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Banica the Sea Witch by CJCroen Banica the Sea Witch :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 6 3 UC Gijinkas Tao Dragons by CJCroen UC Gijinkas Tao Dragons :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 4 0 UC Gijinkas Team Ghetsis by CJCroen UC Gijinkas Team Ghetsis :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 4 2 UC Gijinkas Team Alder by CJCroen UC Gijinkas Team Alder :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 2 0 UC Gijinkas Team N by CJCroen UC Gijinkas Team N :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 1 0 UC Gijinkas Team Bianca by CJCroen UC Gijinkas Team Bianca :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 2 0 UC Gijinkas Team Cheren by CJCroen UC Gijinkas Team Cheren :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 4 0 UC Gijinkas Team Touya by CJCroen UC Gijinkas Team Touya :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 3 0 UC Sleepwear by CJCroen UC Sleepwear :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 3 0 .:Unova Chronicles:. Touya and Sir Hiss by CJCroen .:Unova Chronicles:. Touya and Sir Hiss :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 2 0 .:Unova Chronicles:. The World's Worst Wingman by CJCroen .:Unova Chronicles:. The World's Worst Wingman :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 1 0
UC Sidestory: Friends
Touya entered Professor Juniper's laboratory and was immediately approached by her.
"Why, hello, Touya! How have you been lately?" she said, hugging Touya happily, to which Touya smiled and hugged her back.
"I'm fine Professor," he said, "I'm here to-"
"Show me how your Pokedex coming along?"
"Well yes, but also-"
"Can I see it?"
Touya handed Professor Juniper his Pokedex for evaluation and turned to do what he actually wanted to do, looking at Bianca with a smile.
"Touya!" said Bianca, excitedly, "How have you been?"
"Things have been a bit hectic lately, but it's been winding down a little now. And I've decided to spend some time with you and Cheren."
"Oh! Alright then," said Bianca, "would you like me to show you how much I've learned?"
"Of course. I assume you want to battle?"
"Yep! Please?"
"Certainly, Bianca."
"YES! Let's take it outside, though! We don't want a repeat of the mess we made in your room after all!"
Touya chuckled and said, "Deal."
Touya and B
:iconcjcroen:CJCroen 0 0
.:MMDUC:. Obligatory Pride Month Picture by CJCroen .:MMDUC:. Obligatory Pride Month Picture :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 4 2 Unova Chronicles Art: Starters and Trainers by CJCroen Unova Chronicles Art: Starters and Trainers :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 2 0 Unova Chronicles Art: Bianca and Bubbles by CJCroen Unova Chronicles Art: Bianca and Bubbles :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 2 0 Unova Chronicles Art: Cheren and Abner by CJCroen Unova Chronicles Art: Cheren and Abner :iconcjcroen:CJCroen 2 0


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Banica the Sea Witch
With all those Gijinkas out of the way, let's take a break from UC and do something with another fandom. In this case, The Evillious Chronicles, with a lovely image of Banica Conchita as Ursula the Sea Witch (and Arte and Pollo as Flotsam and Jetsam)!

Okay, who else has noticed this!? Banica is a gluttonous, power-hungry villainess with two loyal twin henchmen who see her as like their mother.

She's just like Ursula! It's a PERFECT match! Why has no one ever blended these two together before? I've had an idea in my head of doing an AMV of Ursula set to "Evil Food Eater Conchita", but I'm not good at making videos. So here, we see Ursula as a cecaelian sea witch and Arte and Pollo as eel merpeople! Cool huh?

Evillious characters belong to mothy
Technically, the Little Mermaid is in the public domain, but Disney's version belongs to Disney, just as everything else in the world will someday

PS: I know her arms turned out terribly, I'm so sorry.
UC Gijinkas Tao Dragons
The last in my Unova Chronicles Gijinka series! These are the Taoism Dragons as Gijinkas ^_^

I had a lot of fun with designing their Gijinka forms. Going by design concepts already mentioned by the actual design team, I gave Reshiram a feminine design and Zekrom a masculine design, though neither of them are biologically male or female. I especially liked giving Zekrom a mask/helmet, which was just meant to be a cool visual thing at first, but then I noticed how it fits with his theme--he willingly blinds himself to the truth with his ideals, and so he's not showing his true face.


Age: 1000 (actual age), 36 (physical age)
Gender: None, identifies as female
Species: Reshiram
Type: Dragon/Fire
Ability: Turbo-Blaze
Moveset: Fusion Flare, Slash, Extrasensory, Dragon Breath
Bio: Reshiram is the being who helped the Hero of Truth during the founding of Unova. She is an adamant person with a fearsome passion for the truth and does not see Pokemon training as cruelty or enslavement like her counterpart does. She partners herself with Touya for the sake of spreading the truth through Unova, viewing Touya as both an ally and a friend. Her relationship with her counterpart, Zekrom, is complicated to say the least, though she knows that both of them simply want to be whole again and doesn't want Zekrom to end up like Kyurem. On her down time, she likes to run.


Pokemon belongs to Gamefreak
Gijinka designs by me!
UC Gijinkas Team Ghetsis
The next-to-last batch of Gijinkas--there's one more after this, and you can probably guess who they're gonna be. These are Ghetsis' Pokemon, who were probably the most fun to make designs for, tbh. I especially love how Eelektross (who looks like something out of Pink Floyd's "The Wall"), Seismitoad and Cofagrigus turned out. Hydreigon was originally supposed to be in silhouette, but I realized that'd be easier to pull off in digital art. Anyway, on with the bios!

Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Yamask->Cofagrigus
Type: Ghost
Ability: Mummy
Moveset: Protect, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Toxic
Bio: An impish ghost who has one goal and one goal only: To eat the soul of N's Zoroark, Kagami. Ghetsis has long promised Cofagrigus that he can have Kagami's soul as a main course someday. There's not much more to Cofagrigus beyond the fact that he has good endurance.

Age: 50
Gender: Male
Species: Bouffalant
Type: Normal
Ability: Reckless
Moveset: Head Charge, Wild Charge, Earthquake, Poison Jab
Bio: An old war-Bouffalant who works with Ghetsis for the chance to fight again. He's an adamant individual, ruthless in battle and having an intense love of fighting. He hates it when his opponents belittle or underestimate him, disregarding the fact that none of them ever really do.

Age: 30
Gender: Male
Species: Tympole->Palpitoad->Seismitoad
Type: Water/Ground
Ability: Swift Swim
Moveset: Muddy Water, Sludge Wave, Earthquake, Rain Dance
Bio: Probably the closest thing to a "good guy" on the team, all Seismitoad really wants to do is make noise. A sassy guy who works for Ghetsis mainly because the latter needed both a Water-type and something that was immune to Electric attacks, Seismitoad is strongly defiant, to the point that he's one of the few members of Ghetsis' team who can get away with yelling at him.

Age: 28
Gender: Male
Species: Pawniard->Bisharp
Type: Dark/Steel
Ability: Defiant
Moveset: Night Slash, X-Scissor, Stone Edge, Metal Burst
Bio: A shadowy entity and the youngest member of the team, Bisharp is a hardy and ruthless assassin who is one of the most bloodthirsty members of Ghetsis' team. His blades are unforgiving and rarely miss their mark, especially if its the eyes of his opponents. He mirrors the Shadow Triad by being fiercely devoted to Ghetsis and proud of his power.

Age: 50
Gender: Male
Species: Tynamo->Eelektrik->Eelektross
Type: Electric
Ability: Levitate
Moveset: Crunch, Wild Charge, Flamethrower, Acrobatics
Bio: A sharp-toothed monster that has no greater desire than to electrocute everything, Eelektross is a quiet entity who rarely speaks. Lacking any weaknesses due to his ability to levitate, Eelektross laughs at the pathetic attempts by Ground-types to attack him. He often thrashes about as he blasts people with electricity, not caring who dies or gets hurt in the process.

Age: 42
Gender: Male
Species: Deino->Zweilous->Hydreigon
Type: Dark/Dragon
Ability: Levitate
Moveset: Dragon Pulse, Surf, Fire Blast, Focus Blast
Bio: Ghetsis' "weapon". Ghetsis evolved him prematurely by killing his conjoined twin when he was a Zweilous, resulting in him being maddened in his nature. Hydreigon has been broken by years of abuse, Ghetsis conditioning him by threatening him with regular beatings if he didn't defeat every foe he was forced to be in front of. This has led him to have an intense need to kill everyone he meets. After Ghetsis is defeated, he flees and is taken in by Iris, who is currently working hard to rehabilitate him.

Pokemon belongs to Gamefreak
Gijinka designs by me!
UC Gijinkas Team Alder
YOU THOUGHT YOU'D SEEN THE LAST OF THESE, DIDN'T YOU? But nope, I made more! This and Ghetsis' team are the last two I'll be uploading though! Here we have the Gijinkas of Team Alder, a group fit for a champion!

Age: 45
Gender: Male
Species: Larvesta->Volcarona
Type: Bug/Fire
Ability: Flame Body
Moveset: Overheat, Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Hyper Beam
Bio: The son of Alder's previous partner, Pele, Horus is a man of few words. He's prone to rash decisions sometimes, but he's a stoic man overall. As a gijinka, he looks like an angel, something everyone loves to bring up. He looks up to Alder like a father and would lay down his life to protect him. He loves eating.

Sir Paul
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Species: Karrablast->Escavalier
Type: Bug/Steel
Ability: Swarm
Moveset: X-Scissor, Iron Head, Aerial Ace, Giga Impact
Bio: A bold, energetic little weirdo, Sir Paul is all kinds of hot-blooded. Wearing the armor he stole from Streaky, he's a sturdy guy who's sacrificed speed for defense. He loves fighting and is a little quick tempered. He and Streaky frequently quarrel with each other, due to Sir Paul having stolen Streaky's armor. He loves his lances more than life itself and feels lost without them.

Age: 29
Gender: Male
Species: Shelmet->Accelgor
Type: Bug
Ability: Hydration
Moveset: Focus Blast, Bug Buzz, Me First, Energy Ball
Bio: An Accelgor and Sir Paul's rival, Streaky is, like all Accelgors, a born ninja. He's angry at him for stealing his armor...due to the fact the armor was also his clothes. Alder often offers to buy new clothes for Streaky, but he's got an "honor before reason" viewpoint and he wants to "win" his clothes back from Sir Paul. Streaky is a hasty individual who can move at great speeds and with great stealth, which is often jokingly said to be due to the fact that he's naked. He's quite proud of his power.

Age: 30
Gender: Male
Species: Vanillite->Vanillish->Vanilluxe
Type: Ice
Ability: Ice Body
Moveset: Blizzard, Flash Cannon, Light Screen, Acid Armor
Bio: A cool-headed but also bashful Vanilluxe who loves to hang out with his friends on the team. He's kind of the "mom friend" of his team, often trying to keep everyone calm and happy, talking them down when they get riled up and helping them through their more dangerous moments (they are super powerful, so when they let their passions get out of hand, they get crazy). He very often scatters things.

Age: 36
Gender: Male
Species: Bouffalant
Type: Normal
Ability: Sap Sipper
Moveset: Head Charge, Megahorn, Earthquake, Stone Edge
Bio: Essentially the "Garnet" of this team. He's a stoic man who relies primarily on his physical prowess. He's a very lax individual with a fatherly disposition toward his teammates. Though, he's a hard worker, he also has a tendency to take plenty of siestas. He helps Alder take care of the rest of the team.

Age: 39
Gender: Male
Species: Druddigon
Type: Dragon
Ability: Rough Skin
Moveset: Outrage, Superpower, Night Slash, Payback
Bio: Broadway is a very hardy Druddigon with a loud, brash demeanor. Despite how intimidating he is, he's very kind and likes to make new friends, though the fact that he's covered in painful spikes makes making new friends difficult. He's very fond of running and likes eating hot and spicy foods. His eyepatch covers up an injury he sustained in one of his and Alder's first battles together.

I'm actually not very satisfied with Coldstone's look, but I love how everyone else turned out! Especially Horus, Crasher...and Streaky XD

Pokemon belongs to Gamefreak
Gijinka designs by me!
UC Gijinkas Team N
Next set of gijinkas! This time, it's N's team, the Pokemon who are only loyal to Team Plasma by extension of being loyal to N :D

Age: 1000 (actual age), 36 (physical age)
Gender: None, identifies as male
Species: Zekrom
Type: Dragon/Electric
Ability: Teravolt
Moveset: Zen Headbutt, Giga Impact, Light Screen, Fusion Bolt
Bio: Zekrom is the being who helped the Hero of Ideals during the founding of Unova. He is an adamant person with a fearsome passion for his ideals. He partners himself with N for the sake of spreading his ideals through Unova, though this partnership quickly becomes a friendship. His relationship with his counterpart, Reshiram, is complicated to say the least, though deep down he does care for her and want to be with her again. Unfortunately, his desire to keep true to his ideals prevents him from admitting this. On his down time, he likes to run.

Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Zorua->Zoroark
Type: Dark
Ability: Illusion
Moveset: Night Slash, Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Retaliate
Bio: N's adoptive "brother", he and N were raised in the same litter of Zoroarks. Prone to making rash decisions, Kagami is loyal to his human sibling through and through, willing to fight for him no matter what side he's on. Very fond of mischief, Kagami's favorite game is to team up with one of his teammates and disguise himself as them while asking someone to figure out which one of them is the real thing. N of course, can always tell the difference, since he knows his own brother. He manages to capture Sir Hiss' attention while battling him *hint hint*.

Age: 90 million (actual age), 25 (physical age)
Gender: Male
Species: Tirtouga->Carracosta
Type: Water/Rock
Ability: Sturdy
Moveset: Aqua Jet, Waterfall, Stone Edge, Crunch
Bio: One of the two fossil Pokemon N ended up adopting, Hermes was previously used by a trainer whose carelessness caused him to suffer irreparable damage to his shell. A very bold sea turtle, he's often boasting about his strength and the fact that he has very good endurance. He is often seen bickering with Cinder, with whom he has conflict due to their mutual satus as prehistoric creatures.

Age: 70 million (actual age), 25 (physical age)
Gender: Male
Species: Archen->Archeops
Type: Rock/Flying
Ability: Defeatist
Moveset: Dragon Claw, Acrobatics, Stone Edge, Crunch
Bio: The other fossil Pokemon adopted by N, Cinder was discovered with a broken wing and sent to live with N by Team Plasma grunts raiding a Pokemon Center. Named for his bold and fiery plumage, Cinder is a hasty guy who is fairly grumpy and aggressive, often getting into fights with his fellow fossil Pokemon Hermes. This irritable avian is known by the rest of his team to be fairly strong-willed and willing to battle through for N despite his crippling ability and gimpy wing.

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Vanillite->Vanillish->Vanilluxe
Type: Ice
Ability: Ice Body
Moveset: Frost Breath, Blizzard, Hail, Flash Cannon
Bio: A Vanilluxe N met when Team Plasma raided an illegitimate Casteliacone maker, who was farming Vanillites for Casteliacones illegally (of course, N wasn't aware that making Casteliacones out of Vanillites was illegal). He's jolly and friendly, though N believes that he simply smiles through the pain. He's the most optimistic and friendly of N's team, often speaking cordially to friends and enemies alike. He's prone to scattering things and likes eating ice, but prefers not to eat Casteliacones due to bad associations.

Age: 18
Gender: None, identifies as male
Species: Klink->Klang->Klinklang
Type: Steel
Ability: Plus
Moveset: Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, Hyper Beam, Metal Sound
Bio: A calm Klinklang who was often abused for his "tanky" qualities. He was sent to eat hits repeatedly, his old trainer not caring that he was taking hits that were getting to be too much for him, and his high defenses on their own weren't enough. Tick-Tock is a stoic individual of science who often shows an acute alertness to sounds. He has a habit of ending his sentences with "klink" or "klang".

Pokemon belongs to Gamefreak
Gijinka designs are mine
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