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Monica game character ref

By cjcat2266
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Game character ref for my upcoming game design contest entry.

Monica (c) me
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I liked this style ever since I saw Beth by Jay Naylor :D
Will you tell us about your design idea?
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The theme for the contest is "escape". I'm designing a 2D platformer, where Monica is chased by a monster, having no attack ability and the only choice left is to run. I'm also in charge of developing the core game engine.
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Sounds sort of Mirrors Edge like.
How does this work? You onle send in a design idea for a game and get rated for that?
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Nope, we have to hand in a complete game. Like I said I'm also in char of developing the core game engine, meaning I'm doing both the design and programming. It's a Flash game contest.
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Sounds interesting :3 what contest are you talking about? How much time is left? How big is your team?