. I waited until I couldn’t hear his footsteps anymore, and with those boots he was wearing I could hear him as he turned into the front wing of the school. Even
Reunion“Thals!” A voice cried from the living room. “Turn the music down!”
“Make me, Golden Boy!” Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus yelled back.
“Do we have to spar again to decide who wins?” Luke called back jokingly. Thalia rolled her eyes.
I should’ve joined the Hunters, she thinks, then I wouldn’t have to deal with men.
Instead, she’d decided to stay at Camp Half-Blood, the prophecy hadn’t come unto her. It had come to Percy. And Luke had nearly lost his life stopping Kronos. Thalia and Luke had gotten together after the Titian War, they just couldn’t stand it anymore. Thalia had been worried sick about Luke. No one had ever guessed he’d infiltrated Kronos’s ranks and had served as a double agent. Only Zeus and Hermes had known.
He’d allowed Kronos to rise into his own body and during the fight on Olympus he’d touched Zeus’s throne, effectively forcing the titian from Luke’s body

Heart Terrathefox ~ :iconterrathefox: ~ Please have a browse through her gallery, she has a wonderful sense of colour that really pops from the page!!
Love Hug by Terrathefox My new ID by Terrathefox The World Is Mine by Terrathefox
Heart ArielBlueEyes ~ :iconarielblueeyes: ~ Please check out her gallery, there's such a variety of stuff from poems to fanart, I'm sure there's something you'll love!
Hisari Loves You by ArielBlueEyes F.R.I.E.N.D.SWhen I'm down
Their there to give me a hand back up
When I'm sad
They cheer me up
When I'm doubt
They give me a reality slap
When I'm low
They push me back up high
When I cry,
They throw tissues at my face to make me stop
When I'm angry
They throw buckets of water on me
When I hate myself
They make me see the good things
When I get three outs and sit on the bench
They pull me back into the game
When I fall,
We laugh, and they help me up
When I hurt myself,
They make the pain go away
They know my dreams
They know who they are
They know everything I am and who I want to be in life
They know what I do,
They know why I do it
They know me better than I know myself….
Their my F.R.I.E.N.D.S
F - Family
R - Reviving
I - Ideas to
E - Everyone,
N - Never
D - Driving to
S - Stop
Lesson: Your friends will always be there. May not seem like it, but one of them, maybe even more, are their, in spirit form, holding your hand and helping you when you need it, they help you up, and they give you tha
Elsa-Frozen Drawing by ArielBlueEyes
Heart MisterOiso
Mural 1.4 by MisterOiso Papillon Startorb 1.0 by MisterOiso space Alien by MisterOiso Mural 1.51 by MisterOiso Tron Clock 1.2 by MisterOiso Hobbit 1.5 HD by MisterOiso

<da:thumb id="440083180"/><da:thumb id="400439792"/><da:thumb id="428108082"/>

Heart smith4891 ~ :iconsmith4891: ~ Please check out his gallery, he does stunning poems and photography as well!!
Short PoemHer eyes return my gaze,
A gentle “Hello” at first glance.
Those chocolate brown coloured eyes,
So full of love and compassion.
                                                           Without a sound from my lips,
                                                                 A solitary cry escapes.
                                                           Her serene marble-like stare,
Random Sprouting by smith4891 Beauty of a SoulThere is the whisper of a soft voice,
a sound to silence the heavens.
Such kindness that is always expressed,
like the softness of a hand, one's gentle caress.
Your words, so mellifluous and smooth,
like an evening tide along the shore.
There is a rich beauty about you,
such an exquisite allure of personality.
You can take the darkness of ones work,
and give it it's own light.
It shines so bright to its creator,
their heart, mind, and soul feels right.
How do I express my gratitude,
other than simple spoken word?
I figure why not, let everyone see,
Your voice will be heard.
I gather all the knowledge I have,
taking notes fervently, diligently.
You might not realize how much,
that beautiful soul had left an impact.
How can I begin to judge you,
when you have no visual faults?
You can't, not a persons soul,
when you have truly seen The Gallery of Eve.

Heart emperorlaure-nce ~ :iconemperorlaure-nce: ~ Please check out their awesome gallery!!
<da:thumb id="472639027"/><da:thumb id="472614597"/><da:thumb id="471713173"/>
Heart Cabbion ~ :iconcabbion: ~ Please have a look at their fantastic art!
Archie: King of Fire Types by Cabbion Play Time by Cabbion Friend and Foe by Cabbion
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