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MotHY 7: End of the Capriccio by CJCroen MotHY 7: End of the Capriccio :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 1 0 MotHY 6: Not Eve by CJCroen MotHY 6: Not Eve :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 2 4 MotHY 5: BlackBox by CJCroen MotHY 5: BlackBox :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 4 3 MotHY 4: The Heroes by CJCroen MotHY 4: The Heroes :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 3 4 MotHY 3: The Princess Sets Out by CJCroen MotHY 3: The Princess Sets Out :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 2 3 MotHY 2: Hunt for the Deadly Sins by CJCroen MotHY 2: Hunt for the Deadly Sins :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 3 3 MotHY 1: Epilogue by CJCroen MotHY 1: Epilogue :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 2 3 .:MMDUC:. Team Touya (-1) by CJCroen .:MMDUC:. Team Touya (-1) :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 5 0 Gay Birds by CJCroen Gay Birds :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 3 3
'Finally, we've met!'
Today was the day. He knew it. He had known ever since his birth. His rebirth. He'd been counting the days until it finally came.
He had woken up early, just because of this day. He showered, dressed, brushed his teeth, ate breakfast and headed out the door before his father could even say "good morning". He was too excited to wait anymore.
Today was the day she would finally talk to him.
He waited at the bus stop, knowing she'd be on the bus when he got on. She always was.
He knew fate was cruel, even after he made the decision. They ended up separated again and went to separate schools. Honestly, couldn't they be a bit more grateful? He saved the world, after all.
But he couldn't be completely angry. He saw her every day on the bus and knew it was only a matter of time before they finally got reacquainted. His whole life he had missed her and waited for her, just as she waited for him the last time around. His wait would end very soon.
The bus finally arrived, and he smiled to
:iconcjcroen:CJCroen 4 8
Random Osomatsu-san Comic by CJCroen Random Osomatsu-san Comic :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 4 11
UC Sidestory: Reunion
It was roughly around 4:00 AM when Touya Black finally returned home to Nuvema Town, after spending three long years searching for N Harmonia.
He had been traveling throughout the Pokemon regions, searching far, wide, high and low for N and Zekrom, but no matter where he went, he didn't seem to be able to find him. It seemed N was just better at hiding than he thought.
Every now and then, Touya would worry. He would fear that maybe N had gotten himself hurt or killed on his own journey. Other times, he'd worry that N was actively trying to keep from being found. But whenever this happened, Reshiram would bring him back to Earth. She'd assure him that if anything happened to N, she'd sense it--her connection to Zekrom was strong enough that she'd be able to sense the inevitable emotional distress he would feel if something happened to N.
Contrary to popular belief, Touya hadn't completely cut himself off from his home region. He occasionally called home for the first year,
:iconcjcroen:CJCroen 1 0
.:APH:. The Frying Pangle by CJCroen .:APH:. The Frying Pangle :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 2 3 UC Pose Meme ~ Sir Hiss and the Ham Couple by CJCroen UC Pose Meme ~ Sir Hiss and the Ham Couple :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 2 0 .:Unova Chronicles:. Plasma Intern Colress by CJCroen .:Unova Chronicles:. Plasma Intern Colress :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 3 5 Banica the Sea Witch by CJCroen Banica the Sea Witch :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 6 3


Alberta with Love by Nanihoo Alberta with Love :iconnanihoo:Nanihoo 121 88 Coelophyses surprised by Apsaravis Coelophyses surprised :iconapsaravis:Apsaravis 1,015 56 Danish Dromaeosaurid by RickRaptor105 Danish Dromaeosaurid :iconrickraptor105:RickRaptor105 18 1 Fishing for Pseudo-Crocodiles by WDGHK Fishing for Pseudo-Crocodiles :iconwdghk:WDGHK 21 1 Herida por trampa by OokamiRenLemon Herida por trampa :iconookamirenlemon:OokamiRenLemon 10 1 MMD Community by rune3691 MMD Community :iconrune3691:rune3691 73 35 MMD Voice Boxes Effect by Xenosnake MMD Voice Boxes Effect :iconxenosnake:Xenosnake 377 15 VOCALOID CardBoard Boxes DL by Metalmiku2 VOCALOID CardBoard Boxes DL :iconmetalmiku2:Metalmiku2 120 6 .: Normal Ending :. by EllieLING .: Normal Ending :. :iconellieling:EllieLING 6 3 Evillious - Miku by KaruAmaku Evillious - Miku :iconkaruamaku:KaruAmaku 12 1 The Complex Arc of Greed and Wrath - Wallpaper by DueCopyCat009 The Complex Arc of Greed and Wrath - Wallpaper :iconduecopycat009:DueCopyCat009 35 12 Seven Crimes and Punishments + Allen [Wallpaper] by DueCopyCat009 Seven Crimes and Punishments + Allen [Wallpaper] :iconduecopycat009:DueCopyCat009 37 3 Props - Chips Pack 01 by Sy-Jei-Vee Props - Chips Pack 01 :iconsy-jei-vee:Sy-Jei-Vee 26 0 goodsleeps.png by Jjinomu goodsleeps.png :iconjjinomu:Jjinomu 223 53 rinlenmania2018!!! by Jjinomu rinlenmania2018!!! :iconjjinomu:Jjinomu 156 0 Cenozoic Park by TrefRex Cenozoic Park :icontrefrex:TrefRex 17 11



MotHY 7: End of the Capriccio

She’d arrived at the theater

To the princess, this place was

Where the mastermind lived

And an old home

Those like the gardener are puppets after all

The enemy she truly ought to defeat was

The one who dwelled in the doll

The girl of the miniature garden

Ah, Gear, why

Do you protect her?

Even though she’s

Not the one you long for

If you say you will get in the way

I shall not be kindly to you

For I am the prideful princess

I am the Daughter of Evil

Finally that time arrived

The bells signaling the end ring

That is the Heartbeat Clocktower, sin carved into its hands

No matter what kind of person they are

If they oppose me, completely purge them

“Come, kneel to me!”


Part 7 of my Master of the Heavenly Yard picture series!


* Just to get this outta the way: I FREAKING LOVE HOW IRINA'S EYES CAME OUT! You see, I wanted her eyes to be showing above the other members of the Theater Crew because she possessed the Theater itself.
* That said, I'm slightly worried that the Theater Crew (Irina, Gallerian, Adam, Eve and Chore Boy) are crowding out the Fellowship of the Sin (Riliane, Kayo and Venomania).
* I also feel like I keep making Gallerian's hair way too long and messy.

Evillious belongs to mothy/Akuno-P
Lyric translations by Pricechecktranslations

MotHY 6: Not Eve

This is the story of the end

From where shall I tell?

My name is…

My name is…

My name is…

My name is…

…Who am I?


It's time to tell you the story about this series.
From where should I explain the start of it all?
You see the name I was called was CJ Croen
The most...mediocre good adequate artist in this land.


* I guess now as good a time as any to explain--I made Sleep Princess' hair light blue instead of the usual green because she's actually Gallerian's daughter Michelle.
* Fun fact: This is actually the first one I added a quote to, hence why it's in Japanese instead of English (for those wondering, it's "Who am I?").
* Even after all these years, I still freaking love Margarita's wedding dress! I feel like I may have made it kinda weird here, though.
* I considered adding little screens in the background with Eve's various incarnations, but I decided the image would be more ominous if Sleep Princess were on her own.

Evillious belongs to mothy/Akuno-P
Lyric translation by Pricechecktranslations

MotHY 5: BlackBox

The forbidden black box

Will now be opened

Its power is the purification of gods

Or a reset

People’s souls are after all

Little more than pieces of data

The springs of the black box go around

And everything melts away

You can’t defy that vortex

That’s an unchanging program of the gods

Because there is no one aside from a god

Who can stop it

In this world only one person

Has continued to live

From her gun was fired

A golden bullet

Who is she thinking of

While continuing to gaze at

The black fireworks dancing in the sky?

Signaling that the old era of the gods

Has ended


Time begins to move again


Part 5! This is one of my favorite parts in the song alongside "The Princess Sets Out" and "Not Eve" X3


* Nyoze hugging Nemesis was added to twist the knife. I put streaks of purple in his hair, but my camera didn't pick up on that.
* I tried drawing fireworks but it didn't work out so well so I scrapped them.

Evillious belongs to mothy/Akuno-P
Lyric translations by Pricechecktranslations

MotHY 4: The Heroes

“Just what in the world is evil?”

The ones burdened with the seven sins

Should have been destroyed along with the world

But they are still


Can sins never be forgiven?

There is one who raised her voice

To stop the gardener’s ambitions

The heroes and the commoners

Take up phantom swords

Justice, and evil,

Let’s change all of it into a song

Because punishment has already been handed down

So now is the time

Where we shall fight

So that our mistakes don’t repeat again


Part 4 of Master of the Heavenly Yard!


* I couldn't draw Mariam's warrior clothes for some reason, sorry.
* This one was one of the harder ones to frame, but I managed. I knew the main focus would have to be Germaine and Arth, then had the other heroes on either side and Anne and the Lucifenian Trinity in the center (Elluka is with them in spirit).
* Finding a reference for Lily was freaking HARD.
* My eraser nearly ruined this image, but I managed!

Evillious Chronicles belongs to mothy/Akuno-P
Lyric translations by Pricechecktranslations

MotHY 3: The Princess Sets Out

Before the princess

Are her deeply sleeping ministers

That is a “gift” from someone

The one who could protect her

Is gone now

The gardener’s troops approach

The nun that appeared riding a white horse

Helps get the princess away

Towards a new journey

I’m fed up

With just waiting

I hate always being protected

If I accomplish everything

All on my own

I’ll puff up my chest with pride

And go to see you


Part three!


* Sorry Josephine, but you just didn't fit in the image. Plus, I thought it'd look more dramatic and Clarith would look more heroic if it were Clarith carrying Riliane while the Tasan soldiers reach out trying to capture her.
* I hate how Michaela turned out here. I included her, however, to contrast with Sleep Princess.
* I ended up opting to not render Sleep Princess in silhouette this time, mainly 'cause my pen only had so much ink in it at the time I drew this. I wanted to save the silhouette for...something else later...
* I got lazy with the Tasan soldiers, hence why they have no sleeves.

Characters and franchise belong to mothy/Akuno-P
Lyric translations by Pricechecktranslations

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