Abstract Newsletter, Issue 11

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Issue 11
June 8, 2010

Abstract Expressionism:  Barnett Newman (1905 – 1970)  

Barnett Newman shared the abstract expressionist movement’s interest in mythological themes.  His first painting of vertical elements, which characterize his mature work, were started in 1946.  
The work which best expressed his formal, spatial and mystical preoccupations of that period was Onement I (1948):

Later vast canvases of saturated color fields, inflected with vertical stripes or “zips” with fragmented edges, present majestic color-spatial experiences which create the impression of an opening in the picture plane.  

Newman had a profound influence on young painters of the 1960s.

Featured Artist:  Gene Swartz

I met Gene Swartz on the web site deviantART (you don’t have to be a deviant to share your art there.)  He has been painting on and off for 25 years and loves colors and people that “know how to use it”.  Both of his parents are artists/painters He likes abstract art because he feels it is the most expressive style of art.

One of the interesting things about Gene is that he paints on glass and then turns it over and places it in a frame.  He has a unique style and approach.

You can see more of his work at

What I’ve Been Up to Lately:

Waiting for the move to Myrtle Beach on June 23rd.  Lots to do.  I had packed away my paints a long time ago.  I haven’t painted since last year.  It will be nice to have a two-car garage again.  I have already figured out how I am going to set it up.

Poem of the Month:

Restless Mind

My mind is open
My body tired
Thoughts race
Wandering is where I begin
Back to the origin
Wings on my eyelids
The broken wagon wheel
The mystery of crawling legs
Follows, emotion
If it pleases you
When you arrive
I will put on the face
And keep by the door

Fireworks still inside
Jerked around my consciousness, on way to the next
The archway where two days meet
Sleep deprivation has made me nimble with mania,

But there is lack of rebirth, I am weary
Tomorrow will rekindle
And patience my trusted guide.


Quote of the Month:

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973)

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