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I think topics concerning programming research don't fit the my journal in DA pretty I decided to have my first blog for this purpose.

Hope those of you who are interested in Flash and ActionScript 3.0 can have a look at my new blog :)
Oh~I haven't update my journal for CENTURIES!!
Cause I have so dang much schoolwork to do: electronics, circuits, logic design, differential equations...arrrg they're killing me D:

I'm glad I've found some free time today, and I did quite a lot research on ActionScript 3.0~ *cheers*

I just finished this API.
You can specify a lower bound and an upper bound for the integer data in StepInt; then by using step() you can add the integer data by some value. If the outcome goes beyond the specified boundary, the number will "loop over" from the other end.

To me, this is quite convenient for managing variables with sequential number coming after their names. Same effects can be achieved with fewer code :)

Ok, here's what I used StepInt and Tweener to make.
SWF file
FLA file

If you're using ActionScript 3.0, hope you find it useful :)
I'm going out tomorrow for our department's three-day freshmen welcoming camp~it's gonna be lots of fun BD
I remember going to the welcoming camp when I was a freshman, it was simply awesome; those seniors prepared so many games for us, like RPG, treasure hunt, detective game, and a lot more~
This time it's my turn to prepare the activities. I belong to the committee, which means we are making sets and props required by the activity-designing committee.

Man, it's quite late now. I've got to arrived at school by 7:00 A.M., so I've got to be off now.

Night night =D
Yep, I've got the game~the PC version :)

In case you don't know what Bioshock is, just check it out here :…

I've played around with Bioshock for roughly three hours, most of the beginning dealing with the adjustment of graphics; since my PC is almost 3 years old, I've got serous problem even running the opening cinema scene with it. After about an hour I decided to try Bioshock on my new laptop, on which I did the same with Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. Surprisingly, just like Lost Planet, Bioshock works extremely fine with my laptop, with all effects set to maximum qualities and the resolution to 1024X576 (16:9 widescreen). Gosh, this probably means my PC is really, really old XD

Anyway, I find Bioshock so far the most unique FPS game I've played. Not just because it's primarily used weapons are not guns but supernatural powers (which can be used by injecting "Plasmids" in the game), but the way it conveys the storyline to the players. There's one guy named Atlus who will lead you through obstacles with a transmission radio - yes, a radio, since its background is in 1960's - and you could pick up plenty of radio cassettes  tapes throughout the game. The cassetes carry an abundance of information about the mysterious, undersea city, Rapture. And sometimes you see ghosts whispering to you, which could reveal even more detailed background concerning the story.

So Bioshock is just not a plain shoot-and-walkthrough game, but a game the player could immerse he/her completely into. Listening to the cassettes, imagining you're the very guy in that situation, is pretty cool about Bioshock. Oh, and the game allows the player to freely adjust the difficulty AT ANY TIME~which makes things easier for a player who is more interested in the storyline than the playing, like me XD
And actually there's no death penalty, so if you died you could just restart from the nearest respawning point, which is call the Vita-Chamber in the game.

Alright, that's pretty long for a journal typed late around 1:30 :)
gotta make a stop here. If you're in search for a time-killing game recently, just choose Bioshock; it's worth it.
Gamespot gave it 9.0 out of 10.0!
Two days in Hong Kong and six days in Kyoto, Japan.
That means I need more than eight sets of outfits OMG (since I'm just too lazy to wash my clothes. all I would do is wash my socks and underwear XD)

so check this out!!…
that's the whole bunch of clothes on my bed~LOL
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  • Eating: potato chips
  • Drinking: so god damn cheap mineral water
My mom went to LA to visit my sister, and she brought back the TMNT game for PS2~that's so sweet!!

Yeah, my sister lives in LA now with her godfather (my dad's high school and college schoolmate.)
And my mom went to their place to celebrate my sister's birthdays and hers, which are only four days apart, so they just celebrated them together.
Mom took my sis to Disney Land!!! dang I want to go too~but I've got school to go D:

anyways, previously I had asked my sister to buy me TMNT and Alien Hominid on PS2; though she only got TMNT, I'm still quite happy LOL wonders. It's totally a game developed by my favorite French game company, UBI Soft. It's just like a high speed version of Prince of Persia, having even more agile characters (I mean, how come those ninja turtles can move so fast with those seemingly heavy shells...)

I like their idea to make the game flow more like those games back in the old days; that is, no complex story, simple straightforward stages, and just fight enemies for no reason XDD (I mean those gangsters in the's not necessary for the turtles to fight them you know...)

Ahhh~it's been very long since my last journal feels good to upload one :)

alrighty then...

  • Watching: the screen of course XD
  • Eating: potato chips
  • Drinking: so god damn cheap mineral water
FINALLY they have it in store for non-preorder customers...

Anyway, it's so nice to see RE:Chain of Memories (the remake of Kingdom Hearts : Chain of Memories on PS2, completely 3D-lized!!)
As far as excitement is concerned, reCOM is better than KHII, since it has lots of strategy required.

Haven't tried KHIIFM yet, gotta try it later~:)



Dang I tried the "critical mode" in's simply the hard mode with some abilities available at first that are originally learned later on in normal mode. BUT STILL, I took three hits from a Dusk, and I'm dead :x One single katana stab from a Samurai, and it took away 70% of my this is like hell :p

anyways, must pay more attention to battles now XD

---------------end of edit---------------
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  • Drinking: so god damn cheap mineral water
Hmm....haven't been uploading stuff recently...
Must draw soon as I get rid of my huge pile of schoolwork :<

If you had been reading my previous journals, you shall notice that I usually would write something after I bought some new games or watched some movies.
Well, I went to Japan this winter vacation (yeah I know, that's almost a moth ago...I was just to lazy to type it down BD) and I brought back 6 games XDD

I got these:
(most of them are not very new...I just found them very cheap in Japan :))
Valkyrie Profile (many of you probably already heard it years ago...its' for PSone...that's really old)
Korobot Adventure (puzzle game with anime style)
Kagero II (trap game)
Ape Escape III
Anubis Zone of Enders (a Hideo Kojima game!)
ICO (puzzle game...technically the prequel to Shadow of the Collossus)

okay, I admit these are part of the reason for this late journal...spent too much time playing them :p

oh well

  • Watching: the screen of course XD
  • Eating: potato chips
  • Drinking: so god damn cheap mineral water
Ooooh it's my first time to try the wireless internet in my school~with my laptop BD
Man it's kinda weird to browse DA aside from a PC...XDD

I just managed to get my programming homework done, continuing the unfinished work I had left behind at 4:15 AM (it sure was pretty tiring)

Man, I'm currently ill, tired, and having much schoolwork to go.'s class time, gotta go~*fwoosh*
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  • Eating: potato chips
  • Drinking: so god damn cheap mineral water
Just finished watching it on a DVD (Blockbusters yeah!)...

All I want to say THAT'S what a thriller should be like!!

I like it being no sudden scare scenes, and it's amazing that I did'nt turn my eyes away from the screen once--even though I'm not used to watching disgusting scenes! (that's one of the reason why I admire this director...)

There's not a single boring scene inside the movie; instead, it kept me totally on nerves thorughoutt the whole movie, which is really a great job~and it's full of...thought-provoking storylines :)

Bloody and violent though it is (alright...someone might not think so), I think it's pretty cool for a based-on-game movie. It even adopts the style of creatures from the original game series, and the sets as well.

Silent's a pretty awesome well as the game.
  • Watching: the screen of course XD
  • Eating: potato chips
  • Drinking: so god damn cheap mineral water
I just watched that film yesterday, and it was great indeed.
First I saw Dreamworks made this film with the Chicken Run character style (and the style of a much older series...I forgot the name, only remember it's a guy with his dog). I went like "OMFG they've made their mouth movements just like clay animation lol!!" Great job, Dreamworks!!

*slight spoiler warning*

And when I saw Rody trying his clothes, he took out a Wolverine suit!! NOW that was really making me laugh cause they'd totally made fun of the sound actor, Hugh Jackman.

*end of spoiler*

Hmm...haven't seen a movie in a thearter like, two months. That was pretty refreshing :)
  • Watching: the screen of course XD
  • Eating: potato chips
  • Drinking: so god damn cheap mineral water
  • Watching: the screen of course XD
  • Eating: potato chips
  • Drinking: so god damn cheap mineral water
AAAAAHHHHHH IT'S BEEN TOO LONG SINCE MY LAST JOURNAL LOL!!!! I've got to have something to talk about ;)

I went to a game store and bought 4 games at once!! actually...three of them were in special offer, "NT$1000 (US$30.00) for any three games on this shelf" BD

alright, they're as follows:

Ape Escape : Million Monkeys
Grandia III
Radiata Stories
Final Fantasy X-2

the last three are from the special offer...and are all Square-Enix's RPG!!! OMFG it'll take my whole life to finish them all...

anyway, Grandia III is really an RPG of really innovative battle's hard to describe though :x
just check this game out at…

quoted from Louis in Resident Evil 4 trailer : "It's game time!!(Spanish accent lol)"

Last night my friend and I were trapped inside a convenience store due to the heavy rain, and she suggested that I buy an umbrella. Of course I had enough money to buy one...but was it worth it? Buying a brand new umbrella just because a single rain? No way!! I did nothing but lingering around the shelves...and suddenly an idea popped out of my mind:

I bought a pack of potato chips, walked out the store, and held it above my head as an umbrella while walking home~MAN I'M SUCH A GENIUS MUAHAHAHA~BD

I've just passed my driving exaaaaaaam!!! Damn I was so nervous that my legs kept shaking while driving the stupid old car...:x And when I got off the car I found myself soaking wet with sweat...eeew :p

anyway, I'll get my driving licence tomorrow~HOORAY~:heart::heart:
Since I've just got 18, I started my driving lesson just recently. Today is my third class, and I think I've done well enough to do turns and going into parking space in reverse; my tutor said my driving was standard *cheers :)*
Alright, my next lesson will be driving on S-shaped tracks. Wish me good luck 8D
I've received my scores on the entrance exam~which shall be my best birthday present ever (it's on the very same day lol)
I got fullpoints on the English composition part, and there're only two people who got fullpoints on this out of the 100,000+ competitors. CHEEEEEEERS :heart::heart::heart:

this is the detail:
Chinese 67/100 (haha I'm bad at this subject)
English 98/100 (the 2nd place in Taiwan :))
Math 96/100
Chemistry 96/100
Physics 83/100

total 440/500

Oh and I've got my 16:10 brand new wide screeeeeeen~~~now I can not only use computer but PS2 with this monitor X3
yay yay I'm 18 now~
I'll ask my dad for a 16:9 monitor as a B-day gift BD

er, nothing else...FIN
Now it's about 11:30 PM at night in Taiwan. Whew, it sure was a long flight (my butt still hurts :p). Anyway, I got my games~though Psychonauts is missing; perhaps I'll just order it...

I watched Ice Age 2 and Saint Ralph on the flight and slept for the most of the time. (I like the "Dam!" thing in Ice Age 2 :))

Alright, due to jet lag I'm still not sleepy at all, so I'm gonna play my games till I fall asleep weeeeee~:heart:

(omg my birthday is on July 19)

haha I raided a game store ~ and I got 4 out of 5 games I want the most on my to-buy list on this trip:

Jak X:Combat Racing (Naughty Dog really did a good job in cinamatic cut scenes)
Darkwatch (It's so much fun playing multiple player mode with friends)
God of War (A little bit too bloody than I had expected...but still it has perfect playability)
Tomb Raider:Legend (At least it's better than the last one BD)

I still cannot find Psychonauts in stores; they said that game was really rare....I still have two days to stay in LA, so I'll try to find it.

alright, that's all.

-> FIN.
Today I got to the Boeing field, where they assemble Boeing planes~ the tour took an hour long and there was no going to restroom permitted for some reason I didn't know...anyway, that place was just soooo cool! According to the tour guide, the assembling building can fit inside a whole Disney Land (I could see the other end of the building from one end, but I definitely did not want to go across it on foot :p). And they said the printed images on the building gate is the widest digital print on earth, though the picture with a German model was originally designed for a German cookie company XD

ahhh it was quite a tour. I'm feeling so to sleep now :p