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:iconcjc728:cjc728 posted a status
I'm doing a survey on what the Intro theme for Glitched The Anime would be... I'm kind of having trouble of what the theme should be, I think Rolling Girl (Instrumental Version) Would be a good intro, but Strength sounds so cool with the characters fighting and stuff like that in the intro... But, BI☣HAZARD Sounds WAY cool... So does Way Away By Yellow Card, and This one song that no one would get because it's not the vocaloid version, please, be an oner to choose which theme goes good with Glitched The Anime, It's free to use, and I hope you enjoy read this... Status, update, thingy... Help me with the selection of the five songs would you choose for the intro? If you want to you can do it, if you don't fill like it, you don't really have to do it... ^^;…

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lovie5678 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017  Professional General Artist
You should pick a anime theme because of "Anime" is in there
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