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Seeing Double...

(Left to right: Ariel, Melody, Eric, Jake, Mary Penelope, Emily)

After reading the "Emily Windsnap" series, I realized it's a lot like Disney's "The Little Mermaid" . And not just because it's about mermaids.

1) Both Melody and Emily are half human, half mermaid
2)Both turn into mermaids at some point
3) Both have their mermaid heritage kept a secret from them
4) Both are kept away from the water by their overprotective mothers
5)Both discover a secret underwater kingdom of merpeople
6)Both feel like a fish-out-of-water ( pun intended!) amongst their human peers
7)Both bring together the two worlds of land and sea
8) Oh, and they're both 12!

...There's more!

9) Both Neptune and King Triton are loud, tempestuous rulers forbidding contact between humans and merfolk...
10)...because both  tragically lost their wives
10) Both Jake and Ariel rescue their future spouses from a shipwreck
11) Both Penny and Eric get brain-washed into forgetting about their future spouses (and get their memories back)


The "Emily Windsnap" series belong to Liz Kessler
"The Little Mermaid" and "The Little Mermaid 2" belong to Disney...and Hans Christian Andersen.
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Lol I love how the mermaids are standing on their tails while on land, I can imagine them sort of just hopping and flopping their way along XD

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Haha thanks!
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Lol, yeah!  They DO have a lot of similarities, don't they?

I liked how the parents were "genderbent", though...  Very often it's the mermaid being hooked by a human man...
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I know, right? Probably b/c the legends were told by lonely sailor men XD
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And also the Little Mermaid story, probably.  That story's kind of the template for merpeople stories it seems.
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Yep; that too. This is why I'm now kinda turned off the merpeople genre. Because nearly every story about them is the same! They all copy the "Little Mermaid" story to some extent. There's no variety to them anymore.
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It makes me want to write merpeople stories... with variety.
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Same here! Makes me want to draw merpeople with more variety.
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Yeah!  Especially with their clothes.  Their default clothing is so boring.  I mean...  I'm sure the sea has a ton of different things that can be made into clothes, but somehow they only wear seashell bras? (if anything)
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What bothers me even more is that all mermaids look Caucasian, being the legends being from all over the world. Even professional mermaids like Hannah Fraser are nearly all Caucasian.
 What gives Shrug ?
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What if Melody from EW was Melody from TLM? Sirens live a long time, and TLM took place way before EW?
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I love that book 

never really put that to gather 
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trippy bro.......just trippy
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In what way?
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well, the guy is human on one side and the girl on the other. I cant remember my logic in that statement made
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I love Emily Windsnap! this was a good idea
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I adored the Emily Windsnap books when I was younger! I used to read them to my mom when she was cooking dinner. I can see how they are very similar. ^_^
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