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I think topics concerning programming research don't fit the my journal in DA pretty well...so I decided to have my first blog for this purpose.


Hope those of you who are interested in Flash and ActionScript 3.0 can have a look at my new blog :)
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1 min read
Oh~I haven't update my journal for CENTURIES!!
Cause I have so dang much schoolwork to do: electronics, circuits, logic design, differential equations...arrrg they're killing me D:

I'm glad I've found some free time today, and I did quite a lot research on ActionScript 3.0~ *cheers*

I just finished this API.
You can specify a lower bound and an upper bound for the integer data in StepInt; then by using step() you can add the integer data by some value. If the outcome goes beyond the specified boundary, the number will "loop over" from the other end.

To me, this is quite convenient for managing variables with sequential number coming after their names. Same effects can be achieved with fewer code :)

Ok, here's what I used StepInt and Tweener to make.
SWF file 0rz.tw/5c3iv
FLA file 0rz.tw/ac3kK
StepInt 0rz.tw/a33hX
Tweener code.google.com/p/tweener/

If you're using ActionScript 3.0, hope you find it useful :)
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I'm going out tomorrow for our department's three-day freshmen welcoming camp~it's gonna be lots of fun BD
I remember going to the welcoming camp when I was a freshman, it was simply awesome; those seniors prepared so many games for us, like RPG, treasure hunt, detective game, and a lot more~
This time it's my turn to prepare the activities. I belong to the committee, which means we are making sets and props required by the activity-designing committee.

Man, it's quite late now. I've got to arrived at school by 7:00 A.M., so I've got to be off now.

Night night =D
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3 min read
Yep, I've got the game~the PC version :)

In case you don't know what Bioshock is, just check it out here : www.gamespot.com/pc/action/bio…

I've played around with Bioshock for roughly three hours, most of the beginning dealing with the adjustment of graphics; since my PC is almost 3 years old, I've got serous problem even running the opening cinema scene with it. After about an hour I decided to try Bioshock on my new laptop, on which I did the same with Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. Surprisingly, just like Lost Planet, Bioshock works extremely fine with my laptop, with all effects set to maximum qualities and the resolution to 1024X576 (16:9 widescreen). Gosh, this probably means my PC is really, really old XD

Anyway, I find Bioshock so far the most unique FPS game I've played. Not just because it's primarily used weapons are not guns but supernatural powers (which can be used by injecting "Plasmids" in the game), but the way it conveys the storyline to the players. There's one guy named Atlus who will lead you through obstacles with a transmission radio - yes, a radio, since its background is in 1960's - and you could pick up plenty of radio cassettes  tapes throughout the game. The cassetes carry an abundance of information about the mysterious, undersea city, Rapture. And sometimes you see ghosts whispering to you, which could reveal even more detailed background concerning the story.

So Bioshock is just not a plain shoot-and-walkthrough game, but a game the player could immerse he/her completely into. Listening to the cassettes, imagining you're the very guy in that situation, is pretty cool about Bioshock. Oh, and the game allows the player to freely adjust the difficulty AT ANY TIME~which makes things easier for a player who is more interested in the storyline than the playing, like me XD
And actually there's no death penalty, so if you died you could just restart from the nearest respawning point, which is call the Vita-Chamber in the game.

Alright, that's pretty long for a journal typed late around 1:30 :)
gotta make a stop here. If you're in search for a time-killing game recently, just choose Bioshock; it's worth it.
Gamespot gave it 9.0 out of 10.0!
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1 min read
Two days in Hong Kong and six days in Kyoto, Japan.
That means I need more than eight sets of outfits OMG (since I'm just too lazy to wash my clothes. all I would do is wash my socks and underwear XD)

so check this out!! i105.photobucket.com/albums/m2…
that's the whole bunch of clothes on my bed~LOL
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