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On this episode of Live PD by CJhammond
Mature content
On this episode of Live PD :iconcjhammond:CJhammond 45 2
Laying around by CJhammond
Mature content
Laying around :iconcjhammond:CJhammond 33 4
Secure damsel by CJhammond
Mature content
Secure damsel :iconcjhammond:CJhammond 28 2
Spankable by CJhammond
Mature content
Spankable :iconcjhammond:CJhammond 28 2
She has the right to remain silent by CJhammond
Mature content
She has the right to remain silent :iconcjhammond:CJhammond 51 3
Spread your feet by CJhammond
Mature content
Spread your feet :iconcjhammond:CJhammond 22 1
Crossed ankles by CJhammond
Mature content
Crossed ankles :iconcjhammond:CJhammond 23 1
Bio of Carly Davenport
Name: Carly Davenport
Age: appears to be 19 but is in fact 8,000 years old
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Species: Vampire
Hair Color: Blonde reaching mid back
Eye color: Deep Green
Relationship status: being a vampire Carly is forced to constantly be alone she cant risk anyone finding her secret out 
clothing of choice: Carly dresses casual in a long sleeved shirt and jeans during the winter months or belly shirt and daisy duke shorts during the hotter times of the year
Bio: Carly looks like a everyday southern bell that makes both guys and girls stare when she walks by but she is anything from that. At 8,000 years old Carly is one of the oldest living things on the planet. Being a vampire she's a predator by nature using her natural beauty to lure in her meals though these days its very rare that she'll kill her victims most never even remember their date with her the next morning and wake up with what feels like a slight hangover. Unlike the myths about her kind Carly has no problem walk
:iconcjhammond:CJhammond 0 0
Bio of Kara Baker
Name: Kara Baker
Age: 27
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Species: Human
Hair color: long blonde hair
Eye Color: Blue
Relationship status: Single
Outfit: Like most female wrestlers in the WWE Kara competes in a very sexy 2 piece
Likes: Tying up and gagging her opponents in the ring being the BWF champion
Dislikes: Losing the title
Occupation: 6 time BWF champion (current champion)
Bio: As the Bondage Wrestling Federation Champion Kara is extremely good at knots her preferred method is to go for a fast simple hogtie then gag her unlucky opponent with tape or a cloth OTM/cleave but on occasion she has been known to take her sweet time making her ties both very creative but also completely inescapable too. who will be the one to get the title out of her grip it possibly could happen at this years Gag-mania
:iconcjhammond:CJhammond 0 0
Braclets by CJhammond
Mature content
Braclets :iconcjhammond:CJhammond 9 0
Under arrest by CJhammond
Mature content
Under arrest :iconcjhammond:CJhammond 29 1
Cuffed up by CJhammond
Mature content
Cuffed up :iconcjhammond:CJhammond 46 2
Oct 11 shoots by CJhammond
Mature content
Oct 11 shoots :iconcjhammond:CJhammond 2 6
Natta by CJhammond Natta :iconcjhammond:CJhammond 8 2 Stasha by CJhammond Stasha :iconcjhammond:CJhammond 14 3 Rachel Lilly by CJhammond
Mature content
Rachel Lilly :iconcjhammond:CJhammond 8 2


Mature content
Detective Mallorie Grant: Loose Ends :iconrob66:Rob66 32 42
Bad Hair Day -- Art by PhM C225 5 by Rob66
Mature content
Bad Hair Day -- Art by PhM C225 5 :iconrob66:Rob66 100 43
THE TAKING OF Jennifer Lawrence by lordvadersempire
Mature content
THE TAKING OF Jennifer Lawrence :iconlordvadersempire:lordvadersempire 231 10
THE TAKING OF Shailene Woodley by lordvadersempire
Mature content
THE TAKING OF Shailene Woodley :iconlordvadersempire:lordvadersempire 87 7
The Exchange Teacher...
It was an unusually sunny day in Lindisfarne. Still chilly of course, but bright and beautiful. The Scottish lands appeared to be much more pleasant to Katie Eastwell than she was told about by her fellow staff members who warned her that it was so vast and dangerous and especially the weather was cold and merciless. But she didn’t see it that way at all, the scenery of Lindisfarne smiled sweetly to her as she smiled sweetly back…
Katie was a math teacher from England on an exchange program to a Scotland secondary school. She was having to adjust to her new environment as well as to the new batch of students and teachers she had to interact with but was certainly enjoying the experience.
Lindisfarne’s teachers and school staff were all wonderful to her, it was the students she had the most trouble with. Placed in a class of mostly boys was always going to be a challenge, it didn’t help that she was still getting used to the accents not to mention that they could
:iconfordcortina:Fordcortina 12 9
Just Holding On To You Till Mr J Gets Here! by Fordcortina Just Holding On To You Till Mr J Gets Here! :iconfordcortina:Fordcortina 72 4 Modern Detective - the Security Breach by BeautifulBarefeet
Mature content
Modern Detective - the Security Breach :iconbeautifulbarefeet:BeautifulBarefeet 27 4
Ennia, Ennia, Ennia 3 by kupoexe Ennia, Ennia, Ennia 3 :iconkupoexe:kupoexe 234 22 Commission: Teasing Down Time by kupoexe Commission: Teasing Down Time :iconkupoexe:kupoexe 34 6
A Tale of Two...Maybe Three, Laras
Lara threw herself behind a fallen column, ducking bullets which ricocheted off the ancient stonework. She dragged herself along, beside it, using it for cover. She'd taken a hit though, bullet had winged her arm.
“Shit...shit, shit, shit...” She muttered, hurriedly tearing a strip from the bottom of her sleeveless top and wrapped it around her arm, over the wound, tying it in place.
The mercenaries were catching up. She was outnumbered, outgunned.
It had taken too much to find this place, though. Time, effort, energy, research. She'd crossed miles of jungle, climbed cliffs and mountains, traversed rivers, falls, and rapids. She'd exhausted her supplies, pushed herself to the very limits, and, survived dangerous and deadly wildlife, and now...this.
Her ankle was sprained, she'd been shot in the arm, her body was covered in cuts, scars, burns and bruises. It would take weeks of rest, to recover from this. If she made it out of this, that is.
Lara Croft had put too much in to
:iconlady-distracto:Lady-Distracto 22 38
SpiderGwen by Raichiyo33 SpiderGwen :iconraichiyo33:Raichiyo33 4,972 109 Puppet by TakeOverFairy
Mature content
Puppet :icontakeoverfairy:TakeOverFairy 61 6
Yoshiflower by TakeOverFairy
Mature content
Yoshiflower :icontakeoverfairy:TakeOverFairy 76 0
Umami Attack by TakeOverFairy
Mature content
Umami Attack :icontakeoverfairy:TakeOverFairy 55 0
Princess Mimi by TakeOverFairy
Mature content
Princess Mimi :icontakeoverfairy:TakeOverFairy 71 5
Digi Foxies by TakeOverFairy
Mature content
Digi Foxies :icontakeoverfairy:TakeOverFairy 85 9


So I went and made another quiz though this one isn't for a commission set since at the moment I have absolutely no time to shoot can barely upload the pics I need to still get out (doesn't help that at the moment my computer is also running slow too) this quiz is all about marine life mostly sharks since that's what I plan to study once I finish with URI (4-6 long years and counting) the winner will receive the aquarium fundraiser set free and I'll throw in the $5. Test your Marine Biology knowledge and good luck to all

1. The bite of a great white is equal to a car hitting a wall at ? 
A. 50 mph
B. 65 mph
C. 90 mph
D. 100 mph crushing down with a bite of over 1 million newtons the great white bites down with the same force generated with a car hitting a wall head on at 100 

2. Sharks are intelligent fast learning animals ?
A. True Sharks are very fast learners in some experiments with hitting targets for food it took some reef sharks less then a hour to figure out that hitting the target got them a tasty treat in return
B. False

3. The most deadly sea creature to humans is ?
A. Great white shark
B. Box Jellyfish although all these animals here are potentially deadly and should be given the respect earned its the box jellyfish that'll drop you dead in under 2 min from a powerful venom that targets the heart muscle 
C. Sea Snake's
D. Blue ringed octopus
E. Humbolt squid
F. Orca (killer whales)

4. Octopus are one of the most intelligent animals in the ocean. The intelligence of the north pacific octopus is equivalent to a __ year old human ?
A. 1
B. 3
C. 5 Otis the mystic aquarium Octopus is often given the child toy that has the shapes with the board that they slide through sometimes just to test him we throw in shapes that don't fit 2 seconds later he's throwing them back at us like what the hell you pulling these wont fit :P 
D. 6
E. 8

5. Some shark species have buddies they often spend almost their whole lives with ?
A. True believe it or not this is actually true white tip reef sharks will rest in small groups or pairs in the day then at night hunt together. this event happens with many different groups along the reef 
B. False

6. This shark species is both feared and respected by both WW2 navy men and present day divers today has dropped in their 1990's population by 95% due to humans ?
A. Great white shark
B. Bull shark
C. Tiger shark
D. Great Hammerhead
E. Oceanic Whitetip once the biggest shark species in the oceans, this is the first and potentially last shark you'll see if your in a ship wreck. Its responsible for most of the deaths in the U.S.S Indianapolis sinking at the end of WW2 and is not a shark to take your eyes off of when your diving today. Due to its open water habitat this shark has to take every advantage it has at a potential food source so its often seen as aggressive. Sadly due to Illegal shark finners (people I would immediately crucify) have killed off 95% of the species 

7. the Sea Lions at Mystic aquarium are intelligent enough to be able to have learned and remember ___ different signs to do different things ?
A. 300
B. 125
C. 115
D. 200

8. The odds of a shark attack are ?
A. 800,000:1
B. 900,000:1
C. 1,000,000:1
D. 1200:1

9. A Great White will always attack at the surface coming from below ?
A. True
B. False although they are known for the famous south Africa breach attacks Great whites often attack much deeper as much as 300 feet in fact coming from below but also blindsiding from the side as well 

10. This shark responsible for a number of attacks in 1916 in New jersey inspired the JAWS book/movies ?
A. Bull shark Although the movie almost everyone has at least heard about featured a great white as the "villain" of the movie the species that actually inspired it was a bull shark responsible for several attacks and fatalities in 1916 in both the salt waters of the ocean and fresh water rivers and ponds
B. Great white shark
C. Hammerhead shark
D. Tiger shark

11. Known as the cheetah of the sea Mako's can reach speeds up to?
A. 60 mph
B. 56 mph
C. 58 mph reaching a top speed of 58mph there is little that can escape the hungry jaws of the Mako. Usually your only hope is to be a little bit faster then the fish next to you
D. 70 mph

12. When born a beluga whale is what color ? (fill in the blank on this one)
 Grey this helps them to blend in more and protect them from predators like Orca as they mature they turn into the white color they are known for 
Bonus questions

1. When agitated a shark will sometimes give off signs before attacking name 2 of these signs ?
Open and close its jaws
distend (point down) their fins which are normally held out
 In some species like the great white actually shake their head the same way we do when we say no (at this point you've really done something to agitate the shark and any more pushing will most likely end in attack)

2. Great whites have a few surprising pupping grounds located of the coast of the US, name 2 ? 
Cape Cod MA
waters of NY
San Diego CA

3. When diving with sharks the way to get in the water is?
A. jump in from the boat
B. slide in from the boat there is only one safe way and that's making as little vibration as possible just like a spider sitting in her web sharks are attracted by vibration and will come in to investigate splashes. You could get away with doing A but I wouldn't recommend it on my own personal experience while in the Bahama's and DEFIANTLY DONT DO a cannon ball  
C. do a cannon ball of the boat

4. while diving with great whites you notice 1 shark becoming inquisitive do you? (there are 2 potentially correct answers to this one while the others end up turning you into another statistic)
A. swim as fast as you can away from the shark
B. gently differ the shark pushing it on the top of the snout 
C. gently differ the shark pushing it on the bottom of the snout why not touch the top well that's where all the sharks electroreceptors are touching that causes a sensory overload which causes the shark to open its mouth wide and tilt its head back problem there is those jaws are going to close and fast and take a guess where your arm is going to end up when it does
D. punch the shark as hard as you can
E. freeze making as little motion as possible sharks are attracted to movement the same way your pet dog is if you don't move much maybe you'll get lucky and the shark wont attack but trying to swim away or splashing in a panic is like catching your dogs eye turning and running both will chase you and in the end both are faster then you and if they want to will catch you 

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1st place :iconjossnaps: 6 correct


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Rhode Island Rams by CJhammond Proud to be American by Wearwolfaa Proud to be Canadian by Wearwolfaa America Stamp by l8 canada by maryduran Got tape by CJhammond Handcuffs by CJhammond ropes that bind by CJhammond Tools of the Trade by drawingtaco Star of Life--Blue by Merp +18 Gallery Button by Ullamaliztli :iconrequestsclosed: :icontradesopen: Commission OPEN - PAYPAL by Faeth-design

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Semla Auto Semla Chap 2.3 page 9 by CJhammond
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On this episode of Live PD
We had Live PD going on in the background so Kerri had to end up in cuffs at some point



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